The Black Panther Totem

Enjoy this unique energetic art, the black panther totem.

A general release of the Black Panther
originally this was a private project idea, but it was transformed into a product for everyone, for certain reasons the description will be shortened as I would like people to discover the potential of this product by themselves

Nietzsche once said: "What does not kill us makes us stronger. This applies to anyone who interacts with cougar energy. Old psychic traumas that you dare to relive and re-transform can be a source of strength and creativity for you.

In the myths and legends of many peoples of the world, the black panther always appears as a very powerful animal. Shamans from Native American tribes performed special rituals to gain the power of the jaguar. Native Americans in Latin America have many stories about the use of jaguar magic in rituals to steal souls and cure illnesses.

A black panther is most often a jaguar or leopard, whose fur is black in color. Panthers are usually smaller in size than lions or tigers, but they are more aggressive. Panthers have over five hundred muscles, each of which they can contract at will. This product connects the user to the great archetypal power behind the totem, and enables the user to develop the ability to instantly solve various problems using specific “muscles” - physical, mental, psychic or spiritual.

The holistic energy of the Black Panther is very versatile. In this project, the aspect of back elasticity is clearly highlighted.

there will be a huge number of bonuses and benefits, psychic abilities in the product, Also, additional Hints:


Woven Worlds - The Journey of The Chosen One

Charisma and Glamour

Additional psychic abilities and the prospect of a better understanding of the real world. Gracefulness, sexuality and attraction, a mysterious aura. The awakening of unbridled passion and instincts in love relationships. It is a talisman and protector in various situations. It is an additional trump card in asserting one’s interests and one’s territory. It is an opportunity to learn to restrain your reactions and fully control your emotions. It is an opportunity to learn how to strike a devastating blow when defending yourself or reacting to the aggression of another. It is the help to confront your fears–your deepest and strongest fears. It is the strength and courage to learn from past mistakes and move forward without getting stuck. It is the ability to see new opportunities for fulfillment in time. It is the energy of positivity and the awakening of the will to win. When the need arises to promptly solve problems under stressful conditions, the possessor of this energy will know no equal…

Panther teaches us that inner Strength is, above all, the state of our Spirit. Faith in ourselves, valor and courage. Adversity happens to all of us, but only the strong of spirit are willing to go on, not to victimize ourselves or hide behind excuses for our own worthlessness. It is a sign of regaining power over one’s own life, often after a period of pain, suffering, and emotional death. An old problem may finally be resolved, old wounds may begin to heal.

The black panther gives a broader and deeper vision of the spiritual beyond physical reality. This expanded perspective allows you to see the essence of things from a great distance. This energy reveals the secrets of the invisible worlds associated with moon energy. The darkness of night contains the truth of creation; by turning to Panther, one can know it.

100 copies only


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Artwork is dope!!!


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FYI - There are only 100 of these.

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full description above


Where did you find that full description? Just curious also @repperfreak this might be for you


Amazing! Instant buy. Much gratitude for making this public. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

This powerful panther was in one of my ayahuasca journeys a few years ago. At one point, I was looking from the eyes of the panther. :cat: :eyes:


the design was made by the whole group


“It is believed that Black Panther is a Master Magician, a powerful shape-shifter of the Dark Moon that can move easily within the astral realms. She can transform into any form that she wishes, often being the favorite form of the Crone or Old Wise Woman in numerous traditions. She represents the old soul with access to abilities of previous incarnations reclaiming her power, and bringing superior telepathic communication into this life.”


All I can say is, buy it if you can. This was supposed to be a $225 private NFT project - Captain is being extremely generous here.

Also a huge thank you to @UgniS for another brilliant project.

I’m feeling the panther energies strongly!

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How can I buy this one if the only balance I have is on Venly platform (usdc)?

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Considering the whole composition of the project, this is a very generous price.

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@UgniS This was your project?? Now I feel super lucky to have it. This is my first one. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :heart_eyes:


payment is made in the Captain’s shop as standard, via Paypal




I know. That’s why I’m asking.


Thanks for letting me know, I’ve bought it right away haha


the forum has recommendations on how to withdraw funds to your bank account
Maybe someone can provide a link to this thread?


Thanks, Cap. Thank you Ugnis.
This is a magical creation!
I was 17/100)))


Yup…very generous!

Get it while you can :) $88 is an absolute steal for what this entails.