The Bacteria and Fungi Apocalypse

What do you mean?

I was replying to @clau

Huda zapper can heal UTI too?

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It should kill all of the bacteria, use it daily until you feel like it’s healed!


You can try lucy herzig IBS healing. It balances gut flora

Just another thing y’all who suffer from fungus.

Check your washing machine.

Especially the rubber of the front load washing machine. It’s fucking disgusting.

I think this is where i got my infection from.

Especially the detergent container part. Look at the upper part of it. Black fungus everywhere.

This is the problem with front load washing machine. It’s a flawed design. Though you can prevent it by opening the door each time you use the machine.

It’s not gonna fix it 100%. The best thing is using top loader machine.

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While listening this audio and my cat :smiley_cat::cat2: is with me will influence him to ?

There are some interesting studies indicating that some symptoms of autism (some cases, at least) could have a fungal etiology. I’ve gotten reports of good effects from this field, the stand-alone fungus field, and the Vaikuntha Loka field from people on the spectrum. YMMV

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why dont UVC (with the audio) the mashine?

but you totally right.

I’ve done that. Even looping it. But never works. The fungus keep growing. It’s not a problem anymore. I have a new washing machine. Top load. Never gonna be using front load washing machine ever again.

It’s listed there right now but if I click buy, it links over to a non-buyable page on gumroad.
Can you sell it from the direct?

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Is there any updated version of this?
Like Smart Slayer


Would love to purchase this if possible

How can I still get this?


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Your best option is to send a PM to Sammy and see if he has a way…

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What’s his handle here please? Thank you

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Powerful testemonial!! Doyou think this field would have saved you from pulling your teeth back then? Youre right, everyone should own this field =)


I’m not sure.
But I know that if I saw a dentist when I first starting having problems, I wouldnt have had to have at least 2 teeth pulled and maybe even would have saved the initial tooth (in that case all 3 teeth saved).

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