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Oh, okay. I saw Scribe’s post but thought this was a short summary until the full description comes out… Anyways, Thank you :v:


This NFT is servitor based. My question is: Can the base servitor be trained for other energy work? Hope someone can respond. Thanks.


I think it’s possible but why not using ess for that specifically?

Ess is very good at energy. All kind of energy work. Because it is designed for that purpose.

This on the other hand I think it’s mainly to capture your dreams. Your heart desire to become a person you always want to be.

You know like the good old days where all the people In America dream to have the things they want to achieve. Like Houses. Family and ect

I think in my opinion. This servitor will help you to succeed that. It help you to attract the best outcome for your dreams to manifest. That’s my interpretation though. :woozy_face:


Thanks for the response. I have my ESS servitors. I am just curious to know about all the capabilities of this NFT.


People are really sleeping on this NFT. I feel it edging me towards the American Dream. My best career path, home, etc. I feel it’s existence already in the “future.” That’s the only way I can explain it.
If anyone wants to do a trade, I have an extra copy of this gem!


In these times of tyranny and massive expansion of the federal government and it’s powers in the US, I invite owners of this NFT to ask it to spread a “freedom gravitational wave” to “extract the power of the state and give it back to the people.” This is the verbiage I used. If you live in another country, that’s okay too! Tyranny is happening on a global scale.


totaly agree. mine knows this somehow…


That’s awesome! Let’s spread the spirit of freedom! Inner and outer!


this will be harder as you think my friend!

the reallity we live in is accepted from the populus of this planet.

i only see hope in personal example, heavy shielding and self growth.

believe me when i say i have tried everything else and i have no close people more in this plane because of my trying.

dont need those but it was a shaky time…


absolutely is hard. Just figured it’s worth a try. I also use this everyday:
(4) PRAYER TO STOP E.V.I.L - YouTube

It’s a subliminal prayer to stop the shadow governments. Way more powerful to do this than you think.


do you have servitors?

do you have the last magical mirror NFT?

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Yes. I have Dragon and Arc Light that I use most of the time. Declaration is also a servitor.



you should trust me when i say this.

the only thing you need is enviromental safety where you live.

the servitors you have will take very good care of your energy… there you dont have any work.


try to make one of your servitors copy the sanctuary sigil from the sanctuary card from dream see what they can achieve, ask them, if they can write it energetically then you can build a perimeter arround where you live writing it infront of the roots of some trees.

you should instruct the servitors to write it activated.

it works.

more then the other env fields.

you should not waste energy on the autorities. that is not smart.

thanks for hearing me out!


Is Declaration NFT capable of realizing someone’s American Dream if s/he has the necessary qualification/capability? Thanks.

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Yes. It is part of its function. That being said, I already achieved what is commonly considered the American Dream before I came to this. The 3000+ square foot home with literal white picket fence, in a nice community with the best public schools in the region, beautiful wife, kids, executive job, $2000 suits and the Rolex watch, the million dollar retirement account. I’m nearly 50. I was blessed with many opportunities that my kids won’t have. Owning a home will all but be out of reach for them.

I feel like I had more joy in my life when I was a broke kid, fumbling through college, in a cramped, shared, should’ve been condemned apartment, washing dishes to pay for school (which also won’t work anymore, at least with the stratospheric costs of college in the US).

So I tell you what I tell my kids. I will tell you what I tell myself these days. What is YOUR dream life? Not what social media and books tell you it is. Not what some internet arsehole with a devil’s tophat says it is. What do YOU really want? And what’s the price you are willing to pay for it?

For me it’s freedom and a sense of accomplishment to a worthy goal. It’s finding and experiencing joy. It’s aging well, with a body that works with me, not against me. It’s getting rid of the watch and the suits and maybe some day the house if my spouse is willing. It’s paying the bills with work that is meaningful. Maybe I find another country to retire to that moves at a slower pace, so I have more time to make art, to be a walking embodiment of my philosophy, to be a good father. It’s experiences, not things. And there’s many a day where I rue the time lost and ill spent.

The price to pay? Perhaps sacrificing all the trappings I accumulated in the first 50 years of my life.

This is what I work with the Declaration servitor for.


for me the best possible outcome for a descent person with enough income is to use it and transform the reallity in which one is… do magick with the oportunities money give. after all, all that you achieved is also you and i respect you for what youve achieved.
that among more welthy people there are those seeking to drown us all is their choise.

but why destroy the already built. why does it loose its value to you? it is of no way a bad thing to have things. a bad thing in my universe is to be empty vampire having things and gathering more for the sake of others what you are most certainly not…

in short you worked for what you have and it is worthy. hope i understand your post right but i felt so and i respond so.

you see suffocating is something connected to the time we live in now, also the feeling not fullfilled… this symptom is very typical for the awakened nowadays and i fathom it is designed to be so. that is why i am even mor thankful to Captain that he gve us a gem field such as the Contentment field. This makes all you wrote go away and all becomes naturaly fair pleasant and full of new oportunities.

Also if your are not very field active with your enviroment… hm… the normal folk is as aggressive as it ever was


Because you can’t take it with you. And as I said, I would like to retire overseas….in the next five years or so. Parts of Spain are very intriguing to me. Because I’ve worked for 21 years at an industry that I swore I would never get into due to its insidious reputation. There are a dozen reasons. I spent half my life acquiring and am realizing the emptiness of it.


Apologies, I don’t understand your meaning here.


the reason you feel empty is the enviroment is toxic not your life choises so much. of course people change. this thing what we discuss is alitt bit Harry Potter / Voldemort moral thing.

That you are able to speak the snake tongue does not mean you are a snake.

if your concoius fights the moral can be a good thing can be also a dead end.

only saying not a good idea to go against your effords up to now.

ment it absolute friendly.

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