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Did anyone here regrow his hairline from male patternbaldness ?


I started using the Teeth Regeneration for Existing Teeth field 3 weeks ago cause I was having trouble with my teeth being sensitive to cold drinks or food. I know it’s working cause I can now eat or drink cold items without my teeth being sensitive now . It is working. :slightly_smiling_face:

At the start of this year , I began using the Stomach Shrinking and Toning field , after I do Cardio on the treadmill . I am starting to see stomach muscle formation now… I know that field is working cause I exercise on the treadmill, but have not done any extra stomach exercises besides that field.

The Facial-Combination field , and the Facial Symmetry with Muscle Toning field are really helping the skin on my face , and the skin regeneration field is helping my skin all over.

I use the fields twice a day , and on days that I have extra time, I listen 3 times a day.

I listen to the Adult Stem Cells field on a loop at night while I sleep , I love that it is to rain sounds, cause I love to sleep to any kind of white noise.

I wish more of the fields would be to white noise . Would love to listen to them while I sleep. I cannot listen to the music fields while I sleep, they wake me up.

Thanks to Sapien Medicine for all your work. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m experimenting with this now, playing the frequencies 24/7. Will let you know.


I got rid of my 12 year stutter by using the throat chakra audio from gumroad. It really works wonders to help you express your thoughts with confidence. The testosterone audio also works for a quick boost in libido. The androstenol audio works from day 1 and continuous use makes you unstoppable. The superhuman genius also works quite well


Over a month ago, I started listening to Sapien’s Cholesterol and Plaque Removal video twice a day. After about 3 weeks, my endurance and breathing improved a lot. Even my teeth is almost totally plaque free and my virility is stronger than before. I also listen to the Scoliosis treatment video for about a month now to correct my dextroscoliosis and in just the second day of listening, I felt constant pains in my lower back and spine for over a week. These videos are truly terrific! :grinning:

I also wear Sapien’s Draw Luck mandala card for several months now whenever I’m at home and the results are very good. Last year, I was able to close a major transaction for my family which provides a substantial monthly passive income, so I do not have to work anymore. I also received 100,000 pesos ($ 2,000) from another unexpected source of income last month and money seems to be flowing in steadily! I’m thinking of trying out the slot machines at the nearest casino soon. I did not even have to use the Abundance and Prosperity mandala which I also printed. Thanks a lot Sapien Med! :slightly_smiling_face:


i have listened to the point of no return stack for a month, along with trauma removal added to it, after a month i removed the first two, but still stuck with subconscious limits dissolver, trauma removal and love gratitude and appreciation. it has worked phenomenally and given me such a cleanse tbh, the fields i work now give super fast results, but i also noticed i have become a lot more open to influence (which is not what i choose to add on but outside influence) and i have also started picking up a lot of energies from the environment which might not always be good. any idea how to stop them


Hi, you could listen to the Disconnect From Negative Energy in Your Life audio (1 or 2 listens lasts about 5 hrs). There is also the Shielding Protection dogtag from TeeSpring which includes
Empathic Shielding and Negativity Absorption (converts negative energy that is directed to you to positive energy). There is also the Empathic Shielding Mandala on Instagram.


Also, to clear your energy system from energies you pick up you can listen to Energy Body/Aura Deep Clearing Cleaning & The Energetic Salt Cleanse. These should be listened to before any other audios you listen to that day.


Thanks for sharing with us your results. I’d love to hear more updates from you. :smile:

Good luck!


tell me more about the andostrenol audio.


I have used androstenol audio 2 times a day for about a month. It literally makes you the alpha without even trying. Men respect you or challenge you, women are extremely friendly (they stare at you like they want to eat you), kids stare and smile at you.

The physical changes is that the body releases a faint musky odor that makes you desirable. The smell is not a big deal because it does not stink and just stays in the background after I use cologne.

Mentally I am focused on my goals like nothing can stop me. And I feel like I can get anything I desire. It literally makes me unstoppable.

The key is consistency


I use the 4 different fields for weight loss. I was able to deactivate genes irx3/5 and lost about 9 pounds the first week. I also ate in&out burgers binge ate chocolate cones recess choclates and hot Cheetos and still didn’t gain any weight. I messed up that week but to my surprise I didn’t gain any weight. I actually have pictures and will be uploading them around 03/10/2020. (Note) I did use a weight loss product that helped to lose weight because I was in a weight loss competition but I took it before last year and only lost 10 pounds in a month. This time around I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks so for sure I know that I lost the weight due to the sound waves. I will add the pictures soon! (=


That sounds AMAZING! Well done on your lbs loss! I read on that video over on YouTube a comment saying that switching off those genes effects Fertility and so I have stayed away from this video for this reason so far. Is this true?


@Meeko that’s fantastic. I looked but didn’t see anything regarding deactivating genes. Which video dis you use for this?

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Meeko is referring to the Fat Burning Genetic Advantage audio.


that seems like to many fields that make permanent changes to me. if it works great, keep doing it, but dream recommends no more than 4 at a time.

yes I was referring to that specific audio, sorry for the late reply

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that is only when you first start using morphic fields. After that your body adapts and you can add a few more but only as much as your body can handle.


Does anyone have a result from Experimental Enhancement (Masculine) with gumroad? For 6 months of listening, I didn’t get any changes or improvements. Although from the description to the audio field it follows that there are no guarantees, but still hoped to get, but, alas.