New Release: The Rite Of Passage

Never mind am being an idoit

Probably the best option to be honest I wanted it for a while

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Haha no!

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Capital Governance


What sale going on??

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Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but when I listen to this field, I can feel my loins vibrating! Haha.

Almost like the testosterone audio (the original 14 min one, the newer version did nothing for me).

I’m sure I read someone else referencing this being put into a masculinity stack, and I can see how that would work.

I’m combining this with Knight mindset, unbreakable, self respect and navigator.

I seem to be a lot more assertive, and willing to enforce my boundaries, lately. Something which was one of my major weak points previously.

I’m not sure if it’s this audio contributing, but I’m happy with the way things are headed.


Thats awesome.

I see the logic,

This audio added to any stack would push to make that big change, cutting obstscles, spinning the wheel faster, creating a momentum for the new things to become real etc.

I love this audio.

Its like… hmm ok, what do i want next…


Then make the stack and add this one at the beginning, its not like a booster for fields, to boost the energy, no. it clears the obstacles in the current reality, all the extras that should take place to change something in harmony with the fields for it.

At least that has been my experience ;)

And when I dont know what I want or need then i just play it with new perspectives, dream of purity, higher self etc

And then sit and watch the changes start happening


Interesting, I’ve been using it at the end of the stack! Starting my stacks with Kinetic Quasi.

Maybe I’ll slot this in after KQ and see how it works!

Thanks for the tip, Luna :)


Yeah I was doing the same thing, this would be the last field at the end of my warrior stack. After reading what Luna posted, I decided to rearrange my stack, I’m listening to it after Kinetic Quasi, Torsion and Manna Circuits.


@ApacheTheFox @KYLETFL and @everyone

Guys, sometimes there are fields that are specifically needed to be place before after or in between, to create synergy etc

But there are others that we need to experiment with to see how it feels.

For instance this one i would say first because of what i explained above.

But if we think about it…

It could also be placed at the end.

As 1st : clears and creates the momentum for the other fields to smoothly and faster work crossing the barriers of current situations. Like if a river could rapidy go down and through a hill to reach the Valley.

As last: the momentum is built by the other fields… lets say contained, building changes as normally without this field but then they explode in and out when the gates are open, like when a dam is open.

There is a reason why when we dont know where to put a field, we do it a certain way… you both followed your instincs, which is always encouraged.

With complex fields like this one, where it can means this or it can bring that, or many other suprises along the way, its best to experiment in different ways until we find the best one for us, for our personal story and needs.

In my journey with Sapiens fields, if one thing i could advice others is to TRY AND EXPERIMENT in different ways, placing the “strange, mysterious” :slight_smile: fields in different stacks. Youd be surprised, how you always discover something different, a different use for it, a new element or benefit because it made alchemy when put along this and that field.

Thats why is important that you follow your instincts, your inner guidance, your higher self, your own curiosity, because that way you are the writter of your own story, you hold the pen to write it, and sometimes you discover things that were exactly meant for you alone or just a few others.

Thats why i always share whatever i discover, because i want to inspire others to adventure themselves or to try my way in case its helpful too for them, and they are still building a good connection with their higherself and feel lost in this quest.

But always always, take what you read around here with a grain of salt, because no one has the last word but our own self when it comes to growing, healing and evolving, when we follow our guidance with wonder and passion, magic is always on our side, and thats the beauty of this journey.

Theres a reason why, Captain or Sammy rarely to never suggest or say how we should, could or need to use a field. Because it can always work different for anybody.

Try my way since you both sincerely seem like you wanna try, sometimes too when someone says something it lits something in us, it clicks, it opens a door to a path we didnt know we were looking for.

And then see what differences it brings and decide which way is best for you. :four_leaf_clover:

Im gonna add it at the end on mine and see what i notice, you 2 got me curious :slight_smile:

We can learn from anybody any time!

I will report back!




I used this field a lot but today I felt it for the first time how it changes me.
I sit currently there infront of my pc and my 3rd eye is vibrating my body and head feels light and I know what I want and where I have to go.
It unstucked me from short sightedness.


how long is this field?



I’m gonna buy this field soon but before I do is there any sale that’s going on?


Not at this moment, not that I’m aware of.

Sales are announced in the Announcements category. That’s always a good place for you to look when you want the latest on the topic of sales.


This ones really special! My guides can’t seem to yet enough of it and they barely recommend playing something


Did you look on Enlightened States?

It seems the audios have been removed from Teespring, but many of them have found a new home on the Enlightened States website.

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I looked myself. I’ve even 2x checked with the search tool and have not found it

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