Sapient Wellness Token Experiment

This is the whitepaper, it is a clone of evergrow basically, but with a lot smaller total supply.

This is the code for it

If you guys can make it great, maybe it would be fun.
seems like it would be beneficial, i made a small liquidity for it.
Using the funds from crypto sales.

It could be something awesome or not so much.
I will update the logo with the one from the sapient wellness channel.

of course, new video for the channel as well.
(Sapient Wellness)


It doesnt come out clear unless its meant to look like that?


I think it’s normal because he say:

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But its like an unclear image with a lot of data computer like lol

Id have to read everything again and see


It sounds really good

One of the main reasons causing mental health is financial worries
and issues. Sapient Wellness Token’s goal is to reduce that by
providing a crowd-funded way of giving people a way to enrich their
financial future via crypto. It will ensure $SPW holders’ financial


@Zen @Josh

we need your info on this :'D

I didn’t get it until i read whitepaper lol :'D


This sounds good to me, as well. I do need to understand it further though.
Hi Rose.


I also need more to understand. Maybe someone who does will PM me?


This is awesome Dream! Is it a pre launch or is the token already available to purchase?

I only have little experience with the Trust wallet app, Smart Chain, and using Pancake Swap.

Thanks to @Gnosticmedic27 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


thanks for wording it the right way :D yes thats what i wanna know too


I added some liquidity in pancake swap, but i dunno if its enough for purchasing.

I did as much as i could, i have no idea really what else to do, but the code should be solid and the functions.
maybe we could crowd build it, i dunno.

Its really up to you guys if you see potential.


Welp let’s add some more! :+1:t3:


My bro in law is very well versed in this stuff. I’m going to talk to him about it.


After I catch up on funds, for sure!


I’m curious if someone could explain further as I’m not versed in this too much but will do what I can to understand it further. I’ll continue to educate myself in it tho.

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Can we buy fields directly with it ?


How to add liquidity on Pancakeswap

(assuming you already have money in your metamask or another wallet that connects with pancakeswap)

  1. connect your wallet using the Binance smart chain

  1. go over to: PancakeSwap click on “Liquidity”

  2. click “+ Add Liquidity”

  1. select the coin you currently have and want to “provide” liquidity to.

you notice I got 1.9 BNB in my metamask, now we want to add the Sapient Wellness (SPW) token.

The contract for the token is: 0xE9c09bfF00A3471e929af28bA4246680aC8f9B4D @Dreamweaver confirm.

  1. look up the contract and add liquidity

you’ll now see SPW Sapient Wellness comes up, go ahead and import.

NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT, MAKE SURE you are adding the correct token. ANYONE can make a token name “Sapient Wellness” but be two different projects.

  1. READ the disclaimer


I can’t provide any liquidity right now so i can’t show the next steps but here is a guide from the official website:

For the top Input, click ‘Select a currency’. Then choose one of the token in the liquidity pair you want to add liquidity to. Here, we are gong to use BNB as an example.

For the bottom input, click ‘Select a currency’. And choose the other token in the liquidity pair you want to add liquidity to. Here, we are gong to use CAKE as an example.

Enter an amount on one of the tokens under “Input”. The other should be calculated and filled automatically.

(If one of the token does not have enough balance. You will see an error and the button being greyed out. Please enter a lower amount to proceed.)

Click the Enable CAKE button. If you are adding liquidity against tokens other than BNB, you might need to click enable twice for each token in your pair. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.

The Supply button will then light up. Click to proceed.

Your wallet will ask you for confirmation. Confirm your transaction from your wallet.

Soon after, you will see your LP Token balance at the bottom of the page.

You can repeat the above steps to add more liquidity, or add liquidity to different pairs.


that’ll be nice, holders with 25k have access to all these fields etc.

holders with 50k get these etc.

almost like patreon but more in control and the more you hold the more you should earn, if we promote this and get more people on board users would probably not even need to buy more token ( if they can’t) but still hope to get access to other fields they don’t currently.

if that made sense.

(numbers are made up…)


yups thats it


aye Captian, you got something going on here.

NFTs on the BSC? low fees :)

when that game of yours dropping :D.

the snowball effect could pick up quite quickly :)

exclusive worlds within the game, access to limited locations to anyplace in this universe. etc