Something nice

Let’s create this space to appreciate the members of the Sapien family. I invite you all to write something positive you found about anyone in this forum. We have been talking to each other so these interactions do leave a positive impact often. Tag the person for whom you write.

This is not a feedback place … appreciation only for whoever you feel inclined too. I know everyone will also write for dreamweaver and why not.


She has been such a welcoming friend when I newly joined the forum. Non judgemental and helping… she made me feel home on my initial days here. Thanks Desiree for the friendship and positivity extended :heart:


i barely use the forum and most people have developed nice friendships working together in groups etc.


:scream: omg … first response from captain himself !
And you are so humble :blush::raised_hands:t2: @Captain_Nemo

But here you had to write for someone else though :grin:… try captain… it’ll be nice … now who is the person you are thinking about?


i wanted to write something nice about you dear @Dreamweaver :laughing:

you are super strong, brave soul, super intuitive and the most hard working person i know in my life!

and of course all of us owe you the biggest gratitude for changing and developing our lifes where we could not do it anymore alone!

and thank you all of your beautiful gifts, the gumroad, patreon and youtube videos … the beautiful NFTs…

you know they do look best printed on photo paper… i bougth a special printer just for them… and printed them pocket size but i tell you the feel is nothing compared to amazing having them so … in the material world…

i thought of many things to show my respect to you as a creatior but i thing i did the most in buying this special printer where your creations really glow!

Take care!


A big shoutout to the homie @This_Boy_Here

A good friend on a new life path! Much respect for you kind sir.

:love_you_gesture: we still got to link up somewhere in between the two of us!


Second that.

Someone we can probably all vouch for
Keep it up @This_Boy_Here :+1:


Yes, yes, yes, YES, but also the smartest and wisest.

Basically a mentor to us all.

Someone will have to mention @Maoshan_Wanderer aka “the walking encyclopedia”.


:heart: :heart: :heart:


I want to personal thank dream for helping me with a family issue. Btw dream am still waiting on a response from them and then I will update u on the situation.

I also want to thank @Dr_Manhattan for helping me on my brain journey.

And @veh + everyone in the Chiron project.


of course @Desiree, @Rosechalice , @Maoshan_Wanderer @sensin-sensei , @otm @Dr_Manhattan and all other active users here have made the life of us users of those creations easier and are sort of speak the basis on which this forum remains alive and up to date…and clean.

to all of the souls here which of because of their generosity and my luck have made possible to have some of the hmmm…heavier NFT s for a fairer price and give me the oportunity to heal deeply a very deep and very wholhearthly THANK you!

Because ive said it with every of those lucky sales you guy and girls saved me. every time when at most needed i had the neccessary for me NFT… the right one for the right time! thank you all!

thank you for being humane and for your understanding of somebody who you dont know personaly and you should not care but you do!

it is of great value to me that you all are so! be blessed from the highest heavens and continue to rule!!!

thank you to every soul here i forgot to mention…


Dear @lunamoon :confused:

Hope to see you again.

Your reviews and guidance is always appreciated :heart:


@Zen @Philip_Weiss @Maoshan_Wanderer Haha, ya’ll really too kind. Ya’ll honestly like family to me. Ya’ll done alot for this boy right here, and I’m grateful for you. Why the realest ones be so far away? Lol. Naw, it’s how I be thinking for reals. All my old friends(used to be like blood brothers)… It’s been so long, and when we try to kick it now, the vibe is not the same. The Familyhood is lost. But that’s okay though, because people, energy, and things change all the time. Life goes on.

Bro, this is 100% fo sho bro! We gon’ tear H-town/D.C. apart bro! You think I’m playin’? Lol.


I just want to shout out a long list of members:

Firstly @This_Boy_Here This man right here is my big homie OG, the things this man has done for me are unreal, before my grandpa passed away he manger help me heal my grandfather of a lung tumour that had spread over all his body ! (With the help of captains audios of course :sunglasses:) and he’s that older brother figure I’ve always had but this connection is different, the love is just pure unconditional ! :nazar_amulet::heart::rose:

@JAAJ This brother right here, Where do I begin ?
Have you ever had that person you just connect with in every single way possible, you think the same, have the same goals, appreciate the same things, been through similar situations ? Yeah this guy here is one of my soul tribe,
I remember since one of the first days on my forum reading all his topics and posts and just being humbled by his love and appreciation of this forum, his advice to every solution, through my out toughest times on this sapien journey he’s been there for me always, ready with a solution and no judgment. when ever I needed someone to help hold some NFT copy’s when I couldn’t get them at the time , my bro was always ready to help with no hesitation.
this man right here is just my brother and there’s no other way to put it. :rose::heart::nazar_amulet:

