Spirituality but no religion

I wish God (universal consciousness) or divine whatever you call it, they didn’t create any religion or let humanity create any religion at all. I wish all of the world had just one religion whatever it was … just one doctrine to connect to divine… maybe different paths but not different religions.
Every single war has its roots in religion … people die in the name of religion … religion should have been the most peace giving resort to mankind but instead it gives bloodshed and hatred and wars and endless struggles between people of different faith. Even terrorism has its roots in religion and people don’t use religion to love God but to hate each other. Even the current war in Israel has religious roots… why can’t all of humanity co-exist? Whose land is it anyway … we are humans first and Jews or Muslims or Hindus or Christians later. We can coexist with animals but can’t with humans of different faith. Why did God let humans create so many faiths … and why people want to kill in the name of faith? My God your God, my land your land… Divine didn’t create boundaries and separate faiths… man did it and those fighting are anyway dying and not living to see any faith or any land. They say they are doing it for their children… who are actually dying in all this. Again, you never even know what your children want, let those souls find their own path.
As Albert Einstein is quoted, “Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I am not sure about the first one.”

He was a Jew by birth but he might as well have been any other faith and still been a great scientist and philosopher and all that he was. Because his potential was his souls power. His faith was just a social construct.

When God has blessed us with immense creativity why do we waste away our whole life in ego battles. Faith or religious wars are nothing more than ego battles at smaller levels and political agenda at larger levels. Even if you win, you still loose and you get swayed in these battles and don’t even know where to stop… wars are a loose-loose for everyone … that includes whoever they touch. The countries fighting, the alllies… actually everyone looses and no one gains…

I am deeply touched by the war and massacres happening on both sides in Israel Palestine conflict… doesn’t even matter who is right and who is wrong. Doesn’t even matter what the background story is. Doesn’t even matter if you are justified or not. In the end everyone looses and it’s also a huge destruction of resources at both the ends. It’s just plain demonic nothing else … there is no God is religious wars.


religion seems to me as a side effect of fear and lack.

people do all sorts of crazy stuff because of fear and lack, religion is one of them.


Even if religion is that … there should have been just one single faith not multiple. People use religion to fight with each other not to love God. God is so much opposite of what people are doing in the name of religion. God is love … wars are hate. Why can’t humans see this plain simple obvious truth. Stop the hate please :pray:t2:
We can all coexist … we are not threats to each other


flesh exists in a really dense vibration, this is also why we can have the illusion of separation and individuality. otherwise we wouldn’t exist in the first place.

it exists in low vibration same as pretty much 90% of the stuff we are used to in daily life.

people fight with each other because it’s the flesh dragging them towards that path.


Religions are mostly human constructs, but they are also profound expressions of a Zeitgeist, they are byproducts of a Given Age, given People, given Historical Context.

I view them as tools, both for the individual and for the society - they can help impose Superior or more Moral Rules, on one hand (also sometimes), but they can also be used for the most ugly expressions of humanity: war, persecution, vandalism, hate, discrimination, etc.


Yes that’s why I said … one religion. Just one for the whole world so that no one gets to be demonic in the name of God.

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But, since we are different (on certain levels, in certain ways), one religion or no religion won’t suit us all.

We express ourselves differently, we view the world differently, we view God or Spirituality differently, thus Different Fates, Religions and Societies.

Nature has many Colors, Shapes, Forms, Nature is All About Diversity. :grinning:


Because then there will be no Jewish land or Muslim land … since there will be no Jews and no Muslims … there will be only humans and then they won’t be threat to each other since they will all be the same.
And this is just the current context but the whole history is loaded with religious wars including the likes of Hitler to other religious invasions and partitions and what not.


the problem are the institutions and flags we rise. by creating a new flag or institution it is another instrument for segregation and failure.


Hitler was a different type of fanatic, he was all about Nation and Race, not so much Religion, but he dud view religions through his own filters - The Germanic Warrior was the Archetype of his vision.

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No different faiths aren’t there since we view world differently since a faith is assigned to us at birth itself … these are all imposed not consciously chosen almost all of the time. And then we make those a part of our identity and start fighting for it. Souls don’t have religious identities… ego can have

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Languages are human made too…

Most things in our society are.

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No one fights in the name of language though. Religions touch the core of a person’s identity and so they feel compelled to fight in the name of it.

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True lol…
At least not on a battlefield.

But, actually they did, research Imperialism, every Empire imposed its Language and Way of Life.

The British were the Latest and Biggest Empire in History, thus we speak English, also thanks to American Imperialism (US dollar) and Their Soft Power - Hollywood and American Music and Entertainment.

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No massacre happened for languages. Religion is a different thing altogether … people associate religion with their deepest identity … they associate the purpose of life around it… integrity and value system are based on it. Even the festivities are around it. They are foundational for making sense out of life and this it’s core. But that doesn’t mean it’s the divine truth since divine truth is one, it doesn’t vary with the faiths. But people confuse religion for spirituality, whereas religion is just a tool to spirituality, it’s not the spirituality itself

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All true and it only proves that language has united us not divided us. Since we all know english we can communicate and share ideas across any country … and so on


As I said, Religion and Everything man made can unite or divide us.

Religions Unite people too.

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Even people of same religion divide themselves further as Catholic or Protestant, Shia or Sunni, Vaishnav or Shaivic, Swetamber and Digambar and so on…
They unite and lock heads with other types.

And by now I am almost sounding like an atheist but I am far from it lol. I am a firm believer … but I think man got religions wrong

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You have to view it as a process…

English did not conquer the World peacefully.

My argument is that any tool made by humans can be used for any kind of purpose.

Indeed, Religion is more Profoundly felt by Believers, thus it can cause Extremely Good Things (first hospitals, charities, Red Cross, Beautiful Art, Music, etc.), but also the opposite…

You could say that Religions moved people to create or add fascinating and much needed things, but also wars and other dark things…
One of the fiercest tools made by humans.

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