Spirituality but no religion

Yeah you are right … and that’s what I was saying too… since religion touch the core they have profound impact. Languages can cause discrimination but not massacres and bloodshed. And that’s why I said one religion … which can also be called spirituality… it will have the same profound impact and deliver the good things without the need of wars

But well who am I to decide! We already have a multi religious world with people killing each other. I just wish ……

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I’m not saying you are wrong, also you wish only good for everyone,but identity, affiliation and what not, are usually more dear to people, maybe unfortunately though.

Love is what people need more, knowledge, love and understanding.

Not one religion, but more :heart:.


Yeah they are ALL just EGO battles. What is yours anyway … we are all one. It hurts to see the ego battles going this far. People just die or become disabled and families break and there is lifelong suffering and traumas for masses and for what?
There must be many future scientists and artists and musicians in those young people and many noble souls in older ones… their potential is all lost. All the destruction for EGO of some people.


Well, on the good side, at least they will learn their lessons on a soul level…

Maybe this is their process of learning, unfortunately.

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No we really don’t need multi faith … we need faith … one faith … we need spirituality not religion. Spirituality is love, religion fosters love but also with hate. Religion also fosters fear. God is love and freedom. Religion was supposed to be a tool to reach God. Religion is not God

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But Everything is God…
Including Ego and Religion.


In that sense yes and everything happening is divine. But we are here to learn to make better choices and love and not war is a better choice. Religion to love God not to kill others is a better choice. Ego for creative pursuits and not for power is a better choice.

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Which one?


People believe in different things, Gods, etc.
They have different rituals, different sacred languages, symbols, beliefs, expectations, views, etc.

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A faith to reach God … a faith in God… that’s spirituality. There is no Abraham, Krishna, Allah, Tirthankar or Buddha, they are all forms of the same Divine. God appears to us in the form we perceive but God is not that form.
So no which one … there is none … none of these are the real truth, they are all designed by humans not God

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I agree, but many people will only learn through mistakes unfortunately…

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That’s quite dictatorial and dogmatic/religious too, I might add. :grin::pray:

I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying you can’t oblige people to change, it doesn’t work that way, that isn’t more spiritual either.

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Lets just say that you can only FORCE people to have one faith… One Spirituality.

Naturally (by itself or by the will of the masses) it probably won’t happen.

As I said … I am not saying anyone should change … no one will change on what one person says anyway unless I becomes one of those previous religious gurus and start yet another religion of my own :rofl:
I am just saying … I wish … there was just one faith for the whole world. There won’t have been bloodshed for faith atleast

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OK. I agree, partially.


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People would not kill for religion, but they would still kill for land…
For Resources, for Pride, for Hate, for…

For Ego.

They would ALWAYS find REASONS to kill, invade, wage war, etc.

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Yeah EGO!

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New world order alert lol

Who else wants to be the same as everybody else ?

Who else wants to not relate or identify to people in personal and intimate close-knit groups based on similarity but instead be in 1 giant anonymous, impersonal group with everybody else has a member of humanity ?

No institutions, no border, no distinctions, all together under one roof.

That’s why the Hollywood elite and billionaire all keep pushing that thing… it must be good

Why have families ?
Why have doors ?

Let’s live in giant public communes not private homes.

What would happen to this forum if everybody joined, billions of people ?

Would you still like it ?
Would it still be the spiritual/magic forum ?

My opinion shall never matter since I won’t be in the global majority. Yay :grin: :champagne:

You’ll never be as alone as when you are in a giant crowd

If two people fight, both are equally wrong doesn’t matter if one is trying to rob another defending itself. Let’s not think too much.

Everything was perfect until people decide to ruin it all and build walls, institutions and systems out of pure evil to make sure everyone was miserable.

Would you still want to live in that one big world if it’s not the way you wanted it ? If it was the world of other people ?

Most people voted no with their actions.

We have different cultures and systems because we are different people and some people are more similar between each others.

A lot of the ongoing conflicts are a reminder that some people don’t belong together.


I also believe and want to add here to this discussion, that earth is a very special planet.

Special in the sense that we have one of the highest levels of diversity and contrast here on this planet and one of the broadest ranges on the various min to max spectrums.

We have people who are super imbecile and we have people who are super enlightened.

We have people who are super vile and parasitic and we have people whose hearts could heal the whole universe.

We have people who have zero individuality and we have people who are super unique expressions of the universe.

We have people who are super open-minded and we have people whose mindsets are more solid than rocks.

All of these broad spectrums create a lot of friction – and therefore opportunities for growth.

I believe most other planets with intelligent life on them are not run like earth.

Earth is a shithole and a paradise at the same time.

A planet of contrasts dialed to the max.

…crazy times we are incarnated in…


Earth’s Curriculum Vitae Right there.


You are killing the whole idea behind this threat with an opening ‘lol’ :woman_facepalming:t2:
Discuss all you want but don’t mock ! :woman_shrugging:t2:

You and @JAAJ are making the same point (except that Jaaj didn’t use sarcasm) and I agree too that the world is diversity… it’s the very core of life on this planet. I agree with what you said and what Jazz said.
My wish was an imaginary world and questions on my first post were rhetoric … and the idea was … just to empathise that war based on religion is so NOT what religion should be to mankind. It was the sentiment behind this post and not literal implication.

Somewhere above @SoulStar33 said too that everything is God and we all agree. All the sorrows, crimes, accidents, diseases all are God too and we all agreeably reason that it’s for soul growth and that’s why earth is a challenging and yet a planet for opportunity for soul growth. So from a purely spiritual point of view everything happening in the world is from same source … good or bad… everything having a purpose in the larger plan. But it’s this purpose I am exactly talking about … it’s to realise that these ego battles (in the name of religion or anything) are meaningless and destructive. We are all one. The ones fighting will realise it too and the world watching it will also realise it and probably thats the purpose of whatever is happening to happen. To learn and grow from mistakes. When a nuclear bomb was dropped in Japan… the world saw the destruction. Never after that it had happened. We build nuclear capabilities as a defence but don’t use it. I feel world is advancing and realising more the futility of wars… everyone looses and the economy gets a hit. No one is a winner.

Diversity is beautiful… hatred for someone not like you is not cool. That’s only ego and insecurity.

So that was the idea and not to place a new world order with no families and no nothing as you mentioned.