Ultimate breakup stack?

Hey guys, can you please suggest an ultimate breakup stack? A dear friend of mine is going through alot right now is absolutely feeling like shit you know the intrusive thought and the reoccurring thoughts are making him go crazy, like he is literally bursting out in tears, can you please suggest something that I can do to make him feel better, irrespective of whichever creator you may know, please suggest a good stack for him.


this is actually a great thing in the grief process. i cried for months when my twin flame left me years ago. when i look back at it now, it was period of deep serenity. feeling lonely has something comforting too if you are able to feel its deeper essence. during these months i listened a lot to piano music and i also discovered the healing power of artists like withney houston. it comforted me at that time. there is a great opportunity in it when you loose someone, the opportunity to open up completely and allow yourself to feel all the pain, grief, lonelyness and everything that comes and goes. it can make you very detached from life and learn an important life lesson.


Oh wow, this is how I was when I got divorced, I just gave myself alot of time to heal and to process everything that was happening, thank you @RobbyHa aren’t you an angel! :heart:


it is important not to end up in the victim role though, causing us to go through life bitterly. the deeper message is that we must embrace life as it comes and goes and realize that we as the divine surrender instead of always controlling everything in this case a relationship. that is the business of the divine, not ours. this was my lesson learned.


Emotional release
Internal alchemical crucible
Litany against loneliness
spam unconditional love
Forgiveness field
Cord cutter

And most of all meditate, acknowledge what has happened and say “thank you”.


Soul Restoration (Heart Storage Center)
The Torsion Field (æther)

Listen to both at the same time and FEEL everything. Accept things for what they are, and there won’t be an internal conflict.

The reason we are trigged is cause we have an image and if new information comes in and isn’t aligned with that image we tend to create mental and emotional distress.


Detachment for spiritual growth

Cord cutting field

New Perspectives

Programned intension has Field literarlly called, forget your ex

Ego diss
And detachment for spiritual growth helped someone close to me.a big time


About crying. Its a good singn i agree.
Let him cry untill he feels threres no tears left to cry.
Holding back feelings will only multiply them and make them hit even harder later.

Remind him,i assume You did. Its just temporary :green_heart:


I agree!

I just saw this yesterday


And to add to the great suggestions

Becom Whole (Patreon)
Yourself Respect (Gumroad)


This one helps with detachment its quite powerful for that and works exactly for that.


in addition, amygdala healing, trauma release or revision of trauma would be great!


Smart tap tapper


Great for creating a serene environment & setting up the right conditions for healing & releasing trauma

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