Synchronicity with Numbers

I notice the numbers 1222 and 222 all the time. Without fail I happen to walk into a room and see those numbers on the clock every day, several times a day. If I look into a website like AngelNumbers it says something to the effect of “You are going the right direction”.

Often when I see anyone talking about seeing repeating numbers online they are going with the idea that angels or ascended beings are giving them encouraging messages.

Years ago I read one man’s accounts of waking up and seeing the alarm clock at exactly 2:22, 3:33 and 4:44. His reaction was that he was horrified and believed some malevolent being was letting him know it had the power to wake him up at specific times.

I had a short period where I woke up every night in a row to see 3:33 and I never felt like a higher being was trying to encourage me, nor did I feel like some malevolent force was toying with me. I was just like, “huh, that’s kinda weird” and I’d go back to sleep. I can imagine some being trying to message me, good or evil, and being frustrated like “we’re just not getting through to this one” Lol.

I’m creating this topic for anyone that would like to share any synchronicities they have noticed with numbers. Is there a certain number you see more often than you feel is explainable by random chance? What is the number? What do you think it means?


This is something that bugs me just as much. For me, it has been 911 for years, since last year it is also 119. I heard many explanations and had many events in my life that this number was involved in. Sometimes I thought it means something good is going to happen, sometimes I thought it meant something bad is going to happen.
Now, while I have still no clue what the purpose of the numbers is or who sends them, I can make a guess. If we assume that the mind creates reality and the outer world is a reflection of the inner world, than these numbers too must have their origin in the inner world.
What does this mean? Numbers indicate something. When I boil water and use a thermometer to check the temperature, than the number indicates just that.
So it could be just that, an indication of something, while I have no idea what exactly it indicates. But going from this perspective one can come to the conclusion that the numbers are a natural, maybe even inevitable consequence of a change in the inner world (Self Awareness?)
It is also important to note that often times the numbers start to show up, just after a person started a major shift in their life.


@Atreides , @Jonno,
Personally I think completely different from the synchronicity of numbers. I don’t believe it was a message from angels or dark entities. I’ve seen these numbers (and synchronicities) for years, and it hasn’t changed my life, I mean, they’ve always been around since you were a child, only you didn’t pay attention to them (yet already very frequent since your birth), and that never prevented you from growing up.

In other words, you continued to advance and grow (physically and spiritually) without ever having officially received any message (from angels or dark beings), so it is perfectly normal that when you started to pay attention to these numbers , you see them all the time or very often (I’m not talking about a specific number, but several mirror numbers or number of angels).

Well, why are these numbers present since your birth and even long before:

  • this is because in the number system we use (base 10) there are only 10 digits (from 0 to 9), and all the other digits are a combination of these digits, so this is it is normal that there are repetitions of blocks of numbers (1 or more), inverses or opposites.

  • This is because in a day there are only 24 hours, and in an hour there are only 60 minutes (example: if there were only 10 minutes in 1 hour, there is no there will never be 12:12 or 12:21, since the minutes will be supposed to stop at 10). And for 1 hour of 60 minutes, how many times do we look at the time, 5 times, 10 times, more or less than that? Anyway, because it will always be enough to see synchronicity happen, because we have a well-planned day for this limited time that always goes faster every year (that’s why we control everything time our watches) .and with the world more and more connected, digital is everywhere, that increases the chances of synchronicities.

  • It is because nature is only mathematics, there is a logic or a matic scheme in everything and everything (even yourself); [for example, galaxies in the universe have a structure based on the golden ratio, sapien may have a video related to the golden ratio]; that’s why, we see numbers like this in the streets, in nature, and on objects, even without an intelligent number system, we will always see digital mathematics everywhere (energy signature). So why everything is mathematics, because we are in a matrix (gigantic digital program) .

  • Well, why do we always see the same number in particular?
    Because our consciousness influences experience, quantum physics shows that when we expect to see something, it is always what we will observe, and this is all the more true when it comes to details that do not require a lot of complicated parameters, and that it is small (it is the same for mirror numbers and angel numbers).

  • Well, before we start looking unconsciously for this particular number everywhere, why do we notice it the first few times? Because these are updates of the matrix in your own program (your reality / evolution / freedom), this consists in keeping yourself more in the matrix, either because you start to grow a little in an area of ​​your vibrational awareness. for example if you noticed 333, this may concern your spiritual development, and therefore it is an update of the matrix in your programming to counter your spiritual growth. and it is valid in all areas of life, as long as it keeps you and pushes you into the prison that is matrix.

