Phone Alert—the 4th 🚨

I have been off social media for 3 months and blissfully unaware of absolutely EVERYTHING (quite nice, actually)

But now that I reactivated my FB I’m seeing all these conspiracy theories about the alert that’s going to everyone’s phone on the 4th. People are keeping their kids out of school and putting their cell phone in faraday bags.

What’d I miss??
Why keep your kids out of school, what are people so worried about?

I kind of maybe understand the concern with them sending harmful frequencies through the phone. People are saying it may activate something that comes in the… arm thing.

I don’t know, maybe one of y’all can enlighten me?!?


Mm yes are saying so many things!
I also read that on October 5th an elite spy revealed the whole truth about the way they manage us, the matrix, etc :thinking::thinking:

Dang, that’s interesting. Where is your favorite place or people online to follow/YouTubers that share alternative information? I feel a little out of the loop on a lot

I used to be in the know and then it was too much so I deleted everything and everyone. The poison is in the dose ring true 😮‍💨

People are claiming that they are activating the 5G weapon attack upon the masses on Oct 4th. This is because FEMA is doing a test that day and sending out signals over the network to everyone’s phone.

It is likely a nothing burger and they will not telegraph it like that when they do decide to attack.

Most people in the ‘truth movement’ are shills and full of shit. Controlled opposition who tell you most of the plan but lead you astray in the end.

You can find all this information on Bitchute or Rumble, just look at the top viewed videos of the day.

Most of it is garbage but there is some good info sprinkled into the bullshit. The controllers don’t want it to be easy to wake up to the truth.

Anyone who claims to be ex-military/CIA/etc is definitely full of shit. The rest can be harder to discern but if it resonates and they are not selling you something then it could be a good person to watch more videos from.

It is too bad that the truth is so clouded because the world we are living in is actually complete bullshit and all lies. You just need to do the opposition of what they tell everyone and you’re usually good haha


Nothing is happening on the 4th. As usual. Does anybody hold these people accountable for when they are wrong? Half the progression of the downfall of society is people pushing this narrative.

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^Like Scribe said

Also i dont know if this is like psychic things or like real world things.

But if you meant actual real life events,
Normally you wouldn’t go to social media to seek it.
Like, a lot of those scammers, hide behind like fake publications- like there is The Sun magazine, but maybe someone created “The Moon”
They do it because the more you click, the more revenue they get.

There are a few things you can do
See if whatever thats being said is being expressed by multiple reputable media sources
APA, WSJ, etc

Sites such as

are great to use as a reference too

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I have no idea…

Where I am, we have EBS tests every first or second wednesday of the month. So it would be an EBS similar to any other.

As far as the radio-frequencies are concerned, they have always been harmful. The safety standards have been out of date before any of the technologies were implemented. To a point, all of our wireless systems are bad for health.

The standard for health has been whether the radiation is strong enough to fully penetrate a cell and tear apart DNA. If it doesn’t do that, then it’s deemed safe. But that’s a pretty horrendous standard since the entire body is electromagnetic and electrochemical in its functioning. There doesn’t need to be something catastrophic like DNA destruction for damage to be done.

Iontophoresis can cause different chemicals to pass through different layers of the body more easily. Being constantly immersed in an artificial electromagnetic field can cause different unevenly distributed charges to aggregate at points in the body. Many of the body’s systems are coherent down to the quantum level and their guidance systems get pushed around by all of the wifi and radio transmissions.

All kinds of crap has gone on for the past 100+ years due to our rather stupid use of wireless technologies.

I do know that there has been some research about chemicals in recent, widely distributed, injections. And that research has shown a responsiveness to electromagnetic fields. I haven’t seen anyone of specific repute reporting in on that. It’s possible, but we’ve been swimming in horrendous electrosmog for the past few decades. I don’t know that a specific spectrum shift will make a catastrophic difference.

But who knows :man_shrugging:. I don’t use Facebook, so I hadn’t heard of this. But Facebook generally censors anything of value, so that makes me doubt its significance.


Phones literally have max emission standards and emergency testing (I guess it’s one such, I’m not in US obviously) isn’t going to be different, EMF exposure if any is while their children playing games on their phones, that one millionth of a percent of emergency testing is next to nothing.

And these conspiracy tales about all radiomasts being used to broadcast mind controlling radiation are like older than 60 years.

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Oh my god hahahah

So it was that… lol
Idk why someone would said its like possessed tho

It was like two seconds
Idk why they’d need to pull out their kid from school either to be honest lol

Well look yay we are all still alive and safe

ahh… conspiracies. So, did anyone turn into a zombie? :joy:

Using blueprint to revert :woman_zombie:

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I get that most things are only half truths, but I still like to have access to all all viewpoints. I feel most things are not black and white— everyone is “right” in some aspect. There’s always nuggets of truth involved. I’d never make fun of anyone for questioning the gvt…,there’s a lot to question lol. People are too absolute on their thinking on both ends of tke spectrum.

As for me, I played an emf field around myself and my children before hand. Why not? I’m not afraid by any means… but better safe than sorry? I don’t claim to know it all— I have 4 kids, I don’t have all day to scour the internet for information. I just pick up as I go along and aim to do the best i can.

This is good to do regardless.

You should check out the
Preceptionist NFT

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I feel like this would pair well with conceptual thinking fields too for some reason

for sure