The SEE System: The Sapien Medicine Edition (_OM Approved)

It was a long road but, thanks to the unconditional support of @Angelgome and @_OM, finally …

I am I and beyond :sparkles:

I want to thank you all :heart:
Sharing this journey with you has no doubt made it easier. Reading about your experiences allowed me to better understand and accept mine and to put them into perspective.

Special thanks to you @Angelgome :sparkling_heart:, for guiding all of us with tough love … and simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness :wink:

Thank you @_OM for kindly and patiently accompanying me on the last part of the road :two_hearts:

A new road has now opened for me and I can’t wait to SEE were it will lead me :star_struck:


So happy for you!:smile:


No welcome gif, it was all for nothing …



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And thank you @Pia :heart: (not sure the little hearts/likes are significant enough)


You’re welcome! :heart:


My SEE testimony:

“Simple Efficient Extraordinary”, huge respect for Angel and what he gave birth to.

This is a life-changing system that will save your years / decades / lifetimes of seeking & suffering.

Your mind may resist it at first, but the initial effort & potential struggle will be worthwhile your time.
This is some tools you will acquire for life.

Gratitude Angel for the work you have put in and the immense patience & care over that whole process :pray::heart:

And gratitude to his shadow agents (Bless you _Om :)), Dream & Sammy for putting that community together and the ones that allowed him to pursue that vision.


Hey Beloveds, bringing back some life here :pray:

What have been your most valuable collapse lately?

For I:

  • Love / I
  • Spirituality / I
  • Divine Consciousness / I



Since @Angelgome is on vacation, I get to force my way into substitute teacher until he returns. :smiling_imp:

So I saw the list of polarities he gave you which are kinda heavy to do when just starting out.

I would start from the bottom and work your way up to the more existential ones.

Like the ones above will probably be polarities that you’ll want to revisit several times to collapse as your sense of I grows and deepens over time :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been busy collapsing sensory overload for a week using my I. I currently have an autism spectrum disorder so that means I’m just way too sensitive. While I’m waiting for the autism audio to get my excess neurons pruned, I’m collapsing my emotional reaction to the high sensory input so it doesn’t affect me as much.

I actually went through periods of extended clearheadedness today so it must be working.


Change in perspective: I could still get wayyyy better at the physical act of clearing out an emotion once it’s been detached after saying something. I’d even say my ability now is crap.

BUT, my ever so slightly more direct experience of the truth makes me realise that those crap emotions truly don’t matter!

For example, I was in a situation where I experienced a lot of fear and panic today. But I could see more clearly that it was my body experiencing this fear reaction (the trembling, the palpitations and the faster breathing). Not me. And while it took longer for me to clear out the emotion than the average SEE member, I was fine with it because ultimately that fear is illusory.

I now truly understand why the only job I have is to identify with the Self and let go of everything else. Dare I say, further solidifying my identification with the Self will improve my clearing ability.


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So more pro tips…
Since you’ve done these, now do the “shadow” or seemingly opposites of them and see what results they yield…

  • Hate/Fear - I
  • Materialism - I
  • Selfishness - I

Of course, others are able to utilize these as well.
Just more ideas to expand everyone sense of I-ness. :wink:


Thanks Om :pray::heart:

Done with these is a big statement :smile:
I have been going back at it for the last days, it feels like an infinite onion :infinity:

Ps: Mass med in 3min guys :rocket:


Is this course still active?

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No, it ran just once, but anyone can do it by themselves :)


Definitely gonna have to use some audios to bring things to the surface. Not sure if my period of using trauma release and forgiveness are making it harder for me to bring up emotions because me visualizing the situations no longer comes with a feeling


man, use emotional mastering protocol ! good luck.


Just try to use another starting point then, one memory/sentence/concept that still makes you feel bad.


Then that means that situation has already been fixed and the audios have successfully worked. Try visualising another situation you would like to work on.