The Eternal

Will this field help to reverse any disease?




Well, guys… just reading the description:

With this only, we know the field is completely cheated…

And Captain has been leveling up like CRAZY.

Then we’ve got Cambrian’s no BS review above :upside_down_face:

On my end after two days wearing it 24/7, besides the healing and sleeping more than usual, what I appreciate the most is actually the subconscious integration.
The knowing at a deeper level that we are all eternal beings with infinite potential.

Would highly recommend to save up for that one


I guess most of us aren’t here to have a regular life though, aren’t we?



how did you print in a dog tag in such a short period of time?

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Basic printer then I wrap it in a layer of scotch.
The one you use to fix boxes.

Then right in the pocket.


No. Solana on Phantom.


Sapien if I get this. Can I ask it to work on my parents or family?


So, that means you can print it on a regular sheet of paper with color ink on your own and it works OK??
I don’t have to have pendant top or other printed items with this image, I don’t mind giving a big hug to my own printed sheet of paper (LOL) and take it with me wherever I go out if paper form of printing still works the same
I’m new here and this type of item is new to me, I’m learning how to use …



No, you don’t have to have pendants like the ones shown in the other thread. Those pendants are for the safekeeping of the printed field. Your piece of paper, no matter how sturdy a paper you use, will likely fall apart well before a pendant or a locket holding your paper would.

Sure, you could print another copy of your print but you will have lost all the growth of your previous field (because these fields grow in strength after you print them). But printing a new copy is better than nothing at all.


Interesting concept, WB. I hadn’t thought of that.

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Oh, OK. I didn’t know the field works that way
Thank you so much for your input.

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No problem.

Here’s an example of what another forum friend did with his, just a few posts above your own:


has it been confirmed that printing it out makes the field grow stronger?

I asked captain and he said they still grow even if they are not printed out

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I have not seen that guidance from the Cap’n, so I can’t speak to that.

I’m going off what I have heard and know about the tags and the mandalas, which grow after they’ve been printed and/or created. And I have heard Cap’n say that these tag-NFTs (my term, not his) are like tags, just in a different form and delivery method.

I haven’t heard anything official about fields growing in a file. That would mean that our audio fields would also be growing as they sit in my media player or on my storage drive. That’d be cool, but I don’t know anything about that.


What do you mean? Are you talking about the payment side of things?

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No buddy, Protection 3.0 is an upcoming field - further improvement over Shielding 2.0 tag.

If I remember right, and I am not mixing up the details with the Eternal, Dream said it might be on the expensive side given the complexity of the field and there will be enough copies for all of us to buy.


But doesn’t this contain the protection against accident and so on?

Unless protection tag another thing that am thinking about. Which I think it might be

If so, that would be so cool! Ohhh

By purchasing, we get original art image and can make items with this image. Field grows with use, which is so great, but if we lose the item and have to make another, will we have to start over to grow field?
Or though item is lost, field which has grown for owner stay with owner?
Well, maybe it’s smart field, so the field may “remember” the owner??
Ohhh, so cool (if it works that way…)

So bottom line, which way does this work??

Captain noted that if we just want to live normal life, we won’t need this NFT, however once we are fascinated by Sapien world, how can we live “normal life??” I can’t…

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It does, but protection is one aspect of Eternity Field, whereas Shielding/Protection field will have more aspects of protection (I think)…