Question about spiritual growth

  1. Is spiritual growth necessary to have a noticeable effect? 2. What exactly does spiritual growth mean? 3. Please recommend something I can listen to for spiritual growth.
  1. You will find yourself more calm, and more and more states of happiness and bliss will appear. You will start thinking differently, more wise, and you’ll have a higher perspective. Your life will change because you’ll radiate other kind of thoughts and will do other actions than now. You will find new friends, better friends etc.

  2. Spiritual growth means getting wiser, understanding life and its mechanisms, and setting goals in life that will bring you much more fulfilment and happiness. You will be able to see and understand and become more and more, like an ascending spiral, or like raising your eyes from the dust to the sky.

  3. To start your journey to the bliss, you can start listening to fields like:

You can listen even to only one or two of them, if you only like or feel only one or two. In time everything will unfold.

  1. No, I meant to ask whether spiritual growth is essential for the effects of the field to be noticeable.
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Spiritual growth has certainly helped me, but I’d recommend just working on your energy circuit and simply keeping an open mind for now. Perhaps you could try a few boosters, blockage dissolvers, energy cleansers, etc…

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not necessarily, at least in fields that affect the physical body. For example, if someone listens to a field to release growth hormone or stem cells, his body will produce them when he hears the field. but for fields with a more metaphysical focus such as manifesting money, good luck, internal alchemy, divine intercession, etc. in that case it is advisable to have a higher system (more developed energy centers, sensitivity to etheric energy) to be able to resonate with those energies. more effectively.

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Thank you. Can you recommend a field to have the Higher system?

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This is good to start, listen to it daily

And i suggest you practice qi gong or yoga for a better energy flow (and general well-being) :D


I would say no, you don’t have to he a highly spiritual person to have/get/enjoy the effects of the fields; also, fields (those which are specifically made for such purposes) can actually help you grow, spiritually (and in whatever other way you need, whether health wise, or mentally, financially, sexually, socially, etc.).

But, does it help to be higher, to have higher vibes, cleaner and stronger and more refined energy/Aura?


For example, I can always see an improvement in the effectiveness of fields if I do Yoga or Spiritual Workings.


Also, there are fields which help you clear blockages, like this one (subconscious ones):

Also, entire stacks or paid fields (Point Of No Return) and my Personal Favorite (besides those already mentioned ones):

KQC - It helps Boosts Your Results Significantly. :grinning:

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Neccesary? No. Supplementary? Perhaps. I have chased many spiritual goals for spesific purposes and when I achieved these said goals, sometimes I wasn’t interested in the purpose which set me on the road anymore.

One way or another, its a win-win in my eyes.

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