Noise harassment every day by Barbarian NPC neighbor

Hello everyone!
I would like to ask you for advice about the harassment I have been experiencing for years by the wild people who have been my upper neighbors, i need your advice on this.

Let the story begin…

I am someone who did not have a good childhood, who has almost never experienced happiness throughout his life, who has struggled with problems such as anxiety and depression throughout his life, who has had a hard time adapting to the world, and who has been exhausted by the nonsense of some human-looking beings on the planet.

Still, somehow I try to keep playing this game and try to heal/improve/ascend myself in many areas

After discovering Subliminals and later Morphic fields, I have been working to heal and improve myself spiritually/physically and financially.

But I have a neighbor who has been bothering me for years with deliberately loud noises that keep me in constant negative thoughts, hatred, and high stress mode. Despite everything, I have never been one to have a nervous breakdown in my life until I moved into the house I live in… Especially he makes me have a nervous breakdown almost every month because of the loud noise he makes. Because of this situation my results are slowing down considerably. and I cannot enter a state of healing and growth.
It is so loud that even my father, who is hearing impaired and uses hearing aids, can hear it. and the device is not working properly.

  • He speaks loudly from early morning until late at night.

  • He keeps rhythm by constantly hitting the table and the wall.

  • He deliberately rubs the chairs on the floor for minutes.

  • They make incredibly loud noises while cleaning their homes. They are hitting the vacuum cleaner from wall to wall.

  • They constantly drop heavy things on the floor on purpose, especially above my room.
    and more…

  • They deliberately screams with all his might while sneezing.They do it on purpose.

  • Their grandchildrens are coming their house, the childrens constantly run around the house for 5-10 hours and they never warn the childrens. From morning until late at night.
    They may be children with super physiology specially created by secret government projects because it is physiologically impossible to run for 5-10 hours straight.
    and If they were normal people, in order for children to gain awareness and grow up as good individuals, they would say to them: “hey little man, we live in an apartment building, you are very energetic and you love to run a marathon at home, but this is a common living space and if you run for hours and hours, the people downstairs will be very uncomfortable and it is unethical and pointless to disturb people. so let’s go to the playground right next to the building and you can run a marathon there.”

I want these people(physically adults) who have become the single biggest problem in my life to be punished and never be able to bother people again, so I need your suggestions on this matter.
If you would like to deal with my situation and help me, I would appreciate it.

and if you could, please read the details so we can find a better solution.

Also, tonight caused me to have a nervous breakdown again and now I’m at my brother’s house and I’m more peaceful even though I’m depressed. And of course, I’m still worried and stressed about going back to that house and being exposed to the noise of those disgusting people.

1: I live in a country where the justice system and education system do not properly work, the awareness levels of most of the people are very low and there are many people who never improve themselves throughout their lives and live like robots. A country where there are almost no penalties even if you complain, and people continue to make noise even if they are fined. So the non-existent justice system cannot stop these people.

  1. I live in a country that has no stability, money is worthless also have hyperinflation and real estate prices are very high because it is ruled by a narcissistic authoritarian leader. It is not financially possible for me to move from this house right now.

  2. Since the “people” at the upside who disturb me have been warned lot of times, they can remain silent for a maximum of 3 days and then continue their barbarism as if nothing had happened.

  3. Even though I am a spiritual person, my abilities are quite limited, but I clearly feel that their presence drains my energy.

  4. These people are most likely to be either energetic vampires or people under demonic influence. Whenever the possibility of my life improving increases, harassment increases and they put me in a negative mode. My anger increases, I become emotionally drained.

  5. I would appreciate it if you didn’t write things like please forgive this person, send him love, etc. because I highly doubt that such people have a soul and can perceive things like love, especially after researching “Organic Portals” which currently contain strong evidence, I don’t believe such people can change, they are programmed like this and This is how they will die. I think that sending love to NPCs who have lived to be 50-60 years old and have not understood the pointlessness of disturbing people and have not learned to be a civilized person is nothing but a waste of time.

  6. There is no nature where I can go out and calm myself, and the ones that exist are very far from me.

What can I do, how can I get out of this situation and these people, what path should I follow to get a peaceful or at least neutral living space to heal and develop.
I’m excited for answers.
Thanks in advance to everyone who wants to help.


When situation or someone keeps disturbing me I always ask for my good angel friends to help me out (angelic intercession). While listening to the field, ask them for help on this matter.

Anytime I always need help, the angels unsurprisingly come to my aid.


Im not one to post. But I’ve been through similar. There are a whole host of Sapien Fields that can assist in this manner. Hopefully someone can link. The Reiki video below was a godsend for me. I lived underneath extremely negative Energy vampires that sucked the life out of me daily. Eventually I stumbled upon this video. The second it started playing all tension was removed from my chest and I could finally breathe. My upstairs neighbors were no longer sucking me dry.

They immediately went ape shit.
That night the (Girlfriend / Boyfriend ) started fighting. I was wondering if I needed to call the cops.
I resumed playing this video when needed for about a week. They broke up and Boyfriend moved out.
Few months later they moved away. Problem solved


Check out the targeted individual stuff from Dr. Virtual7, it might work very well for your situation. Good luck!


Sword of Saint Michael and the Golden Keys album.

Strength :pray:t2: