The Solidifier

See the Supreme Spirit in this Solidifier, and the Solidifier in it too.
The same goes for everything. This is the ULTIMATE KEY.


Hi Together,

has anyone manifested anything really tangible with this yet?

I mean real world physical undeniable results.

Not subjective things like “more energy” or “feeling XY”, but actual undeniable things like significant money sums, proper gifts, suitable partners, real friends, major promotions, property, cars, invitations to cool events, free cool stuff, free helpful services, instant physical healing etc.

And then not just “a free coffee”, “a free diner”, “I lost 2 kg weight” or “a 20 Dollar bill” but something that is rather “big” and that one would normally not experience/acquire by regular chance and luck.

If so, please kindly share your experiences and feedback.
I really want to believe this works as good as my inner child full of dreams wants it to work.
However, my adult self wants to read more testimonials before spending 310 $.
Thank you in advance.


you are so wise thinking… sometimes we need real results than just read woo woo features in fields. :grin:


My goals have always been only real “physical” (nothing with my physique) goals but they haven’t manifested themselves. I bought this field on the 18th of July. I changed my goals before any sign of accomplishment a couple of times but since 3 weeks I haven’t changed the goal.

None of you shall comment “you’re doing xyz wrong” I don’t want to hear it. I’m just giving away my experience. When I used the Solidifer to get closer with another nft it worked a little but that was the only time I used it for no real goal.


has anyone manifested anything really tangible with this yet?

I mean real world physical undeniable results.

#1 - Would dream job at my dream company count? Even though I was told, and got email that after my last interview the position was “now closed due to a hiring freeze”. They ended up going through several layers of management to get an exception for me, and bring me onboard anyway. First week on the job, and I am beyond thrilled…just to be transparent, was laid off a couple of years ago, struggling and could not even get companies to respond back to my resume…so this was a big deal for me.
#2 - What about a lost package? Going on nearly three months now, and basically I’d given up on it ever showing up. Finally showed up this week, outside packaging looks worst for wear, but contents were not damaged.
#3 - I know Lucid Dreaming might not be deemed ‘tangible’, but I definitely see an increase…normally when I am physical tired, nothing normal happens…my 3D life is a bit too busy right now, but I intend to focus and experiment more

I haven’t had much time or focus to really work The Solidifier a lot , but essentially I incorporate it into my daily mediations for now. I visualize what ever I am asked as already done, and place my finger on the hole, and then forget about it…

my inner child full of dreams wants it to work. :ok_hand:

I live this concept…


I set mine as “heaven on earth manifested”, be back for tangible review in a few years man :grin:


Not bad at all. In fact, it’s a good one!

Any luck, results so far?


Except for the good feelings for hours after it, Captain releasing Blueprint of the Past came to mind.

It had a sweet impact on my reality, and Heaven on Earth starts with our community & family right?

I just updated my review btw: The Alchemical Blueprint of the Past - #56 by Borisju

Wouldn’t that be sweet if many of us set the same intent?

I would love to see our Mass Meditations getting back to life with a new field on steroid.


Thank you very much Trinity.
Especially for the #1 example.
Your testimonial has been helpful for me and probably a lot of people.


Yes today I made sniffles/allergy go away instantly.


I had mosquitoes in my apartment. I did not want them there. 48 hours they were gone. Lost 25# in 10 days. That wasn’t a good result though, too much for my body. While working through various other goals I’ve made, I had 2 things I really really really needed to have happen happen, but I would never have thought to even ask for them. So, sometimes there are various roadblocks that have to be handled first. I’ve had some stuff not pan out yet too, and things go sideways. (Like the damn weightloss. Too much of a good thing.)

So, I’d say this is a powerful tool, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn how to use it, or factor in variables. It didn’t help me win the lottery.

But maybe it’s not for you.


Wow… that is a lot. :hushed: What did you ask / or your goal if I can ask?

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Lose 125# rapidly. By Any Means Necessary. And then I pursued a very aggressive plan that was apparently not good for me. Found all 25# again. Now down 10# on a much more realistic saner plan in 2 weeks.

Got the Solidifier focused on health/and same 125# goal now just more gently, and some other things have gone off the rails. So it goes.


@Oolong_Blues Gotcha. Thanks for sharing.

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So, if you’ve been in this situation you know it could take quite a bit of time depending on what happened.

So, waiting for a while I decided to whip out the Solidifier. I set it to work “Clear. Solidifer get me to my station quickly.” 60 seconds later we’re moving and I am at my stop quickly. Then I set it back to my long term goal.

Not an “amazing” result, but also not nothing. Coincidence? Maybe. I also didn’t spend half an hour waiting for the train to leave the station, or get stuck in a tunnel.

So it goes.


That’s actually pretty amazing lol. I know how irritating the MTA can be when you’re trying to get to work. That’s really cool #iykyk


just want to know, everytime you use the solidifier, you use the “commands”

edited: removed “method”

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Now, you got me curious. There are other methods? If so, what are they?


Unclear what this is.

What is it?


this part, i mean the way to talk to the field