Stuck w/ Business & Money - over it, lost inspiration (woman perspective)

We all face such difficulties. One gotta love what we do. But , that’s not enough to survive. We gotta make money out of it.
So you lost inspiration since it was not money making?
Ponder over my questions…
If not for money, do you still love your work?
Do you have any other interests , with which you can do business?
Transition times are really hard. I can empathise your situation.

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So, now you’re seeing that, although you’ve done your clearing on the topic of money (good for you!), you still have more to clear.

You asked about fields. From your own description, it seems like you’re a little bit haphazard wrt “fields” on this topic. If that’s the case, then I personally would get more disciplined with your fields and stacks.

I would start with the OG PONR stack (with the Energy Body-Aura Deep Clearing Cleansing at the beginning) and fields to address the emotions that you mentioned that you are feeling. I would add the Guided Path to your stack (because I’m not really hearing the love you have for doing this).

I’d cut back on the probability and luck fields and focus more on the money fields, so that you can design a solid money stack for yourself. If you have the money, I would suggest you look at Capital Governance, which will help you to reprogram your ideas about the rules of money.

Unless I’m mistaken, it seems to me that the only difference between marketing yourself online to me and marketing your creations online is you have limiting beliefs about one versus the other. So, I would focus on clearing those limiting beliefs.

And in before I’m ninja’d:
Wealth Mantra Meditations - No affiliate link

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Besides what has already been mentioned I would also suggest

New Release: Woven Worlds - Contentment

There will seem to be both internal and external “nudges” towards actions and events leading to that life of contentment.


It’s not that I don’t love art and design. I’m just tired and over all working - in any form.

I want to go travel and enjoy luxury accomodation, wander the streets of Italy, swim in ocean in Greek isalnds and have slow days, visit Mexico, gather up inspiration and ideas and have a sabbatical for 5 months. I don’t want to work at all right now.


All the more reason to do the clearing and healing that I’d recommended. And the Guided Path will help you plan what’s on the other side of that journey for you.

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I have some savings, but I don’t have the amount to do 5 months and the standard that feels nourishing to me.
Unless i manifest money (gift/win) or find a way to get clients through that time.

Read what you’re sharing with us (and this isn’t a criticism of you, not at all!). Even if something like the New Release - Jade Maneki-Neko Energy were to magically bring you clients overnight, your current mindset is “I don’t want to do the work that would be needed to service them. I don’t want to work at all.”

And I get that. I have burnt myself out at various points in my life. I understand.

When you get to that point, then it’s even more important to let go of your emotional and energetic baggage. That’s why I recommended the OG PONR stack (with all its bells and whistles, even with some of the newer, free add-ons, too). Because it’s hard to make life giving decisions, when you’ve got a whole bunch of junk pinching yourself off from the force of life itself. (Throw that one into your stack after the PONR stack.)

Start to heal yourself, so that you can start making life-affirming decisions about what you do want, rather than responding to what you don’t want.

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I understand how cpmes across. I know it’s not a criticsim, I am aware of the knotted bundle of beliefs and stories that I have arrived at.

I don’t want to work with clients. I’ve know that for a year. I’m done with this field.
I have witnessed myself “bringing in” clients overnight and them not signing up etc, due to my underlying feelings. I am aware of how this is playing out.

That’s why I started the thread, with I know what i ultimately want.

And find a way to bring in money (selling prints of paintings, sell the paintings that are already completed, have my mum ship them off for me) while I’m travelling, taking a break.

I appreciate the suggestions, I will create a stack with those recommended.

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Excellent! I really mean that.

Because when you release that other baggage from your systems, you’ll be able to “bring in” clients overnight and take care of them in the ways that you want to. That’s really good news.

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Well that’s NOT what I want lol

I did my fine art degree in gold/silversmithing & jewellery, I want to go back to being an artist full time painter, jeweller, designer, poet.

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I’m confused. What do you want?

In terms of doing/external:
No more clients.
Travel/sabbatical for 4-5 months.
Set up in a new country to live in.
Be full time artist, designer.

In terms of feeling:
In love with life again

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me too my friend. me too.

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-The Negentropic Fool - YouTube

Give this at least a listen, but take it easy. Archetypes and negentropy are a powerful combo.

-The Explorer - YouTube

Use this for your art, and definitely use this for your travel and report back xD Should be quite the trip.

Not quite that, but:

-Celebrate (celebrate life and each other) - YouTube

So, I guess my answer was just a reminder that there are new fields. But it seems as if they were just made for you so :man_shrugging:

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To me, it seems that your core belief about money is still that you need to perpetuate this cycle in order to get the money you need for the things you enjoy.

Try exploring this, it may be where the blocks that are stopping you from living your dream life lay.

I have to do X (healing/clearing) to get money

I have to do Y (type of work) to get money

Technically, you don’t “have” to do anything.

We make choices.

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I have been pondering this and also observing my best friend

My best friend grew up in what seems to be an abundant experience.
She travels where ever she wants, stays in the hotels she wants.
People always come to here with money making opportunities. For example a man offered to pay her $10k US a month, pay for the training she needed, he did all the marketing, sales and onboarding and she just had a couple of health consulting calls a month with clients.

She has told me all throughout her life, she never really has to do any work at all, and people pay her, give her money, get her the clients or bring the opportunity to her.

