The Requests and Fields

We all have those

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An audio similar to Brain Growth Work, but instead the focus would be on enhancing the function of the parietal lobe and other parts of the brain.

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New Release - Hydrogen Accumulation + Fission

This is turning my brain into a powerful machine

The whole brain gets its benefits

I do mix it with this one which i feel it nurtures deeper, clears it like it boosts it

New Audio: Alchemical Mind Expansion Blend

But fission alone is perfect too


Negentropic Inner Alchemy Tag -

Intelligently refines, grows, strengthens, accumulates, balances (etc…) ones inner alchemy and also gradually and slowly makes one more councious, aware, knowledgeable and eventually mastering ones own inner alchemy.

It could also have a simmilar field as the new Microkinesi-Therapist Audio

and containing the knowlegde base of a few internal alchemy grandmasters :slight_smile:


Inner Child Healing and Integration -

It could be an adaptive field that would adapt to each persons inner childs needs and supply the inner child with whatever energies it needs to heal and integrate and grow, whether it be parental love, sibling love, other kind of love, courageousness, grace, transmutaion of negative emotions or trauma, understanding, help to forgive and let go and to love, comfort, grace, negentropy, etc etc… Or some different aproach :slight_smile:


Echoes Of The Past, but for this life-time only

An iron infusion field would be amazing!

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Hopefully an updated version of Permanent Brain Enhancement could be made. The audio could have similar results to that of the old version, but more powerful. Maybe this new audio could include NGF + BDNF in other areas of the brain pertaining to intellect.


Photographic Reflexes – The ability to imitate any complex movement after watching that movement only once. Photographic Reflexes are also known as Adoptive Muscle Memory, Adaptive Muscle Memory, Adomopathy, Body Movement Copying, Combat Chameleon, Eidetic Kinesthesia, Mimetic Muscle Memory, Photographic Muscle Memory, Psychometric Reflexes and Reproductive Muscle Memory.
I found the description on this site:

There is a list of 500 superpowers there, maybe it can give some inspiration for new fields :slight_smile:

Lol, how is giving 20 synonym for the same thing or a list of superpowers helpful in making them real ?
You’ll have to link some science if you really want it


I’m only really interested in teleportation superpower and I don’t think there is science :tired_face::disappointed_relieved::sob:


Yeah, the one on youtube is quite old, I can’t afford any fields such as the tag or other one’s, so a free updated youtube version would be good.

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I only know more or less about the science of telepathy that’s all

Quantum tunneling…
Even if that’s not how he calls it I’m sure someone like Dream has stories to tell about it
Time and space manipulation is a thing

I’m sure if it’s a solo vacation, Dream gets the sweetest deals on travel :wink:


Yeah but I don’t want to accidentally travel in time, also not between timelines.
I just would like see my parents for dinner whenever I want, and my best friend who lives in yet another country :disappointed_relieved:

Or go to the beach somewhere tropical when the weather is bad here…

Preferably in a safe way so I don’t end up somewhere strange and also remain in one piece physically. :D


It’s doable


I agree it should be, but it’s more like a skill that is unlocked when you reach level 10 wizard, and i’m like level 0.1, some days maybe 1.0 lol

Also, I’m not sure how well our physical bodies would handle a “jump” like this.