Social Mastery Tag

My Social Mastery tag was delivered last evening, and had some good opportunities today to test it out. I don’t have much of a problem speaking 1:1 with anyone, but have pretty severe social anxiety (speaking and even IM’ing) with more than 1 person.
I had 3 work calls on Teams with 7-25 people on each call, and here’s what I experienced:

  • On the 1st call, I had some initial anxiety about IM’ing my thoughts on a topic, but once I did, it was like all of my anxiety lifted and that wasn’t a problem anymore. Responses to my IMs were limited, but positive.

  • On the 2nd & 3rd calls, I was well engaged in discussions (verbal and IM); bringing up several thoughts and counter arguments on multiple topics. All were well received by others on the calls. There was no negativity.

  • I can definitely feel the ‘social looseness’ feature, and the similarities as when having some alcohol, but still seem able to maintain a filter that prevents saying something inappropriate - at least so far :laughing:

  • I work with kind of a tough crowd, so the positive responses I received today were really impressive.

I’m so amazed at the immediate and powerful results I’ve experienced from this tag already, and am now feeling much more confident about engaging in meetings.

My next test will be seeing how everything goes on Video during calls. And, of course, in-person social experiences.

This is a fantastic Tag!!


Thanks for your report. I just got the email that mine is on its way to me. Your report makes me especially excited to get it!


Forgot to mention 1 of the best results from it - even though responses were mostly positive and nothing negative, I really didn’t care whether responses were positive, negative, or nothing - which is a huge change. That feels so freeing.


Does the social mastery is remade?:thinking::thinking:I thought it was off with others like matchmaker.i see only one with 500 dollars price…also out of stock…too much for my pocket​:sleepy:Nall these COMPLEX FIELDS at enlightened states shop are great but too pricey

Nah man, its definitely worth every penny! I’ve had it for 2 or 3 days and it’s been completely transforming me… It’s priced that for a good reason :slight_smile:

I’ll give an in-depth review in a few weeks


Thanks.but it says out of stock…:expressionless:

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They’re hand made pendants so it takes time to make, when it first launched only 5 where being sold and they sold out in less than 3 hours! 5 where later added after a week (not sure how fast they sold out)… But I’m sure there will be more in stock soon! :)


Thanks so much.after reading the description
…it blow my mind away…specially that feeling similar to alchohol hehe…I will buy it for sure.and divine pendant also


When did you order your tag?

I’m curious approximately when mine will show up.

I start work just next week.

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You are so lucky guys


… I can’t wait to read it! :sunglasses: :+1:


Hey good luck on your job bro!

I ordered Social Mastery on the 19th of march and got it on the 29th :slight_smile:


we also look forward to Gian Lee, the Patron Saint of this tag! :smiley:

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Haha hell yeah man, im as excited to read his review as he is to get it! I’m also excited to witness his transformation as well!


My shipping label was created about a week after my purchase date, if that helps you. (Also, I ordered from the 2nd batch, again if that helps.)

Same for mine.

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i`ve recently ordered it, still waiting to be despatched and delivered.

for the past years i`ve spent most of my time alone and had less to none social interaction and lost most of my socialising skills.

looking forward to receiving it and see how i`ll improve the skills and how fast


I cannot find the new Social Mastery tag on the Sapien Shop?! Can someone post a link please. Thank you.


It’s on the enlightendstates website as a new advanced field on a custom pendant:


Thank you.