Not sure if i'm doing this right

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and morphic fields as a whole. My purpose for joining is so I can improve my cognitive skills and hopefully lead to a happier life. I currently am listening to a brain stack, but I don’t know if it’s doing much. Let me began by saying i am 19 years old. I have never been the best at school and am aware I may have learning disabilities. I know i’m smart but a lot of my actions these days don’t look it. Sometimes I have trouble understanding what is being said to me or i’ll try to read a book or watch a documentary and I just can’t seem to comprehend much. A lot of the time when I speak it’s hard to get the right words out. I am a native english speaker but I sometimes speak like english is my first language. it’s weird. I also am in college and laziness is a problem for me as well. I say i’m gonna do something and i never do it. I have been listening to fields seriously about a month ago, but have been listening to my current stack for about 2 weeks i think. I don’t really keep track. With that all said, I’m not noticing any changes in my cognitive behavior. heck, writing this was kinda difficult for me.

Okay here is my stack;

Superhuman genius (2)
Nerve growth factor (5+)
permanent brain enhancer (2)
brain regeneration (2)

I also listen to Nullify negative planetary effects but i haven’t noticed any changed with this either.

What could be happening here?


I would try with the “point of no return stack” as a primer and also take my time to really fix my mind and get rid of self-sabotage before I go into brain stacks :slight_smile:

Almost forgot: Welcome :+1:


okay maybe i’ll try that. I forgot to mention i’m also listening to ego dissolution as well, which i heard is also a good field. Again, haven’t seen much change with that either. But i’ll give it a shot.



Do you listen to any other fields alongside this stack?

A few recommendations come to my mind but also, how long have you been listening to fields? And have you included the fields from the Point of no return stack?

I recommend you include some of the Energy Body Clearing in your mornings as a start

Listen to

Deep Brain Magnetic Stimulation, consistently
Nerve Tissue Repair
Induced Plasmalogen Production
Depths of Your Soul

These are some all round fields that are packed with specifics at the same time. They should help your brain and happiness at the same time. All of them

And personally I always recommend Parkinson Help and Multiple Scelorois for cognitive functions and general well being really.

I could add some more but, for a start I think these are good. If it is not much for you now you could experiment with the mstates fields on Sapien Medicine playlists. You can play this stack once a day in the mornings or halfway through your day :)


oh yeah. do you listen with headphones by any chance? I wonder if that has anything to do with the effects of fields too

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It’s recommended to use on speakers, but it won’t change much for most but the most complex fields


Hello. Thank you for replying to my post. Yes I do. I listen to Ego, unstoppable willpower,ojas refined and defined, and child like wonder sometimes. I mostly focus on my brain stack though. But i’ll consider your suggestions! Thank you!

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Wait, wait, wait.
You are asking very basic questions (nothing wrong with that) you’ll learn faster by reading threads for newbies. There is a faqs somewhere, must be pinned right outside. Make sure you read it.

It will answer questions you haven’t asked yourself yet, otherwise it takes a whole lot of patience to explain.


Wow you’re really helpful. Thanks again!


Yes, these are brain fields :smiley:
And brain enhancement with what goes further into it, so cognitive skills, motor function, dopamine/willpower, will to live basically :smiley:

That’s a good thing you listen to ojas! It’s a strong field so it’s good to hear you have this one already!

Enjoy reading around :) And welcome :)

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Welcome to the forum!

I found these by using the handy forum search engine (that little magnifying-glass icon in the upper right corner of every page of this forum):

And there are tons more for you to find, enjoy!


Hi kayla

Have you been wearing a mask for extended periods of time? That can have a big impact on brain function too, unfortunately.

You’ve already gotten some excellent suggestions. You might also want to try a few other fields to boost the brain:

The Plasma Brain of Youth
Hydrogen Accumulation and Fission
Brain and Spine Antioxidant Complex
Pure Magnetic Heart Coherence

Five Elements Balanced
The Mana Circuits

These could all help in some way either directly or indirectly. Just be patient and maybe keep a journal to track which fields you listen to and how you feel on that particular day. Some fields will have a more immediate effect; some work best with persistence. Hope you feel better soon


Fields can change you, but it takes time. So, first be patient and nice to yourself, and don’t expect to see results immediately. Results will settle in gradually.
You are still very young, which is wonderful because your brain is still growing, thus using fields at this age will work wonders given some time.

I wish you a successful journey in fields and regain your genius.


Hi, kaylabug1300! Welcome purple tulip

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