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Shiny and revitalized hair

I’ve been listening to this field [and Dutasterided scalp] daily since 21st July. My scalp acne [Not everywhere, but they used to pop here and there] has completely disappeared. I used to have a itchy, flaky scalp but now it’s completely gone. I used to ignore my hair health for years without making any effort to improve it [Probably because back then I was depressed and didn’t care]. I will no longer listen to this from tomorrow onwards because I felt my scalp is healthy now and being a guy, I don’t need my hair to be more softer and silkier than it is now.

Dutasterided scalp

Definitely lost hair at the beginning which I knew was my hair shedding so I didn’t panic and continued on the audio. Now, I do have hair fall here and there but the fallen hair seems very thin compared to those on my head which makes me believe it is only the weaker hair falling out for new hair growth to take place. It’s safe to say I have zero hair fall in the shower. The hair on my head is a lot thicker than it used to. I’ll continue to listen to this audio [Until I get the hair serum] as I feel this compounds overtime making my hair more denser.


I’ve been listening to this playlist since the start of this month :point_down:t2:
Muscles hungry for fat
Automated workout system
Core strengthening [While working out]
Muscles recovery 2.0

I’ve been doing a short ab workout routine which is under 10 minutes. Within 3 workout days and 8 days of listening to this workout playlist, I’ve lost the fat around my waist. On the 2nd workout day, I could see my Adonis belt taking shape. All these rapid changes were really ridiculous given all I did was a quick bodyweight workout. That day I felt like stopping this playlist because I felt that when I could buy those gumroad audios and implement them in my home based workout, I could definitely see gym like gains without going to the gym. The last time I was actively working out was in March 2020 and at that time my body was trapezoid shaped. It became rectangular shaped after all these months of not working out and now it is back to trapezoid shape within 3 days of workout. Body shape reference :point_down:t2:

So I’m going to stop this playlist as I feel I could probably use this time for more brain based audios.


uh ?

anyway congrats on your results !


This is so inspiring, Genie! Thanks for sharing.

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4lbs gained in two weeks (didn’t see any fat, only saw muscle gains)
2x 20e pepper
2x Twitch in Time (every other day)
3x Androgen
9x Muscles Beyond Limits (3x Morning 3x Afternoon 3x Night)
Bone Strengthener 3x
And eating in a calorie surplus


have u seen results with ur face with this the Bone Strengthener. somone told me that this will help with jaw and so on

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Lip plumper results


around a week listening non stop btw i first thought it was swollen but it just got bigger


Just appreciation.

My freind is similar to me, very receptive (extremely) - so he absorbs a lot around him and he recently believed he had some sort of dark energy on him. Like a hex. He had a mental block and was having horrible dreams. Yesterday i saw him after 5 weeks. I played curse removal in my pocket x 3 and we were in some isolated woods, i also added sacral chakra audo x 2 too (wont go into detail about why) We both started laughing and getting our energy back. He messaged me today saying ‘i don’t know why but i feel something left me’ :smiley:



i had thoughts of feeling disconnected because this reality felt so lonely and lacking. logically i knew that it was just a perception that was trying to get me to identify with it and i didn’t want to believe in it.

i started to play plasma flower, but my intuition told me to stop and play the following fields before bed.

looped while sleeping:

  • Clear all Negative Energy and Entity Removal
  • Repel Negative Energy

there was a really awesome moment in my dream where i thought i was helping to heal someone, but instead i was the one healed.

i was with a group when we stopped and an ariana grande character wasn’t really moving much. an older gentlemen asked our group if we had someone who could help heal her.

i volunteered and sat between them. i positioned my palms upwards and crossed my arms. one cupped palm was placed on ariana-type’s back and the other with the older gentlemen.

the older gentlemen started to motion with his hands and i remember saying, “i’m new at this”. while he started twisting, the ariana-type started to move as well and did a similar dance as the older gentlemen.

this went on for a few more moments and then the older gentlemen placed the tips of his fingers on my head and did a swift pulling motion. when that happened, i felt a rush of energy shoot up from my root chakra all the way out of my crown chakra. it was a pleasant feeling and i shouted my surprise as i didn’t expect it to happen.

i then felt very relaxed and woke up.

my initial thoughts on waking up was that either i was the ‘bridge’ and whatever negative energy was in the ariana-type somehow went through me and out, or i was the one carrying the negative energy the whole time.

either way, i feel better after the experience! very grateful for the experience and those involved!


Interesting experience. I would like to download the ROTE of this into my consciousness so that I can experience what you have experienced and thus understand it better :slight_smile:


i’m not sure what you’re asking and i read the link and still don’t know what you mean as i’m not an astral projecter.

Never mind, when the time comes, I can ask your Higher Self to allow me for a download of that piece of experience :slightly_smiling_face:

I am sorry but this is so intrusive is disturbing

What is intrusive when I clearly wrote “ask” and “allow”?

If this triggers you, it is because there are things you are afraid to show the world about you.
You seem to believe there is information and experiences that are exclusive to you and somehow “only yours”.
You seem to believe there is something that is “private experience” and “personal information”.
But how can this be if you are not separate from the world and the source?
If you call access to information a “disturbing intrusion”, it is because you try to hide an aspect of yourself from the world and this is the rationalization you give to yourself to keep it private.

No experience is ever private.
Everything is stored in the Akashic Records, in the Higher Selves data bases and of course in the source.

You need to wake up from your limited human perspective. You seem to come from a perspective that souls and Higher Selves are separate from each other but in reality there is so much collaboration and exchange of information and experiences between everyone.
I (and you too) can ask anyone’s subconscous mind and anyone’s Higher Self for information and if they want, they can give it to me (you).
And vice-versa.

Fact is, that any highly evolved astral being can read every human mind’s database and “life story” completely without effort. There is no such thing as secrets, private information or similar stuff. This is all a human physical plane thing.

How do you thing your servitors are able to help you? They are artificial constructs and even they can read out all the required information.
Did you gave them your permission?
What about all the other intelligent fields that are reading your “database” and then helping you.
Did the fields asked your Higher Self for permission or did your Higher Self gave them the permission in advance?

Just some food for thought :wink:

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You didn’t even read nor reflected as you replied within 15 seconds. That is the lol.


Double Lol

I wont even bother discussing.

Yeah, makes no sense for me to speak with your ego.

Good thing is, I can speak with your Higher Self directly and learn from it this way.


is it Drama Friday all ready?

Happy thoughts.