The Welcomed

Great work uncovering this potential- I’m
So glad I asked! I’ll try it similarly :sparkles:


Wow I have literally just added this back to my playlist last night! I added it back for this reason too, but I have an extension of it as the reason I wanted to experiment more with it.

See, while people may welcome you with open hands at the beginning of your visit, it is much likely that at some point and half way through your interaction they begin to develop independent feelings and thoughts of their own mind / psyche

Meaning the welcomed effect after the energies have been exchanged could now go into two directions; either increase based on the energies you have put out there, or begin to stabilize and then further fade away

What this field does is Anchoring the welcomed energies into your reality. So it works on the Extension of being welcomed, and inviting of positive energies into your own personal relationship with Life itself.

So this portal extends in the “time” and continues to project your own energetic construct as a welcomed being in a strengthened and more prolonged way

You can try this field with The Blueprint of Life for example - and see how this applies.

I have added it to my playlists with the Yagnas - Maha Ganapati and Lakshmi. Today, I’m finding valuable information on topics I have intended to know more about.


Agree agree!

I did notice that in the days i was at work playing it consistently but other that that whenever i played some loops here and there the change in the ambiance would change, i did not really notice it because you know we are always playing or wearing something that still keep us in a good vibration but its been just the past 3 days that ive been remembering the things i cpuld about this field and its effects in these 3 years that i came to the conclusion about the portal like feeling.

But since i decided to actually religiously play it daily im sure ill notice that! Do share experiments in the future, you come up with some reallyyyy good gems sometimes i luckily spot them and are amazing thanks Desi

Hence why i want to use it with the Probability weave, i havent had a chance today, ive been busy but i will tonight. Im gonna play PW, this one then the money playlist to sleep with wot wot :fire:

This is one i was thinking to use it with as well cause weirdly enough i used to chant her Mantra for yearssss and it always worked great for me so when this audio came out i was like omg this is going to be epic but guess what? Never ever i felt a thing or anything happened haha :sweat_smile:

Im not sure if its because i stopped a couple years before that chanting her Mantra the Lady was disappointed? Lol


Great Tip @Lunamoon22 !:smiley::+1:t5::pray:t5:

Before playlist , to make the other energy fields welcome us ( thus , the energy fields following after next in the very same playlist , efficiently and most importantly positively get integrated in us , in a welcoming way ) . Now that’s gonna be epic results ! Thanks @Lunamoon22 and @Desiree for sharing such valuable experiences! Really appreciate it guys :blush:


Thanks for all the ideas. Will give them a test run too!

Could do with welcoming energies right now!

:pray: :pray: :pray:


Ive played it once or twice before stacks.

Body stuff

I def notice a big difference i guess id say like SLR but with actual openness to receive from the whole body in and out not just the subconscious.

this audio in my case so far not only makes me feel welcomed (however that happens) but it opens me to welcome what i want as well = the energies and the stuff im looking for when choosing the audios:

Energy Systems

It feels very strong, i feel butterflies like with joy just like when you open the door to something or someone you are so happy to receive, something you were waiting for, so of course integration IS REAL.

A both parts encounter with eagerness.

Will report in a week or so if i see results expedited

This eve i will particularly make mini playlists with the few audios i have encounter resistance to or havent worked much.

Last i feel slightly dizzy because my whole body, mind and aura are so receptive.

Man @Captain_Nemo this audio has my jaw dropped! Thank you!!!


I would have never thought of such an introspective use of this field, I thought about getting it for my Father to use it at his workplace to welcome more clients(He works as a pizzaiolo in my uncles restaurant)

Now, under this review I think about this field having a wider range of action than the first impression, and it’s way more appealing for a personal use too

Thank You!


Ive had it for 2 years and tho i already liked it a lot for the reasons mentioned in the first comment the other day, its just now this week that im really impressed with the things ive noticed and the understanding im getting.

