Sapien Medicine Unique Item Collection (Diablo 2 Style)

I always loved the idea of our incarnational self merely being a video game character that is actually controlled by the Higher Self, playing this matrix game adventure.

Our lives are really like a game where we gather experience points, level up, complete quests, equip items on our physical bodies, train skills, gather in guilds, develop our character stats, chase after in-game currency etc.

With the coming release of Diablo 2 Resurrected after over 20 years, based on the famous video role-playing game Diablo 2 from the year 2000, it also time to look at our collection of real life magical items that we as matrix RPG game adventures can obtain and collect.

In the same way that we can equip rare and unique items on our role-playing video game characters :mage: :woman_mage: in games like Diablo 2, the Higher Self can equip our incarnated matrix game bodies with highly advanced Sapien Medicine items :prayer_beads: :ring: in order to help us master the current “incarnational ladder” :slight_smile:

The following is based on the “real life” Sapien Medicine magical items (mostly tags), but has been inspired by Diablo 2 with regards to their item style and stats.

Which of these precious items were you already able to obtain?


very nice, love it!


Oh wow, you really thought this through :+1:


I’m trying to catch them all. I only have Armor of light & glory+





yeah i love viewing my life in this way.

my thoughts on life being the Higher Self's MMORPG

i remember feeling so giddy coming to this realization when i first explored spirituality and plant medicine.

riding on this analogy, the ego was like my auto-pilot like how incremental mobile games play itself and reward you with experience and currency once you come back. or the higher self running a bot for their character to do pre-determined sets of actions for them to come back with more levels and resources.

turning off the ego would be like allowing my Higher Self full control of my actions knowing full well that they have a wider perspective of the game.

i really like what you wrote for the intercession tags!

you could definitely expand this with audios being ‘buffs’ and ‘debuffs’ (debuffs for negativity).



I know that when this game drops everyone who bought a legendary item gets a legendary item.

So plasma skin would allow the user to be extremely beautiful (lol idk)

Androgen (muscular bonus points)



Thank you!

This is so true actually and I laughed out loud when I came to this realization a few years ago. Life being an MMORPG is not just a fantasy, but it is really like that. We as our Higher Selves are playing a game and our roles as incarnated soul fragments in each of the incarnations are game characters that need to “level up”.

This also gives us an understanding of how much we really understand while being just a game character versus what our Higher Self really understands.

The game character is short-sighted, limited in its abilities, doesn’t know all the game rules and tricks and experiences the game as a “real challenge” from the ego point of view.

On the other hand the Higher Self is an all powerful pro player who knows the whole game in and out and is just sitting relexad in its chair, completely outside of the actual game and is just clicking the mouse :joy:


my first favourite MMORPG was Ragnarok Online and retroactively it has shown me my love of healing, and socializing in PvP zones.

i literally just sat there healing and protecting myself while others picked fights and experimented with their builds. i had such a blast and had a ton of friends in the servers i went to as the PvPers were regulars.

i still have an itch to ‘belong’ to an MMORPG world and balancing that with this ‘real life’.

i wasn’t a big fan of meta-gaming as it took the fun out of it for me which is probably why i don’t meta this reality as often as i can.

i feel like i’m right where i need to be, flaws and all, as my Higher Self knows when i need to get resources and when it’s great to just enjoy the game having unconventional builds that are fun and unique.

the beauty of this reality is that we start to become polymaths having no limits to our skills, knowledge, actions, and resources.


Haha, this is awesome. Spent so many hours playing Diablo I-III growing up :smiley:

Level 9000

Prosperity and abundance
Subconscious limits removal
cognitive enhancement
chakra growth accelerator
best path in life
scared flower
the psychic
armor of light and glory
shielding protection
Book of cards


Though I am curious what options you would give to the older Advanced Fields (offered with the Quantum Pendants and even on custom items) before the Tags came into existence.

What options would you give these “legacy” (:joy:) items?


Woah I love this concept! Also “Drains mana while worn” on Ascension is hella funny because it’s true :joy:


Very nicely done.
When’s the remake gonna be released?


Wow, nice man.


Great for this post :+1::slightly_smiling_face: !!!

Currently I have:

  • Shumann resonance
  • prosperity and abundance
  • subconscious limit remover
  • cognitive enhancement
  • chakra grow accelerator
  • best path in life
  • sacred flower
  • the psychic
  • pendant of the magi
  • eternity
  • ascension

The ones I would like to have soon:

  • moldavite
  • unlimited energy
  • advanced healing
  • intercession
  • the healer (I will receive a personalized plaque with this instagram image)
  • timelessness and mindfullness

If one day I earn enough money :

  • I buy all the pendants for my collection :slightly_smiling_face:.

hey man, hows your experience with magi and eternity, I know wrong threard but gotta ask man

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I would need to study and add these here too… :slight_smile:

Next will be probably the printed mandalas that you can put in your inventory like the Diablo 2 charms.

Most likely still in 2021. The alpha version is already out. Check Blizzard’s Diablo 2 Resurrected website.

Magi tag gives energy to your manifestations if you direkt it. Otherwise it allows you to wear more tags at the same time without getting too much drained.

Eternity: I wear it 24/7. I don’t know if it works honestly, but I trust Dream that it does :slight_smile:


The “legendary items” now have a different meaning lol

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Yeah, you better be at least character level 88 to wear this so that you have more than plenty base mana :wink: