Transferring Crypto NFTs

Hi. I want to give a crypto NFT to a family member. Does anyone know how to transfer without charge to another account? I’m afraid I’ll mess up and erase it, lol. Tried reading the directions on the site and googling, but it’s unclear. Thanks for any help you can give! :)


You mean the ones on Venly wallet?

When you buy NFTs you receive around 1 Mattic with them so you wouldn’t be charged any cash but just a small mattic fee for your transaction.

So you simply go to Transfer and enter their wallet address and that’s it! You’re then led to a page where you confirm your Pin number and you’re good to go!

They have to have an account on Venly and a Mattic wallet though, if they don’t and they only have an account on Venly with an ETH wallet or something, a new wallet will be created for them and that’s where they’d receive it.

But it’s better to create your own wallet at first of course.


Not on venly, but on Crypto. And yes, thanks for giving the detail on venly. Might come in handy! :slight_smile:


Don’t worry Desiree, your detailed answer was helpful to me! :smiley:
I didn’t know Venly charges to transfer


Haha! @SC448 yeah me neither I had mattic transferred to me at first to be able to do it! But luckily you get some with your purchase!

@Rosechalice do you have any transfer options on there? I looked it up and it looks they have their own fees too


Here are the instructions. I feel they left out a crucial bit.

Transfer an NFT

  1. Head to your profile page. …
  2. The NFT must be unlisted before you can transfer. (They don’t tell you how to do that)
  3. Click “Transfer NFT” from the dropdown. (Never saw a dropdown with that option)
  4. Enter the wallet address that you’d like to transfer the NFT to. …
  5. Click the “Continue” button. …
  6. Track the progress of the transfer on Etherscan (uh, what? lol)

haha I see it’s such a mess! Looks like Venly’s are much easier to deal with despite all the hassle here and there!

But hey, I looked it up and it says “Under Foundation’s Marketplace” is where you unlist your NFT.

Do you see this option anywhere?

The dropdown is likely to appear after you have unlisted it since the option to transfer will be available.


checking. thanks


There is a Marketplace option but it takes you to a listing of everything on the site.


Since I don’t have any NFT on Crypto yet I can’t help you much. But thanks for creating this topic @Rosechalice, just in case anyone needs to do the same they can look this up. Please share more on how to do it once you figure it out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Will do. I am getting the app to see if there is more functionality.


well how about they create an account then make you an offer of 1usd. then you accept it and once they pay, the nft gets transfrerred to them. voila


That was a scenario we postulated last night. I think it’s a good one. Thanks for that, LunaMoon! :slight_smile:


I wondered if there was somehow a minimum. They make a 5-10% cut every time there is a subsequent transaction to the initial purchase of the NFT.

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or i wonder if minimum the amount u bought it + :face_with_monocle:

only one way to find out…

maybe only when selling them like in venly


as soon as said family member is done playing DnD, will let you know.


lol where you track all transaction that occur in the ETH network

after you make the transaction you should be given a “ID” which you can use to track how many confirmations has been received and when the “funds,nft etc” have been delivered.


Dude you have just gone way over my head lol. I do appreciate your input @Zen . just not savvy enough to understand. :slight_smile:


LMAO i love it :) learning everyday :)

Etherscan is what is known as a block explorer. A block explorer is a service that keeps track of all wallets, balances and transactions on a particular blockchain, with Etherscan being the most popular block explorer on Ethereum.

Information available on Etherscan includes;

  • What crypto assets are held in a wallet.
  • What transactions and smart contract interactions have taken place from a particular Ethereum address.
  • Token contract data (e.g. contract address, smart contracts, ticker, total supply, circulating supply, logos, website, social media links, and even the source code).