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repost ing here. Some ppl think its not possible for these fields to create “miracles”


You know I didn’t really expect that much enhanced glory will grow this strong in just weeks of using but I swear. The fame aspect of this. Is extremely making people wondering about me. And what really bizarre every time I’m in contact with people. They got very confused.

What I mean confused is that when someone seeing a respected person in the class for example. Or in the world. They will act different toward you with an expectation of them being “helped” So they trying to impress you with anything they can offer.

This is my best explanation.

I think I will assume this from the royalty aspect of enhanced glory. It’s very strong that everyone that sense my presence they will turn their heads and just look at me. Very strong field.

I can’t go out without being stared too much now. I like it so far.

Speaking of experience. I also look and feel different. I feel like my aura itself radiating very strong energy of glorious vibe. Very interesting indeed. I never thought that I would actually feel it by myself you know. Even with charisma and glamour I barely feel a thing. Or fame sigil. I still feel like myself. But only people can see it.

This enhanced glory just works different. Both you and people around you will feel the energy.

Best recommendation for enhanced glory.

If you want to be an artist/well known.

This tag is a must!


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Blueprint + Plasma Protocol 2 Last night, my gastrointestinal tract has been exercising, my digestive function is improving, and my detoxification is strong.

Maybe I also added myth

Plasma protocol + myth is my best choice😊

The more contact with the dream field also makes me grow more

The more intuitive it is, the more concise and clearer it is


Ohhh nice!


@Lanos perhaps you’d appreciate this :blush:


your grandma is so sweet!! i love her!


She is!! Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Feeling betterness in my throat while listening the lower blood sugar sensitivity audio.


Decided to give a try to the slow down perception of time…sound feels distorted it’s so weird. Other than that I’m being much less anxious in a listen, it’s awesome

I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on this field for so long


I have looped Muscle Massage for the last 2 hours and it feels like at least some of the tensions from my muscle and neck area are gone now :slightly_smiling_face: :hugs:


Always enjoying Sapien Med Experience :star2: :sunny:

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


I listened the Attract love field 3x times before I went out to meet friends. On the way to the next bus station I met from an friend a friend.
We just asked each other how we were and wished the other one a good day. Even tho it was a simple thing it felt great!


Wonderful MilesParker. That field is supersonic indeed (so is the whole album… terminating it with Pure Magnetic Heart Coherence if possible = :1st_place_medal:). So supersonic that it can be overwhelming sometimes in the beginning, while adjusting to it lol. Or re-adjusting oneself to love after having forgotten about it or about what it encompasses.

Simple or simply precious. When those simple moments genuinely and mutually come from the heart, they’re enough to make my day. Like “alright, I wouldn’t mind if I died now at that precise moment. It was worth it”.


Probability alteration and luck result:

At my high school, you can change the advanced courses until tomorrow and I had no note, that means, I could not change them but for some reason a friend of mine had 2 at home and gave me one.
I listen this field every morning twice

Attract love results:

Today at school we had pe. We went jogging. Later we could play soccer or basketball. I played with one Friend and two girls basketball. We played with mixed teams (boy and girl vs boy and girl). I played with a nice looking girl that’s in my class. Normally I am trash at basketball but 2 days ago I figured out how to throw the basketball not bad. Because of that we won and the girl was fascinated how good I am even tho I am not good.
(As fun fact I’ve never talked with the girl before
So that I even play with this girls was somehow lucky)

At the way back I talked with some classmates and I noticed that girl was right behind us and normally she wasn’t walking in our speed so it was strange. When I said something about my socks (I wore popcorn socks bc they looked funny and I liked them) and girl behind me said:“I like you more and more” I said thanks bc it Came out of nowhere
Later I got another compliment for my socks bit from an other girl.

During the break I talked again with the girl (from basketball) and we understood us good.

And people talked to me more like I was an friend that they now since a year


Yes, I think in sports good friendships can be built, with attract love field, even more so!

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Which fields are these. Could you link them if possible for me.

Damn, I will have to buy popcorn socks :joy:


thanks a lot

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Shiny and revitalized hair

I’ve been listening to this field [and Dutasterided scalp] daily since 21st July. My scalp acne [Not everywhere, but they used to pop here and there] has completely disappeared. I used to have a itchy, flaky scalp but now it’s completely gone. I used to ignore my hair health for years without making any effort to improve it [Probably because back then I was depressed and didn’t care]. I will no longer listen to this from tomorrow onwards because I felt my scalp is healthy now and being a guy, I don’t need my hair to be more softer and silkier than it is now.

Dutasterided scalp

Definitely lost hair at the beginning which I knew was my hair shedding so I didn’t panic and continued on the audio. Now, I do have hair fall here and there but the fallen hair seems very thin compared to those on my head which makes me believe it is only the weaker hair falling out for new hair growth to take place. It’s safe to say I have zero hair fall in the shower. The hair on my head is a lot thicker than it used to. I’ll continue to listen to this audio [Until I get the hair serum] as I feel this compounds overtime making my hair more denser.


I’ve been listening to this playlist since the start of this month :point_down:t2:
Muscles hungry for fat
Automated workout system
Core strengthening [While working out]
Muscles recovery 2.0

I’ve been doing a short ab workout routine which is under 10 minutes. Within 3 workout days and 8 days of listening to this workout playlist, I’ve lost the fat around my waist. On the 2nd workout day, I could see my Adonis belt taking shape. All these rapid changes were really ridiculous given all I did was a quick bodyweight workout. That day I felt like stopping this playlist because I felt that when I could buy those gumroad audios and implement them in my home based workout, I could definitely see gym like gains without going to the gym. The last time I was actively working out was in March 2020 and at that time my body was trapezoid shaped. It became rectangular shaped after all these months of not working out and now it is back to trapezoid shape within 3 days of workout. Body shape reference :point_down:t2:

So I’m going to stop this playlist as I feel I could probably use this time for more brain based audios.