The Meditation Master NFT

So I can go to my wished brainwave in 15 minutes with this audio?

Has anyone compared this one with the meditation audio in the Sapien Med course? Are they similar?

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The name or intention might be similar but i think the design of the field is really completely different and has way more impact. Also, the meditation from course doesn’t go down to low delta and epsilon so…tapping into the void should work way better with the new one.

I tried to combine it with my mantra but at a certain point every word started to feel heavy and i just wanted to enjoy the silence.

It just feels more complex, impactful and refined.

(i’m really pedantic when it comes to refinement lol)


Got this on a whim just now, and very happy with the choice

  • to answer my own question, subconscious mastery does not replace this, refined is perfect word to describe it. not a “deep” meditation state one size fits all, but smart refined mediation state that goes deep

this is one of the best recent releases, seriously mind-blowing… I used to spend full days in meditation and this is more effective almost immediately


It is an excellent NFT. I simply sit and meditate for 15m daily as it runs.


Me too!!! I think I am going to get this!


Yea i think all the mantra/deity work and drawing energies from different realms made me so picky lol

(pu’s new stuff also has got recently an update on refinement yay)

Karma Crucible also gives a lot of inner silience but trough a different alchemy.

Yes, always the same thing with sapiens when he releases new stuff, one really do not know what to choose lol
(even tho i will check with your higher self because karma crucible is in my opinion beyond panchanga)

While panchanga cleans a good amount of stuff where everything feels balanced and in tune with oneself, karma crucible makes me feel closer to my higher self like after a long practice session over months. Massive amount of detachment, neutrality and inner peace after wearing the picture the whole day.


This is my biggest NFT purchase and I’m very impressed with this so far! I printed it out in black and white and it packs a punch. I have my wallet open and audio playing at the same time and what a unique experience it is!


Hmm this is on my shortlist :stuck_out_tongue:


Can somebody send me the shopify link to the audio file?

@hugo6406 traded it with me.


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You must be mistaken me for somebody else, I have never traded or sold NFT here, buying only so far


@hugo6406 He is the right Hugo

Sorry Hugoberg


how would you go about trading an NFT?

The user who is newer in the forum would send the user who is longer and / or more established in the forum his NFT first and then the other way around.


oh k thanks! maybe I should buy another tiger to have trade value. good to know thats an option if the opportunity ever presents itself. and wow! I just saw a thread for it

Why wouldn’t Hugo have the ability to WeTransfer it to you? Audio got released the same time as the NFT.


I have the Audio already through Wetransfer. But I always want to have the link for 100 percent sureness and potential future trades.

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Can somebody send me the original PNG file? Hugo only sent the jpeg format.


Thanks :smiley:

Original image: