The Hero NFT: Testimonials

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The Hero archetype represents the process of overcoming obstacles to achieve specific goals.
In myths, the hero’s objective is often to find a treasure like a golden egg, save a princess, and return with the elixir of life.
Here we use the positive aspects of the Hero archetype to provide a personal hero, someone simple offers support and encouragement.
Boosts confidence by ‘encouragement’ from within to inspire your own positive heroic traits.
(or your background hype man)
It will also create sort of intercession beacons in situations that require it.
To ask for another layer of help when needed.
and a radical positive change to get that action to you as quickly as possible.


Great Stuff


Does this include the “radical positive changes” field?

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A part of me wants to say yes,


A friend just handed me this one with the prequels for the summer-read :slight_smile:

Couldn’t resist to front the resemblance haha


Huh, zero testimonials here? :astonished:


I did some jungian archetype personality test and it said i am a hero.

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How? Some online survey?

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Yeah for FBI recruitment.

serious man? FBI looks into Jungian archetypes? Interesting

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Nah I am joking :wink:.

Maybe idk. But next one it showed I am joker…or something like that

It is a random online test you can find online

lol ok, being a hero is not easy man, when a person like DW deals with so much shit, we are just normal people.

If you go through your relationships overcoming any strain and setbacks that I consider as the biggest heroic achievement in someone’s life!


I acquired it recently and so far feel a sense of empowered inner confidence, a sort of allowing the inner powers to navigate. You know how we say “trust in the universe” and this is like trust in thyself.

Unfuckwithable, in other words.
Also it feels smooth, not overconfident or arrogant, simply an inner knowing that one is in charge at all times. There’s a lot of self-responsibility


Yes, that is a path that many shirk, but is one of the best ways to heal imo. Truly heroic to see one’s foibles in the mirror of another and not fear the challenge.

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You bet, limit case would be living with an abusive psychopath.

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