When i finished playing the money/luck list and felt dizzy during it was like a whole body strong shake up, i think this one could cut my stacks shorts and keep me on high vibe because tho i have things to solve these days i feel very upbeat like anticipating a momentum 100% recommend it.


This makes me wonder, if we dig deep to the core of each fields how many sub layers of different effects we can find.?

Those tools are indeed a blessing!


Thats why i always like to play new fields all by themselves for 2 or 3 days and meditate or at least relax with eyes closed in the first 2 loops, its like there is not a second chance for a first impression and maybe thats why after even if i dont pay attention why playing fields i always keep grasping more in depth and i know which field is doing what.

But i never did it with this one, i was just very busy in those days and to me was like ah cool this will help me with sales. Baam. Used it liked it etc.

Later on i think last year i read Desiree’s comment regarding using this prior to connecting to Deities and i tried and it was a really pleasant surprise, i could connect to them without issues but the difference is big.

So i never payed attention to it more than that or try to dig deeper what else it could have until this week. And since experimenting in different ways im like yoooo this is a gem like key for all.


I can relate to the first phase very much, I tend to do the same, but first I clear and clean my aura.

And the first loops I visualise a lot the effects of the field, now is getting also clearer from the Energetic point of view what’s going on:
After a few weeks working with the energy being field I’ve started developing some certain kinds of sensations in reponse to the the other fields affecting me.


Also when we do that we prime the body/mind/energy systems to be more accepting of the field.
Its like if you were at a restaurant you like and the chef asks you to try a new recipe, gives you a bit of a description and you go and eat it fast and leave.

Then when the chef asks you what you think, you dont really know what to tell him because you were on a call when eating, you were thinking about other things and then its just some information that you would capture in the passing days but it would never be the same as if you would have stayed in the restaurant fully connected with all the senses to understand and try to figure what are the ingredients and paying attention to the sensations for the first time etc. The knowledge after changes all you trully know that you connected to the whole thing so you embrace it better.


I liked this merhapora! I’m very much into culnary experience and I try to connect with the food by using all my senses and perception, so it really makes sense what you’ve said now!

Dream’s creations are like fine dining *** michelen but more amazing and complexe


Lol you gonna make me look for a meme i made for him some time ago i dont think you were in the forum yet hold on :laughing:

(That was his profile pic at the time) i mean the head lol


With Extra Negentrophy (Tha Secret Spice!) :rofl::rofl:

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I guess combined with KQC it’s wonderful.


Im sure!

I havent played it with it because i wanted to see first without it then ill add it in a few days, but honestly how i felt last night and today was stronger like there is nothing in between fields and myself, the fields ive played with it took a new meaning and level of strength i had not felt before with anything.


In your opinion, this works also for subliminals?


I think so because one of things ive felt the most these days trying it with stacks is my brain the one that feels the most clear and accepting followed by the heart then plexus chakra and then everything else.

And subliminals goe straight to the subconscious

After 3 days experimenting i can say that the clearing acceptance and embrace is super strong with things that could move by our mental state consistenly. I still get a bit dizzy with body a bit vibrating.

Ive used it for phyisical healing or aims and it does makes me feel more eager for those changes but at this point i do not see the need or extra needed to add this audio to physical stacks UNLESS is to like lose weight, grow muscles etc because a lot of times we gain weight due to self sabotage or nervous anxiety or need for protection and muscles development delay if we are lazy etc.

So again… those things that the mind can address

And healing when X part of the body is sick as a way of calling for attention, an emotional cry for help or to show the absence of something then yes because i think people lack good results when the emotion associated with the illness is fighting/rejecting to be healed because if it heals then there wont be a way to cry the emotions.

Using this before the stack for that illness would really fully open you to receive the healing.

But when i say up that i dont see it necessary to be added in physical stacks i meant for me, because the ones im listening i 100% want them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and they are already working.


Yes, self-sabotage, this enemy with which we often become familiar and support ourselves more or less consciously. Excellent reflection, thanks