Some advice on the law of attraction for this newbie

First of all, thank you very much for taking part of your time and reading me, I am Emelenzia and I greet you from Barcelona. I would like to ask your advice: when I was little I had the feeling that manifesting desires and even having psychic powers was something normal, it may seem absurd but my greatest desire is to master the law of attraction and control the memory powers that I have had, I know that in the forum there are many experienced people who can take me seriously, thanks for that too. I have bought the energetic sensitivity course and I am going to start it this April, any advice that you can give me to put to sleep the law of attraction will be well received, for example I know that the emotional protocol audio can help to know, I would like to support more audios or any dynamics or tags that I can use to complement the course on my way to mastering the law of attraction, thanks to all friends :slight_smile:

  1. (Foundation) Believe that what you are asking for is within the will of the creator or God or the universe. That the highest and most good power actually wants you to have what you are asking for.
  2. (Knowing) Believe that when you ask it, it is already done on some level. The wheels have been set in motion, you have already received it even if you don’t see it yet.
  3. ( Feeling) Because Feeling is Believing. Since you believe that (number 2 above), choose to feel like it’s already done. Get your heart to match up with what you already believe in your mind. Picture it already done and feel like you would if it was already done, because it is. Feel exactly like you would if the thing was done, as best as you can.
  4. (Releasing) Choose to let the higher power not only take care of the thing for you but also care about it for you. Even though you are feeling good and happy while feeling the thing is done, you don’t want to have to keep working to carry those positive feelings, ask God to do the caring for you, to care about it for you so that you can just forget about the whole thing for a little while. Until the next day.
  5. (Inspired Action) In the same way you have “prayed” the above 4 steps for having what you desire, go ahead and pray that you will have the knowledge about what to do in order to reach that desire sooner. Even pray for the courage or willpower to do those things if necessary. Or you can even pray that you will be doing those things.

^ all one needs to know!

easy enough to understand and practice. keep it simple. know when you’re searching in vain and adding too many ingredients to the pot.


Hi Esmeralda :slightly_smiling_face::pray::sunny:!

For my part I would say:

  • increase your vibratory rate by working on various aspects and techniques (chakra balance, positive lifestyle and frequentation, healthy and lively food, artistic creativity etc …)

  • Clear the limits and blockages of the subconscious

  • Do regular meditation and visualization to imagine what you want. You have attracted on what you think, what you vibrate.

  • Follow your intuition ,what your heart say . The compass that leads us to the best path.



@Limael made me realize I didn’t even think about what fields might help you. First and foremost I’ll recommend Auric Repair. I know it seems like I’m recommending it for everything now days. But it has a ton to do with what you pull in to you and what you disallow. Check out this book if you’d like.

After this field, I’m sure there are many others that could help in some way with manifesting but I feel this is the first and most important step.

Gratitude might be the best next step as far as a field to use.

Also, please keep us updated on your journey. It’s exciting to hear someone having the goals that you do. I (and others I’m sure) would love to hear how things evolve for you. We could learn from what you learn as you move in your desired direction.

2nd edit
EMP is another great field for manifesting (and many other things). It opens you up to your emotions and it gives you control over them. It would be a huge advantage if it only did 1 of these things.


Thank you very much for your wonderful responses @Atreides @Limael @psynergy :smile:
I will take into account all your suggestions and wings I will add to the second cycle of the energetic awakening course, starting with the aura repair audio that I think is in gumroad, EMP I don’t know which audio it is, I think the gratitude audio would also go alright, I’m going to make a pile with all these suggestions; I would also like to know your opinion about which is the best label to buy once they open the store, I am sure to buy the one to eliminate subconscious limits but I do not know if in addition to adding the vibration label or any of the handmade labels that are more advanced …
This is very exciting!!! Thanks a lot!!


Here it is.


Thank you very much, I will add, repair of the aura in the second cycle of the course and also EMP, when they open the store again I will see what labels can be useful for this purpose :) :grin: :grin:

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A few years ago, I simply listened to Clear All Subconscious Limits twice daily followed by a few YT videos, including this one, which uses the Law of Attraction powerfully. I think this is one of the best Sapien audios. It works so well for me that I attained my goals in life rapidly for that year that I was even surprised:

Then, over a year or so later, Sapien posted his mandalas on Instagram and this one was really a life changer for me, again using the Law of Attraction:


What a good time. The good luck charm is the dream’s field i listen for the first time long ago.

Incredible stuff man, anything you recommend reading aside from Neville?


Richard Dott’s many books. They’re short-ish.