The Reality Blocker

This is to remove the influence of others form your own reality. Imagine your reality as a bubble which is filled with information and it can interact with or exchange information with others that can influence you in a positive or negative way. As we know mind as a tool of creation it has the power to influence things around us and even people to a degree. For example if someone has negative intent towards you or doesn’t have best intention towards you then if you’re not self aware then it may affect you somehow. Many people call this influence as “evil eye” or negative intent. But the truth is that it’s just transfer of energetic information. Another example is that let’s say if a mass number of people views you as someone admirable then they are also exchanging information with you in a subconscious manner. As a result they are often highly regarded and you are literally contributing to someone else’s success in this manner. So that’s an example of positive influence. So where we put our attention to and what we care about is very important in general. Another example is that let’s say your parents doesn’t see you as someone admirable and in their mind you are good for nothing. So how that affects you? Well our subconscious minds are connected as a result the informational exchange always takes place. So when this information is exchanged it has a more or less influence on your feelings and behavior in a subconscious level even if you’re not aware of it. Or perhaps you might have troubleaome workers that you always find bothersome and they don’t like you either so that can also leave an impact in your work life in general. Although it’s an oversimplified explanation but it goes more than that.

So what this audio does is that it can keep you at a “mind your own business” state. It blocks any kind of energetic informational exchange with others. On that manner you don’t give your power away to someone else nor you allow anyone to influence you at any manner. It creates a protection layer around you that maintains this state and lasts for 24 hours. You also get protection against the influence of collective consciousness and it’s negative influence. This audio will not block any positive influence but only negative ones.
Not only that, it also blocks any kind of informational exchange between people that are not beneficial for you. So that you are not influenced by those energies mentally, emotionally or energetically. Finally , it also creates a subconscious protection against people that doesn’t have your best interest in their mind for example people that wants to harm you or has ill intent towards you. It subconsciously tells them to avoid you in general so that you are brothered by them less and less in general. (However, it’s impossible to avoid everything entirely cuz there are situations where you can’t avoid them completely and there’s also a matter of free will as it doesn’t intend to mind control them).

We as humans always create our own reality subconsciously but most people are not aware of it. So whatever the cause is this attempts on preventing external influence as much as possible. Also this doesn’t involve any kind of manipulative tactics.

So the summary is that their reality will not influence yours and so that you don’t give your power away to external factors. This also removes cords attached to people that are not beneficial.

The way it works is by getting rid of needless and harmful energetic exchange of information from one to other (Related to people).

A full silent audio.

(If there’s issue with purchase or wanna use alternative method for buying contact in pm or mail).


should be in classified category
it’s not on ES store

It will be. It’s on pending approval.

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@XEquilibriumX , check my DM i sent you about this product

Also there’s 10% discount code EARLYBIRD. Forgot to mention.
And there might be some issue with spring download. If so pm me.

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Added: Removal of cords form people that are not beneficial.

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Ahhhh great. Crazyyy I was going to ask you about this.

Permanent removal? Because there are theories that cords can grow back. What do you think about this?

Yes they can grow back depending on situation. If you do the same activities that caused it then it can happen again.

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Mmm ok. :grimacing:

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Also forgot to mention comes with protection as usual. Only shareable with family members and ineffective if purchase is refunded so that no one can get away with getting it for free using shady methods immediately after purchase or at any time period. Same protection applies for all the audios. And whatever the intention or reason may be the audios would lose effectiveness regardless. Consider it like NFT alike protection where you lose effectiveness after giving it away. And if you give something away or sell it you simply shouldn’t have it. But people tends to take this too lightly just cuz they are digital assets and not physical. And some people had this practice towards all the field makers like how they ask for charge back even against sapien or other creators products. And obviously you don’t buy a product accidentally or out of your free will.

(Not pointing anyone or anything specific just making things clear about protection effects).

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Re-uploaded in gumroad.

Upgraded and added a new function.

Situation specific: Now this work towards solving specific situations. For example let’s say you are going through and issue that you need help with so you tell the field what you wish to solve. Then what the audio will do is that it will remove all the energetic layers and vibration of the situation that you’re dealing with. Although we might think that all our issues are in physical world but before it existed on the physical world there was the energetic signeture and vibration of it. From there it came to be. What this will do is that it will get rid of the Energetic root cause of the issue so that from there it’s eaaier for you to take care of your issue. Keep in mind you still need to solve it by yourself but it takes away the energetic structure and vibration that was sustaining any issues you’re dealing with in real life in all dimensional level.

To use: Tell the field what you want it to work on and it will focus on that. Also be mindful that it takes time to see changes in the physical realm compared to higher dimensions.