Outside vendors no longer welcomed on the forum

This forum is no longer open to outside vendors due to previous abuse, lack of quality and accountability.

The decision was not taken today, it’s nothing personal.
We just don’t feel “enriched” by the new merchants.

Your posts will be deleted if you come here to sell your things out of the blue. “Classified” won’t cut it anymore.

We can make exceptions but only for long time users that have been active on the forum and have brought some value.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you see one, you can flag it and we will remove it.


so existing vendors will no longer be able to publish new products on forum?

For now new ones are out of the picture.

Merchants that have been here for a few months are another issue. There will be another decree soon enough.

But I can safely say that the ones who have registered on the sapien marketplace and followed due process don’t have to worry too much.

The others probably should


This is flowing with momentum, who knows anything really :man_shrugging:

I’m back on break

I think it’s the correct call, we just don’t know how ‘pure’ these people energy are. The amount of work they have done on themselves. How many ego deaths they have undergone to produce high quality work and not ones that leech on the customer’s energy as a source.


Good call

I should hope Psychic University is allowed to be discussed in Classifieds still. Many veterans, energy sensitives, etc, including myself, speak highly of the quality and the cleanliness of the energy. I understand if you deem otherwise, but just wanted to express my opinion and support.


Psychic University is safe. He has also his own section in the forum, so for better order, maybe they could be moved here, but otherwise yeah, I agree.


Yes, I just checked on Psychic University on the ES site and saw his material had been removed.

Sometimes you have to cut the cords with people, but the connection with PU is one that is absolutely worth keeping, as he has brought great work, accountability, and accessibility.


I don’t know about this. PU is well liked and has been there a while.

But the decision was made a while back to close the marketplace.

Today’s announcement was for new merchants.
Things are further along than I thought, if no exceptions were made, I assume that he was treated with respect.


I don’t think PU will stop making fields :slight_smile:


They talked about it in the Aesthetics University thread.


I removed them myself.

If anything, Sammy told me to put the Gumroad links on the platform around two months ago, instead of asking to remove the products completely.


Good call, Forum should be the first priority as always. If anything feel free to let me know and I’ll remove everything I ever uploaded here including all the audios and links completely without any second thought on it.

You are free to do so in the future :+1: