The Eternal

The final publicly available iteration of the eternity field, limited and block chain locked. Unfettered smart field, combined with the blueprint of life field and tied in much deeper ways, to your conscious and subconscious. 4400 copies available.

This is much upgraded version of eternity redux field with blueprint of life. A smart and more powerful version of eternity redux with unrestricted healing potential. Works even in deeper subconscious level.

Description of old eternity redux from enlightened states website:

Description of blueprint of life:

This violin track, was originally going on a game, but I decided to use it here.
The intention behind this audio is to create the right mental and physical mindsets to facilitate change while you use it.

Let the violins carry you on a journey of change as a a very concentrated light of change that sinks down to an even genetic level to implement a higher form of harmony.

Imagine the pure concept of the flower of life in a negentropic manner changing the inner you, the core of your genes influenced by harmony and negentropic order.

Of course if you extend this thought process outwards you will see a host of potential effects not quite unlike a massive awakening into becoming a entirely new you.

But of course on occasion to create this new you, the old you must be purged or changed. It becomes harder to reach new states of being with accumulated junk. Sometimes a heavy detoxification of old habits etc can occur.

These two fields are combined with some more enhancements. Can replace the old eternity redux tag.


@Dreamweaver so I assume this can replace blueprint of life and wearable 24/7?

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Smart healing field with unrestricted potential like skull13. Instead of servitors the same concept is applied for healing this time. Means it’s the most powerful healing field to this very day which came in huge number of copies. Imo should be better than any nfts out there that are for healing. So if anyone missed them then I think this might be your best bet or might even be better than those. (For whatever health issue you may have also)


Can anyone give a more detailed information about the purpose of this field :pray: please


I already mentioned what it’s for but if you want more information then check the description of eternity redux field at enlightened states and read the thread of blueprint of life after reading it’s description. These fields are combined in this one in much more advanced way which is also mentioned in it’s description. That’s the most specific information I can give you. The rest you need to do some research. And it’s a field that can replace eternity redux I believe. But captain can correct me if not.


When I get this im gonna print the mandala so big for everybody to see the art I be carrying around.



This artwork :heart_eyes: !!
Also, everything about this, lol :heart_eyes:


so is the question of eternity tag out of the window?

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Can this fields largely, partially or potentially replace The Exalted State or/and Plasma Protocol or/and major Blueprint? Probably people are going to say they will enhance each other but they all have a different approach and benefits. But then i would still look for an deep insight to make my decision. Please everyone and @Dreamweaver share your feeling :pray:

Since i’m looking for The Exalted State for a long time and till now unable to grab maybe this nft is what i’ve been waiting for to get rid of those health issues for good? :white_heart:


I tried to find the description in the site but it wasn’t listed and not even shown out of stock like other pendents. So I assume most probably as it’s not required after releasing this I believe but captain knows better ofc. Or if you’re asking if it replaces it then yes.

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Well I do believe it will replace the healing aspect of exalted state but what’s unique about exalted state is the bliss feeling it gives and the effect it has on your mind. So if you just want expated state for healing then yes I believe this one should do that part even better. But I don’t think it would replace it entirely. And blueprint major is not focused on physical healing I think. It’s for metaphysical and energy body aspect mostly.


Yes but i also remember that Plasma Protocol which is a healing field can also give you the effect of Bliss probably because it takes away the stuff which was in the way of feeling the bliss


I know but bliss of exalted state is Kundalini awakening bliss sort of thing which is on another level than plasma.


i read eternity redux can make you live for 300 years

health issues don’t stand a chance anymore lol


Found the full detailed one that was on enlightened state Since teespring one is much shorter…

It has long been a dream of humankind to live, if not forever, then well past the normal short span of years we have been given by nature. It is likely an innate part of us all, on some deep level, to fight against dying as hard as we possibly can!

This items complex field set is geared towards exactly that!

There are to be four main and many sub-category fields on this object, which will be designed to stop aging in its tracks on a cellular level, hold genetic stability over time, induce robust health, rapid healing on a high level, disease resistance, field sets to help you avoid accident or calamity that can kill you and much more!