@SammyG This guy is tha homie, from his exquisite taste in cuisine to hip-hop (he knows his old skool) you all know how much he helps, a lot of people don’t know what goes down in the Pms, but for me this man has made such a big difference, with all the messages he receives he always makes sure to read, from urgent life and death situations to other issues, I’ve seen him do things that no one would understand, big homie we got love for you, and soon we will grab that pesto pasta ! :spaghetti::spaghetti::star_struck::partying_face:

@shadowhunter176 This guy right here :joy:
Man I remember my first days of hearing this guys story’s in the club and his experiences.
Let me tell you something man, you always say to me “bro you know more than me I get humbled by you” ,
Nah brother I think you have realised how great you truly are, a beacon of light shining through peoples dark days, your funny personality and oh my god your amazing story telling ! Man I got love for you ! For all the times you’ve helped with calibrations and healing, thank you :crown::fire::rose:

@Beltloop you, where do I begin, the growth I’ve seen from this man is crazy, I’m such a short period of time I’ve seen him become a literal African king,
Whether it be him listening to your concerns and coming up with a plan to help solve your problems, or holding your NFT copy’s when others can’t, or even helping me calibrate my being with the yuen Method for several hours of your previous time, man I’m grateful for you king Beltoop ! :crown::nazar_amulet::rose:

@Nice2knowU this guys funny personality and jokes and omg his narrator voice can get you through the most depressing of times, honestly we need to make you a commentator or something, but his wisdom with what he knows is always shared and able to brighten someone’s day in the ways he knows best, one love to you bro !

@shadowhunter176 one of my first friends in the forum, the legend him self, from group projects, to typing up and gathering all the information in groups that take up lots of precious time, a lot of people that your time and effort for granted but alot of us respect and cherish you !
Can’t wait to play Mellon ball :joy::joy:
If you know you know

@Desiree you you you, what’s good sis ? :star_struck:
Lots and lots of valuable advice, a wonderful warm presence that you can always appreciate and a lot of helpful timed advice that really helped me in many ways, thank you :pray:t4:

Luna, she’s currently not on the forum anymore but she has helped so much to everyone not just me,
One amazing thing is that she never gives plain responses, she always explains with detail and compassion and helps everyone

@lezeallion man oh man this guy right here, what is funny is that we’ve just met not too long ago, met through the higher self group (funny isn’t it ? This higher self homie knows :eyes::eyes::sunglasses:) and the resemblance with birthdays and star signs, his advice and humbleness and effort he puts into just messaging and showing his appreciation for his friends is crazy, love ya bro ! And wishing you a speedy recovery !

@GoddessAndGodOfAll man this guy has a whole Audio named after him put some respec on his name !
I remember when you went out your way to help create a big stack with all your knowledge and wisdom , will never forget that :desert_island::palm_tree::pray:t4::rose:

@Dreamweaver how can you write this post without mentioning this guy ?
He’s done more that most our family and friends could do for us man…
Captain who are you ? Why did we find you in this lifetime ? Your such an interesting and mysterious person, and you remind me of me, how is it every time we’re going through something big, you have an audio or NFT released healing or helping enhance a specific thing ?
How are you so humble and COMPASSIONATE !
We’ve all seen the drama and shit comments you receive but man your just something else, so big yet so grounded in your routes, so cool but warm in energy !
Oh how cool it would be to just talk about certain things with you !

One love to you man, we took the red pill Morpheus we have awakened and finally found the truth :pill:


My Brother @King_A , so much love here! :heart:
Feels almost like the BoLove thread :relaxed: :grin:

Thank you for being such a cool guy, for your optimism and motivation and for helping us all to constantly remember to crush our limiting beliefs. :pray: :mechanical_arm: :white_heart:

Looking forward to party with you and all the amazing people you’ve mentioned in your post! I swear, there will be so many…
:champagne: :desert_island: :dancing_women:


I love you lil bro! On the reals man, since I first met you, you always been so positive, and I really appreciate that. The thing is, sometimes you were positive, even though rough times(not just your granddad) was at your door, you would never let it show, unless people asked you. You got hella heart bro, and I am really grateful I got to meet ya bro. :heart:


@King_A Reading this and I am like :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:.

I still remember our first call, when I turned on video and u were like BRO U LOOK LIKE EZIO. As AC fan (until Syndicate), this comment made my day, especially cuz Ezio is my favorite protagonist in the series.

Whenever I have doubts, u come in and immediately destroy them, u back it up with arguments, tell me in the kindest way possible what I should work on, u are always ready to learn, have ur opinion changed. I cant recall how many times u shared with me something @JAAJ taught u, but one of the things I like most about u, is how humble and egoless u are.