I was interested in synchronicities, but all the pseudo messages received from the entities did not make me advance, finally, I advanced, but turning in circles (so do things on the spot).

Ps: I hope that I will not be taken for a madman, it is just the fruit of my cross research with my own experiences. all this may be true or false, no one really knows, but this theory may be part of the answer to those who ask questions without being satisfied with the answers. the example of 333 is only an example and i don’t know what the numbers of these synchronicities mean or what updates each shadow corresponds to.

Small bonus: you have an impression of déjà vu, someone or something is surely changing the matrix of your reality.


I can take that in stride. Meaning I can sort of halfway see things that way. I do feel like someone is trying to gently encourage me along the way. They aren’t signs of big phenomenal changes, just little nudges of “keep going, things can get better”. Yes, that’s all subjective, but that’s my feeling anyways.

I’ve seen it with synchronicities that aren’t numbers as well. I’ve seen it in the timing of events that seem beyond random chance. Again, they’ve never majorly changed my life. But they seem to be just whispers of encouragement.


Well… if you guys talking about numbers… then I also experience these synchronicities in my day to day life. For me, these numbers guide me what’s coming next… 10-15 days before. 888 Appears when Some financial abundance about to happen. 11:11 When there is something new coming for me… new knowledge, a new skill, or something which is not a part of my life yet. 555 a major change good or bad depends on your last few month’s actions.

444: You are not alone and supported by the universe. This is an assurance. No need to worry, at all. Ask for help, if you think you need it.

If you see 444 and your situation is not very good, then these numbers asking you to stay positive. everything happing for you not against you. when this number appears You should feel happy that the higher beings are watching over you and taking care of you.

Well, I am always connected to my spirit guides and my guardian angels. If you think you are alone, no you are not there is a team behind who is there for you to complete your life purpose. As a human being, you have no powers until you open your 3rd eye. So, these beings help you grow spiritually if that is aligned with your life purpose. If not they will not do anything until you ask them to interfere in your life. they are not allowed to do things on their own if you need help you have to ask them. they will send you 444 asking you to call them for help if you need it. If you want to grow spiritually ask them they will arrange everything needed to help you grow spiritually. the circumstance will be created for you to grow spiritually they will do anything that they have the power to do for you. Just be honest with them keep your intention good. if your intention is not good they will not do anything, they are aware of everything that is happening in your mind.

How to call them for help? … well, that’s not really hard. close your eyes and say, “my guardian angel” if you want to call your guardian angel. and say… "I (your name) ask you to come here. I need you. I need your help. Please come here. once you feel their presence. like somebody is near to you. then greet them. (this will be a mind to mind) conversation if you say something to them and receive an answer in your mind it means they are talking to you by using your mind. Because they can read your mind and can send the message over there. (Talk to them like a friend no need to be shy. open your heart and say whatever you want to say.)

Once you feel connected to them, then you can ask for help without calling them.

On the other side, there are some spirit guides who were your ancestors and have completed their life purpose and want to help you out. you can call them also for help. :)

Do you really think you are alone, no, you are not… :) your every action, your every thought is being watched by the higher beings. (They know everything about your personality. Lol…)


That is cool that you can correlate synchronicities in numbers with real life events.


Interesting you mention that, the more I use the higher self audio, the more visions I get from my higher self destroying beings that I thought were “higher”.

Keep in mind that every non-physical being can shapeshift and send you energy.

Hell, if I wanted to I could visit someone in a dream and pretend to be an angel while showering them with love.

You are right that you get “noticed” when you ascend, but you should always consult things with your higher self first, so you don’t end up being manipulated by imposters.


Very important point, also something to point out in this thread Experience with Angels
Especially regarding entities like machine elves. Actually, all you need to know is that not everyone has your best interest in mind, just like when you cross the street, that you are a source of energy that is very valuable and that your emotions are your armor. If you let yourself get provoced to feel fear or something like that, you lose. Control your emotions and you are fine.


Could you elaborate please?

Ah I think you are talking about the same theory Tom Campbell has. I like that guy. And yes, my world view is inspired by Tom Campbell and his theory

Well, most of the things depend on your mindset. If your mindset is negative then the outcome will be negative. And if positive then positive.

Imaginary world! Why would your higher self want you to kill the higher beings as they are there to help you? Well, that’s something weird. However, you can not kill any energetic beings as they just change forms. Energy can not be destroyed, can only be transferred.

