The Giga Chad (Masculinity Expert)

Lol something I thought’d be fun.

Title: The Giga Chad

Short Description: Field that turns the user into a masculinity expert to become. (Positive Giga Chad Archetype).

(1). When in situation related to masculinity: Consciousness etc. of Masculinity Expert takes over the user’s Masculinity.
(A) Auto-Masculine: User becomes and is masterfully masculine without necessarily with his conscious volition.
(B) The right masculinity expert is chosen for each specific masculine situation
(C) After every masculine experience the user keeps the masculinity of that masculine expert.

(2) Integrates masculinity of masculine experts.
(A) Guided Path to become masculine expert.
(B) Draw like minded masculinity soul tribe experts to be your friends.
(C) Woven worlds to manifest being masculine expert.

(3) Revision of the masculine expert.
(A) Healing from bad masculine situations/experiences
(B) Infused with the energy of the greatest masculine people/situations/experiences found in the collective.
(C) Trains the user’s subconscious to become masculine expert.

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1 copy per person, purchase in 2-3 weeks after release.


Definitely interested :muscle:t4::muscle:t4:


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Hello I am interested, can I know the price of this project and how to buy it.

It will be 275$.
You need to have a crypto wallet before buying it to claim it after purchase. If on mobile, preferably ‘Phantom’. Download it from play store or apple app store.
It will be released on the Sapien Shop.
If you voted interested, you will be added to the pvt group before submission.
After submission, it will be made by Sapien Medicine.
Once made and released, a password will be shared in the pvt group.
Then you can purchase it by entering the password. The link to the field on store will also be shared, so it is quite easy to purchase.

If you have any further doubts, go through these threads Buying NFT Guide
Official NFT Guidelines & Discussion


Got it. Thanks a lot.

Interested as well.

One more question, how long do I have to buy it. Like do I have to buy it immediately or can I wait for a few days.

2-3 weeks is the latest ideal if cant before that


$275?? wow!

I missclicked, its a nice project but not for me personally