In the last year she has said to me twice, " i need to make some money" (she means cash flow in, as she already has million invested and savings).
Each time she said this to me, the very next day she told me X has these clients he wants me to work with and he’ll pay me.
The other time, it was Y wants me to come to USA to learn about an investing thing, he is paying for all the training, the flights all around the particular country to the seminars, he will pay me to do it all and the pay me to take care of the properties.

Anyway, both times she received a profitable opportunity within 24 hours of her saying she needed money and she only has work a couple of hours per month.

On reflection, I’ve never had that occur, maybe twice in my life that I can recall.

She has told me she really has not done much work at all her entire life.

I’ve also reflected that my true desires (eg. the house I have designed I want to build) compared to my financial resources are worlds apart.
What am I meant to do with a house design that will cost 10 mill to build, when I also don’t seem to be great at making money?
Why are my true desires so far beyond what I have, or seem to be able to make/generate/receive by tens and tens and tens of millions of dollars (US/AUD)?

Sounds like you don’t truly believe that you deserve the life that you desire, or getting to that point should be “hard”.

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As @KYLETFL pointed out, you have different expectations than your friend does with regards to how money comes to you, so you two have different money experiences.

The nice thing is, if you want to turn this around, you have this lovely friend who you could use as a model. And when I say a “model,” don’t model her actions. Model her attitude and thinking until you rewire your own beliefs and expectations in ways that work for you. And these fields will help you with this.

For example, your ending questions of your post (and I was the following without judgement):

Sure, many people would join you in this way of thinking, so you’re not doing anything “wrong.” But if you step away from yourself and imagine another person saying these words, can you feel the struggle and the victimhood that these words reflect? And, again, it’s understandable why you would be reporting struggle and victimhood with this experience. I’m just shining a light on one piece of what you’ll want to change, so that you can feel when you’ve changed this for yourself.

Like I said, it’s understandable why you would have this perspective. However, it’s not the only perspective that can describe your house experience.

Let me give you some examples (and I’m going to put some words into your mouth):

"That’s a good question and I can feel it’s an important question to me, so let me chew on it some…

"Why? Because I want to thrive, I want to live a good life. Because I understand deep down that I was meant to live a good life and that I came here to have many of the things that I want. And I want to have a life of beauty and of spaciousness and of convenience. And I want my preferences, in all their beautiful glory, to be fulfilled.

"And when I think about these sort of general ideas like this, I…well, I get a little thrill, a little fresh air of possibility that refreshes me, if only for a moment. And I like that refreshment. I like that little thrill. It feels like life force energy running through, as if a part of me–a forgotten, dormant part of me–is waking up and speaking up and energizing me. Like a little bit more of me is coming in and participating and playing more fully in my life, and I like that feeling. I wonder if I have any more of those thrilling, dormant parts of me that could awaken and give me more of that thrill about my life that I enjoy…?

"But to get back to my question, 'Why do I have this dream?, ’ which I haven’t really answered. Maybe I have this dream to inspire me to unlock the secret that’s out there for me to discover. I mean, I see others out there thriving, living lives which have inspired me to my beautiful dream house. And when I really think about them, many of them aren’t very different from me. Sure, we all come from different histories, some of us with easier histories on the topic of money, but there are also others who had much tougher histories than I have had. And they managed to survive. And they have managed to thrive.

"And I’ve been working really hard and I have to confess I’m a little (ok, a LOT) tired of my struggle and my hard work, to the point where, sometimes, I want to give up, but my house! My beautiful house and my thoughts of what it’ll be like to live in it and all the beauty and comfort I’ll create in furnishing it and all the fun and laughter my loved ones and I’ll have in it and all that we’ll celebrate in it and how relieved I will feel when I return to it and how I feel I have a place in this world where I belong in it… Maybe all of that (more thrills! until I kill those thrills with details about how I’m going to get it) Maybe all of that keeps me asking questions, like I’m on a treasure hunt–my own personal treasure hunt for treasure that I personally love!–inspiring me to keep going on my treasure hunt that will lead me to my beautiful house which I will turn into my magnificent home from which I will live my wonderful and thriving life!

"And maybe, just maybe, this step on my treasure hunt is to help me understand the power of the questions that I ask myself. Because it seems to me like my mind–my wonderful, active, responsive mind–races to answer every question that I put to it, whether it’s a serious question that I need to be answered or just an idle question I’m playing with in my head.

"I’ve noticed that even when I idly ask myself, ‘Why do things like this always happen to me?’, it’s like my responsive mind replies with, ‘Oh, you want a list, do you?’ and every bad thing, disappointment or let-down I’ve experienced comes flooding back to me, in vivid color and great detail.

“So, maybe, just maybe this step of my hunt for my treasure is helping me to understand the power of my questions and maybe–thanks to this step of my treasure hunt–I’m going to be mindful of the questions that I’m asking myself. I know that I can ask questions which disempower me and my wonderful, active, responsive mind answers those questions of mine. Maybe there’s a way to ask questions about my desires (like my beautiful house) that inspire and enliven me? I’m sure my responsive mins would answer those, too. It might not be so quite right out of the gate, because I might be a little rusty and out of practice. But I can imagine that, with just a little bit of decision and practice, I can see my responsive mind starting to answer my inspiring and uplifting questions. I wonder how that would feel. I wonder what I would feel when that starts to kick in for me…”

(I was going to do the second one too but you get the idea.)

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