Plasma light

I listen to the plasma light and infrasound for 6 hours straight it makes me fatique / exhaushed all the day :(

just play grounding audio

First of all, better ask this in the Ask For Advice section or on the Plasma Light thread itself.

Secondly, plasma light is 15 minutes long and a very strong field. One listen is more than enough. Actually some forum members here only listen to 5 minutes of the field, then stop it.

I do recall it almost knocked me out completely.

Hence it’s no surprise you’re totally fatigued


Looping a field for 6 hours straight is absolutely unnecessary, especially a powerful field like plasma light. Have you read the thread? More isn’t always better.

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Healing requires physical building blocks (vitamins, proteins, minerals etc.). Make sure you eat a ton of these and ALL of them that are needed.

Not enough building blocks = exhaustion and attrition.

The faster the healing the more building blocks your body needs.


I’m not trying to pile on but pleeeease don’t do that again

Be gentle with yourself!

You had mentioned anti aging and looking younger- without looping anything focus on nourishment and replenishment- stem cells, jing, chi, maybe the facelift audios

6 hours of plasma will deplete you and when you’re feeling depleted you don’t have enough energy to reach your goals

Small doses of plasma, a couple of loops per day for everything

And Aphrodite and JAAJ’s self love stack can help too


Suggest me some fields to make my organs and cell always stay young and younger pls

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The Eternal


Plasma flaunt (once or twice a day)
Fat to stem cells
Smart stem cells
DNA Repair


any specific herbs / things to take for building blocks while listening to strong fields?

I have no knowledge about herbs. This is better to be answered by someone else.

I mostly eat dill weed and parsley.

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