New Release : Induced Mots - c Production (Longevity series)

Healthy aging can be promoted by enhanced metabolic fitness and physical capacity. Mitochondria are chief metabolic organelles with strong implications in aging.
The progressive loss of metabolic homeostasis is a hallmark of aging, which impedes parenchymal function and ultimately diminishes physical capacity.
Mitochondria not only produce the bulk of cellular energy, but also coordinate adaptive cellular homeostasis.
MOTS-c (mitochondrial ORF of the 12S rRNA type-c) is an MDP that promotes metabolic homeostasis, in part, via AMPK, and by directly regulating adaptive nuclear gene expression following nuclear translocation. MOTS-c expression is age-dependent and detected in multiple tissues, including skeletal muscle, and in circulation, thus it has been dubbed a “mitochondrial hormone or “mitokine.
It had been observed in aging mice that systemic MOTS-c treatment reversed diet-induced obesity and diet- and age-dependent insulin resistance.
This is designed to work to induce the productions of mtDNA-encoded MOTS-c. (its naturally induced with exercise) In experimental subjects it was observed that MOTS-c treatment significantly improves physical performance regulates skeletal muscle metabolism and gene expression, and finally enhances adaptation to metabolic stress in C2C12 cells in an HSF1-dependent manner.
Use 2 -3 times at most for best results.


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So basically,this counters the old know fact-Kid is running around playing around with his dad,and after a while,parent just cant keep up with his kid.But this field will make u physically energetic and have stamina like your younger self and maybe even better than u were ever capable.I know this only scratches the surface but am I right?


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This should be good. The AMPK field that already exists is awesome and under appreciated, imo.


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I just got out the gym so I’ll have to wait till next time to see how this one effects my performance, had a pretty tough day and I’m expecting to be damaged for a few days, i believe this will significantly aide in recovery, going to give it a few listens in a bit! Can’t wait!!

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Sorry for the link dump and bad formatting (am on my phone). I’m half asleep and putting these here to read later after I’ve Ojas-ed myself awake.:sleeping:

MOTS-c has been shown to target the skeletal muscle and enhance glucose metabolism. As such, MOTS-c has implications in the regulation of obesity, diabetes, exercise, and longevity, representing an entirely novel mitochondrial signaling mechanism to regulate metabolism within and between cells.

MOTS-c […] regulates insulin sensitivity and metabolic homeostasis. Its primary target organ appears to be the skeletal muscle, and its cellular actions inhibit the folate cycle and its tethered de novo purine biosynthesis, leading to AMPK activation. MOTS-c treatment in mice prevented age-dependent and high-fat-diet-induced insulin resistance, as well as diet-induced obesity. These results suggest that mitochondria may actively regulate metabolic homeostasis at the cellular and organismal level via peptides encoded within their genome.

  • MOTS-c is a 16-amino-acid peptide encoded in the mitochondrial genome

  • MOTS-c targets muscle and regulates metabolism via the folate-purine-AMPK pathway

  • MOTS-c mediates mitochondrial regulation of insulin and metabolic homeostasis

  • MOTS-c protects against age- and diet-dependent insulin resistance and obesity

Although more research is needed, we suggest that the m.1382A>C polymorphism located in the MOTS‐c encoding mtDNA, which is specific for the Northeast Asian population, may be among the putative biological mechanisms explaining the high longevity of Japanese people.


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I really need to update my Longevity stack (given my goal to live forever lol)…

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