Working with u on Financial Freedom was so pleasurable,but it wasnt until our first call (even though the reason for the call was bad situation, it resulted in beginning of the bromance that I never knew I needed :pray:. U are THE HYPE-MAN

In my humble opinion @Beltloop @King_A @JAAJ @Nice2knowU @GoddessAndGodOfAll @lezeallion are a prime example of healthy masculinity (no specific order). I am mentioning only them, because they are the only guys from forum I had the pleasure of talking to over a call.

@veh @Raj If I recall correctly, Financial Freedom is my first official project that I joined and that was successfuly realized. As I said before, I am proud to say I have worked with u guys. Both of u are easy to work with, always keep everything fait and respectable, give amazing ideas (wont mention here what they were) and stay always humble.

@Desiree First of all, for the fifth time now, join Discord already. As with the previous 2, I had the pleasure of working with u on different projects. What I like about working with u, is that we have this chemistry when it comes to brainstorming about concepts for the project, simplest way of saying it. Ur guides on NFT use are something else entirely, each word used has its purpose, it is written in an easy to read manner, while extremely detailed and offers an insane foundation that each of us should build upon personally. And thanks to Apollon project, I had an opportunity to see u are a great leader. I have some guesses about what kind of person u are, but I will wait until we actually talk :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@JAAJ as we keep joking, u are that German guy that comes in the middle of the conversation about some issue and then nails it with his comment in German accent, u have an ability to calmly analyze any situation/issue and think of the optimal approach that should be taken. U know A LOT and openly share that knowledge with us, while staying humble at the same time. I had the pleasure of working with u in projects and as expected, ur contributions are :ok_hand:.
It is always funny to hear u speak about complex/useful things in ur pure German accent.

@Beltloop U probably know what I am most grateful to u for, but I cant mention it here. As with Desiree King A Snipping Raj and JAAJ, it is always a pleasure to have u in the group. As with Desiree, I had the chance to see how u work as a leader, and u my man are owning it like a boss. Not a lot of people would be fine with doing a tarot reading over video call, especially when I recall it was longer than 90 mins. We could have done it all in half an hour MAX, but u wanted to give me a chance to feel the energy from the cards and feel what the cards are telling me, before we google the meaning.

@Nice2knowU I didnt yet have the chance to speak with u alone, but I agree with what King A said about u. I can say u are a rly generous person, u know why :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Also pleasant to work with in group projects.

@GoddessAndGodOfAll Believe it or not, u are the first person from the forum I did a video call with. I wasnt employed back when we started interacting first and yet u trusted me by holding NFT for me until I could afford it. Hearing how much u worked/work ur ass off to afford NFTs, I felt inspired to work as hard as I can so I can afford them. Now I am doing a full time job, attending classes at faculty, working out, and manage to sqeeze in time for social life. So u could say u served as a catalyst for me to live this kind of life which requires a lot more responsibility/accountability/discipline than I am used to. Also pleasurable to work with.

@lezeallion meeting u was like one of those things where u just instantly connect to the dude and I was surprised to find out we have very specific similiarities, that I dont share with other people.

I might edit this if I recall someone else, if I didnt mention u, that is cuz I dont think we interacted much (I have good memory btw), and I wanted to give special shoutout to these people.

@Dreamweaver King A said it well, u are allowing us to affect reality in infinite ways, literally. Instead of drowning u and readers in even more text to read, just know I hope/believe that there will come a situation where I will get a chance to meet u and express my gratitude for how much u, a person I never met, changed the direction of my life :pray:

Time to loop Unexpected Gifts I guess :boom:


Man that’s awesome bro :’)

So happy i served as a catalyst for you man! Makes me reminisce on some of the talks we’ve had, I’m glad you’re going hard my brother! As time goes, life will only get better and better and we’ll get to know more and more about ourselves and what we’re capable of… We all have it in us to amount to any heights we wish so long as we’re all in, the sky is no limit brother, keep going hard!

(Btw you’re the only person i have video called with before on here haha)


Shoutout to @Dr_Manhattan, older and wiser mentor I’ve had, and great person overall.

@anon22855873 shoutout to him too, helped me achieve things I never thought I could, not just through his course but his advice was amazing


BIG BIG BIG shoutout to my brother @UgniS , I am feeling immense gratitude for the fact that I even had a chance to get to know such a wonderful person and that he considers me as friend :hugs:

Special shoutout to @Premintarsia :hugs:

Of course, nothing mentioned would be possible without our Mr. @Dreamweaver :pray:

Thank you guys! :pray: