Plant Growth and Enhancement

This is for your plant friends, to promote robust growth and strengthening or even recovery from damage, it has unconditional love, plant life force and some plant growth factors.

Use for your plants 2-3 times.

Also maybe a good test, since obviously plants cannot be affected by placebo or a group mentality.

I would love to see your results also.

also a re-paste of this

Hey Guys, we need your help on this one, if you are up to it, we would like to collect a body of evidence in a non invasive kind of way, So if you have plants and would like to send us before and after pictures, progress reports etc we would appreciate it. (time stamps are good also) email us Chances are with evidence, we can have more parties interested in doing studies and research with with us.


I’d like to give this present to some of my plants at home…

I was wondering if there is a suggested time of the day
Maybe evening to prepare for the growth during night?



In May i got a house plant and for the first week or so I just watered it and didn’t use the audio at all. The plant started dying off and so I started using the audio. I didn’t play it at regular times, I just put it on whenever i chose. Sometimes I’d play the audio a few times and if I was going out it would be playing on loop for a few hours. The plant grew so beautifully and quickly it was amazing to see!!

So to answer your question I don’t think it matters when you play it or for how long. You’ll see great results quickly if you are consistent (every day or every other day)


Thanks @SC448!
Did you keep the plant near the speakers or it can be a few meters away?

I kept it around 5 feet away but it should work anywhere in the same room. You don’t need the volume to be much either, just enough that if you stand beside your plant, you can hear it slightly.


I was hiking and saw a few trees in the forest that were in poor health. So I opened the audio and ran it for about half hour. Then it dawned on me that it would help a lot more if there was a plant growth mandala that i could print on photo paper and bury right beside the tree roots. This would really help the forest long term.

Would this be possible?


Maybe you can try with the Sanctuary card?

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The issue is I think sanctuary card releases energy temporarily.


yes you are right… from the description

This card works with helping you to create your own garden forest, It helps plants grow and nourishes them energetically,
You can activate the card then place it next to the plant you wish to work on or drawing the sigil in the dirt next to the plant then activating the energy.
This energy works on strengthening the plant’s own energy system, recovery and regeneration as well as directly telling it to grow stronger and healthier.
The works on the plant for 15 to 20 mins.

A few ways to handle this

  • Devas love dealing with nature - use Devic Intercession

  • Infuse a crystal with the energy of Plant Growth Audio.
    Plant it at the tree. or several.

  • It gives you an excuse to go into the forest.
    Trust me that audio is powerful, so go out there with some speakers while you spend a few minutes meditating under/with a tree or appreciating a few trees with the audio playing.


I’m using it 3x morning and 3x afternoon on my plants for a week now.
I not seeing much honestly

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give it time, the moment you’re not paying attention is when you’ll see the massive change.


Plant photo taken on 7-26 is looking smaller than it is today!


Yeah I’m not really watching every day :wink:

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Love and acknowledge the whole post, but especially this:

One of my favorites and really underrated one, despite it being a mastermodem when it comes to relationship with nature (in the sense meant in this thread).


So I’m playing plant growth for a bouquet of baby’s breath that I’ve popped into a vase (no water, just air).
(I’ve 2 bouquets, so doing a bit of an experiment with the one near me.)
But I realise I’ve also other tracks playing for myself.
Just wondering how the plant one would affect me (loove the music btw), and how my own tracks would affect my bouquet?


Actually that’s an interesting question. I’ve noticed that all my plants in my bedroom window are reaching in towards the room and not to the window where the daylight is, at the same extent as before. I play my night stack for about 6 hours every night and it must be something with the fields they are drawn to. And I don’t play the plant growth one…


I remember reading somewhere that plants like music.

They seem to like violin sounds the best. But hate rock music :slightly_frowning_face:


Aah, it could be the sound itself…

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Do you play any audio that has to do with Love? Any living thing or person is attracted to love.


Not really. Face, hair, skin, vitamins, stemcells, anti aging, higher self, ego diss, subconscious limits diss. Maybe the regeneration factor in the fields?

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Don’t worry nature is my thing, they gonna love it.
The devic world is the one I have been involved in a lot in for a long time, which I hope to get back into.


That’s a speaker, and anyone who has plants and gardens, knows what fresh growth looks like.