Like, when you burn a paper and after a few seconds, you can’t see the paper’s existence. But in reality, the paper just changed its form to something your eyes can not see it anymore.

As far as I understand you can not kill any energetic beings and they can’t kill you either. They can just try to hijack your mind. You can just protect your-self (your mind) by using your will and emotional balance. It’s a fight to save your mind from being hijacked by those entities.

One thing I want to clarify that the angels only reside in higher vibration only.

If you are in the higher vibration ( which are love, passion, gratitude, kindness, compassion. Happiness.) then you are attracting the higher beings.

If you are in a low vibration ( which are anger, fear, guilt, sadness, doubt, greed, selfishness, lust. ) then you will attract the lower beings.

And if you are in the higher vibration then the lower bings can not stand against you. If you show kindness to them like we and they all are same ultimately from the same source… If you think like that they will vanish they can not stand against the higher vibration.

Without darkness, there is no light. Without light, there is no darkness. Both are connected ultimately. Light and the darkness both are in the same coin.

And I don’t know why everyone is afraid… You are also a ghost ultimately… But you are in a human body right now. Do you afraid of everyone walking on the street?.. No! So, why you are afraid of those mosquitos? Who try to tap you every now and then. You are more powerful than those mosquitos. One should be aware of how powerful they are. One should always trust the intuition that what to do and what not to do. Once you get to know that you are an infinite being and no one can kill you ultimately, then the fear of the unknown will vanish. And you will be unstoppable.

One more thing, I want to add if one is protected by the divine then there is no power that can harm you in any way. You must trust the universes.

For those who have greed for powers if you have greed for something then believe me if you start something with a low vibration then the outcome of this thing will not be so good for you. We all are so powerful beings and our powers are restricted in this human body for a reason. If you want to gain some powers, first ask yourself why you need it? Does seeing auras going to help humanity? Does doing astral will raise the earth’s vibration? Which is what you came here to do. Does reading minds going to help someone? If you get your answers then go ahead and get access to the restricted powers of you. If you can not answer the questions then this is the only human greed and you want to be powerful just to dominate others. And it will make you go crazy if you do not get the powers you want to dominate others. Eventually, this frustration will lead you to abuse others.

My only advice is to everyone that you should be kind to all beings. And always chose love over fear. By doing this your vibration will change to the higher ones automatically.


You are talking about astral parasites, they are the lowest of beings.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t more powerful “dark” beings bro.

They are not in the astral, they have their own worlds, and they most likely will just laugh at you if you were to challenge them, but this whole “You can’t hurt me” hippy mindset might trigger them to prove you wrong.

Even Dreamweaver who is an elite magician has to constantly deal with “darker” beings.

You are safe in the astral, because no powerful being is gonna chill in the “mental” plane, but climb up and you’ll see how ridiculously powerful some of them are.


So, ultimately you think we all are weak?..

Well, everyone’s mindset is different. mindset creates vibration, vibration creates energy, energy does the job.

If you really think you are weak. then, sure you are. you become what you think about yourself.

I just have given my opinion nothing personal. I am fully aware of the 5th D love. Also, aware of how powerful they are and how much we are.

In the whole universe? Very weak.

On earth and other planets in the “lower” spectrum of things? We are Gods.

You are a God on earth. Ridiculously powerful, I agree.

But since you also have an interest in astral projecting, and potentially soul traveling, you need to know what’s out there bro.

Love is awesome, but it won’t help against other beings.

If you’re not gonna soul travel then ignore everything I wrote, cuz you won’t bump into them here on earth.


We all are powerful as much as you can think. there are no limits.

The limits reside in your subconscious only.

By the way, I sense fear in you for those so-called powerful beings. Co’mon bro you are above more than those powerful entities.

Lol don’t worry about me friend. I know what I am capable of, and I am not alone :wink:

How’s astral projecting going? You still practicing?

That’s my bro… :grin:

Nope, I am not interested in astral. I had once. after that, I felt this is not what I came here to do.

My mission is something else than involving in astral. helping people out makes me happy. doing something for the animals for the mother nature. doing all this makes me feel complete.

As we all here to raise the earth’s vibration we should do whatever we can do to help raise the positivity. that’s our first priority.


Same here bro, hail mother nature👊


Let’s raise the earth’s vibration together. :smiley:


I enjoy the positivity keep it up guys