Someone Plz Help - Need Ethereum

I made an NFT sale a few weeks ago and l messed up transferring it, and l have been trying to get my money into my paypal in time for the group NFTs to drop tomorrow. Venly needs Ethereum to transfer my money and l’m such a noob to crypto, that l have no idea what l’m doing.

l tried buying ethereum on my credit card and it keeps getting denied. l called my bank and they said buying crypto is not accepted. l’m stuck with getting my money now

please anyone that can help me out, send me a PM


What is it? Is venly asking something like transfer fee? By sale did you mean in cash or in crypto.

Atm probably easier to ask someone to buy it first for you.


Yes, transfer fee. But Venly wont let me pay the transfer fee using USDC, it only accepts ETH. I tried converting some of my USDC into ETH and even that requires paying fees


Do you have an exchange where you’re verified?

I recommend Kraken for their in house Verification

Once verified you can exchange your crypto for Fiat. Link your bank account (most only do bank).

What a joke lol, did you not earn your money? Should you not be allow to participate in whatever you wish?


Let me make sure I understand this right.

  • You still have your money in the Venly account right? Cuz I don’t understand the “messed up” part yet.
  • Do you have any other Wallet (having USDC on Etherum) so you can transfer the money from Venly to? Say Binance or Coinbase for example.
  • From there you can sell the USDC and the buyer will send the money to your Paypal/bank (I don’t know if it’s different where you live), for Coinbase though you can withraw the amount directly to fiat (with a fee).
    I believe by this, you mean you need a USDC wallet on Etherum?

I joined coinbase after messing it up, but getting it from venly to coinbase is a pain

just another thing Canada is behind in

l have a coinbase account, but l can’t buy any ETH in order to transfer it to venly, then pay the fees to transfer the USDC to coinbase.

l’ll try to explain what l did

l sold an NFT on venly market
l transferred the USDC into the ethereum wallet on as l assumed if venly had a wallet, that venly would have the ability to withdraw that money, also coinbase needs so much personal info and ID so l wanted to avoid doing that.
After trying different things, l ended up making a coinbase account, in order to buy ETH to pay the transfer fees, but my bank wont let me do that
This is where l’m at,


Hmm you don’t need to send the money to coinbase, just transfer the USDC (using ETH network) to coinbase. The fee would come out of transferring amount.


go to venly, click on your balance.

click withdraw and enter your Coinbase USDC wallet (on the ETH network EXTREMELY important)

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It wont let me pay the transfer fees by USDC, only ETH


no, go to Venly Market - Digital Asset Store

you should see your balance.

let me know when you are there.

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My venly market shows $0.00

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ah you don’t have money in there.

also in screenshot, you sent it says “Your wallet does not have enough funds to execute this transaction”

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yeah, the money is in my wallet


I’m not sure how you got the USDC in there, but does it allow you to swapfrom USDC to MATIC? I think the fee would be much lower and you should already have it in your wallet.



l messed it big time lol, when i try to swap USDC, it only gives me 2 options,

if i try swapping USDC with ETH, it only accepts paying with ETH fees lol which makes no sense to me
clicking Swap does this…


ETH is the network you’re using so that’s what you’ll be charged in. It doesn’t help that the ETH gas fee is horrible.

yeah, you’ll need ETH for this to work.

In the future, make the transaction on the front end of the page so have someone purchase the NFT instead of making the exchange on the backend and having the money sent to your coins.

to solve your issue now, I say go to coinbase make sure you’re verified and link your bank account. Buying with credit/debit card is usually flagged but making the purchase through bank transfer doesn’t raise many flags.


Definitely, l have learned my lesson :joy:

coinbase wont let me even me link my bank, only debit card which my bank wont accept…ughh

on Coinbase websites help files


I think you better try another platform because it’s apparently very problematic in Canada. I’ve even looked at biance and somehow it isn’t approved in some states (I think they refer to as provinces and territories there).


Canada is so behind. I Have no clue what to do.

Would anyone be willing to buy some ETH and transfer it to me? Ill pay you back thru paypal.


Did you maybe try KuCoin ?
See if you can verify and link your back card
If yes, transfer your didgital asset to your ku coin address and then simply withdraw

If that doesn’t work simply find an exchange in Canada that works.

Your last resort is finding someone you can send the crypto currency to and then they can send you the fist currency in a bank transfer.