Advice for dementia

My dad is struggling with Demens. It gradually began about 7 yrs ago. I believe he has the vasular type as he has to be on blood thinners…Im sure there is more to it also on the psycological side… Do you think this field would help him? Any advise would be appreciated. I find it hard to choose as there is so many fields and he is able to listen to a bunch of tracks each day. His memory is getting worse as time goes by. The same questions are mostly asked each day. He also quit depressed ehich started many when he har to retire I believe…many years ago…lets just say that his colleges and boss werent very nice to him…He har so many years of experience and tas liker by all off his students but out with the old and in with the new… Also had stomach problems for many yrs. My dad is over 70 yrs old. Iove him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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@Starfish, The DNA Repair system is certainly worth trying.

You can also include:

These fields will address main key aspects for healing dementia.

For this, New Perspectives would be excellent for both the psychological and physical healing.

For general healing:


Others could better comment on the DNA field, but I would definitely look at the discussion of several of the brain fields : Blood Brain Barrier, GPDL 1, ISIRB and RMB3., brain regeneration, experimental alzheimer’s treatment . This is by no means an exclusive list. I’m sure others will chime in with great suggestions.

I would also look at the Induced Mots - c Production , even though it’s not brain field per se, it mimics exercise, which is quite neuroprotective.

There are lots fields that you can purchase that would be applicable, though I think you can do well with the fields suggested above and ones that others suggest or that your own research reveals. If you are considering a purchased field, please read the comments relating to the smart cells field which comes bundled with the plasma brain of youth, If there’s a better value in this world than that combination, I don’t know of it.

For depression, I would look at this search, but I don’t trust my instincts beyond that. Again, others will have better suggestions.

Good Luck