No item or treatment can truly make you immortal, but the extension of life is very possible! This item will also aid you in finding and making use of any technique or science that comes along that will increase the effects you are receiving from it! So the power level will continue to grow over time, from outside sources, even after the items field has reached a functional plateau.

It is very possible that a person with such an item now would still be around in three hundred years. (Barring comets and asteroid collisions or other massive events that are beyond all power to avoid, of course.)

Specific Fields Carried by This Item

The four main categories this will effect:

Aging: This items field set will have a set reduction in telomere cap degradation, stopping aging in one of the main cellular manners. It will also have an image capture field that will return your cellular age back to age 30 (at the point of complete growth and development actually, about 26-33 for most people) which will help retard all aging problems and return you to that earlier state in most ways.

Physical Protection: Being able to live and extremely long life is not enough, if you keep having to deal with dangerous situations and accidents that can kill you!

This portion of the over all field set will help you to remain safe, by getting you to remove yourself from harms way on a subconscious level, by causing dangerous people and situations to avoid you and by helping you to make sound decisions about matters of health and safety.

This is not paranoia, it is just a gentle nudge to keep you safe! Most of the time you will not have to worry over your own safety any more (possibly less) than you do at this moment.

Enhanced Healing: This is not just healing faster, or even using the energy of your body in a more efficient manner so that you can heal at incredible speeds, though it has those properties as well.

This field set will attempt to reproduce the ability to regenerate limbs and organs on a base biological level. If this is not possible for whatever reason, then the field will find the best option to get that limb or organ back! It will place information and opportunities in your path to do so and bring individuals into your life that can and will help you with this.

There is also a two step disease avoidance field set included. The first part will help you avoid being around dangerous diseases. You will simply go somewhere else and avoid the bacteria or virus being transmitted.

The second portion increases the specific disease fighting ability of your system by about four times. (This is more than enough to fight off any disease.) It does so with specific limiters however to prevent your immune system from ever turning on your body, preventing any problem in that area.

Positive Mood Enhancement: Living for a very long time is useless if you are not taking joy from life!

This field will increase joy, happiness and feelings of love, while actively reducing negative emotions to a good degree.

The world will seem brighter and better, things will become far more interesting and boredom will become a thing to easily dispatch, rather than something to suffer through!

Of course there is much more to this field than can be gone into here!

It is one of the most complex and challenging items made to date for public use!

Added to Eternity Redux:
Reduction in telomere cap degradation and also an active viral combat system (flu family of viruses)
Reduction in telomere cap degradation,
Age recapture to around 20
Physical Protection(Damage Avoidance)
Enhanced Healing
Positive Mood Enhancement:
Eternal Energy sources to draw from to enhance the speed and function and also an active viral combat system (flu family of viruses)



One major upgrade, other than the addition of Blueprint of Life, is that this is a smart field and ties into one’s self-preservation system.

I have not talked to Captain yet, but smart fields adapt to one’s personal needs, and have a database that continuously expand. That, IMHO, is very useful (having seen how well it works for Acu Automation and Personal Mental Assistant).

I have the Eternity Redux tag, and I am seriously considering getting this (or should I wait for Protection 3.0? lol)


Yah get this one man. Why not both lol


Exlated state one should be completely unique since it has amria/necter of immortality combination along with the stimulation of hormonal fluids in brain. It also has a certain taste into it if you’re very energy sensitive

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any age requirement for this? @Dreamweaver

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The Exalted State seems more focused on the state of bliss, with additions from aspects of the Eternity field.

Exalted State induces a state of bliss via the complicated process that is part of a normal kundalini experience. It vibrates the 3rd, 4th and lateral ventricles and resounds through all the fluid filled spaces, like the waves in a pond when you throw a rock in, so this vibration outward releases many of the brain’s nuerotransmitters at once and all with a touch of divinity as well.

Physical longevity does not seem to be the primary goal of Exalted State. Now, Eternity Redux or the new Eternity may include aspects of bliss, but that does not seem to be its main purpose. Exalted State simulated states that I felt when I was practicing a form of Khechari (albeit a bastardized version of it) for a few years…

So, in my personal opinion, I am going to keep both and not replace one with the other. Energetically, they seem to compliment each other well.