The Torsion Field (æther)

The new sciences of biophotons and torsion fields provide a bridge between two views of life: the old twentieth century view of an organism as a chemical machine and the emerging view of life as communication and energetic flows. In the new paradigm, DNA is the source of biophotons, governing cellular machinery, communications and behavior. It governs growth and metabolism, with high energetic efficiency. The coherent biophoton field forms a hologram throughout the body, telling each DNA molecule where it fits in the overall blueprint, and governing cell differentiation and specialization. With the creation of each biophoton there is also a torsion wave. Torsion is a widespread and important form of radiation which couples particle spins together, and propagates through space as a twisting wave in the metric. It results in a variety of new phenomena. These effects have been studied extensively for the past forty years, at multiple research centers in Russia. Their most important conclusion is that this torsion force is exactly the same as subtle energy. Torsion fields obey Yang-Mills gauge equations, can alter the rate of time and produce stable energy forms without the need for matter. These fields can explain many kinds of “spiritual” phenomena ignored so far by mainstream physics. Torsion appears to be the missing ingredient which makes it possible to develop a true science of consciousness and understand the nature of life. Hence it may truly be called the “life force.” (quoted from

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Dark Energy and the Quantum Vacuum: Nikolai Kozyrev and the Science of Torsion Fields and the Aether Part 1

The subtle energetic phenomenon of “torsion” has been theorized to be the hidden “fifth force” of physics that gives rise to the existence of the other known forces of physics. Distinguished Russian astrophysicist Dr Nikolai A. Kozyrev (1908-83) showed beyond any shadow of a doubt that such a power resource needed to exist. His later research in the existence of torsion fields is still the subject of controversy.

His research in torsion science, as well as that of numerous Russian scientists afterward, has been obscured in part by the secrecy of the former Soviet Union. But with the falling of the Iron Curtain, more of his research has been discovered and replicated by researchers in the West.

An Undetected Sea of Energy

Current scientific theories advocating the existence of “dark matter”, “dark energy”, “zero point energy” and “energy from the vacuum” have dragged unwilling Western researchers to the recognition of an undetected energy that exists throughout the universe. While these same scientists deplore terms like “aether,” they’ll often freely use a term like “quantum field,” which is really just another word for the aether.

One very early instance of evidence for the presence of the aether and aetheric energy originates from the reputable physicist Dr Hal Puthoff. He regularly points out experiments from the very early 20th century, performed prior to quantum mechanics, that were created to see if there is any type of power in “void” of empty space.

In order to evaluate this theory, it was required to produce a location that was totally without air (a vacuum) and also lead-shielded from all recognized electromagnetic radiation using what is called a Faraday cage. This vacuum was afterward cooled to absolute zero or -273 ° C, the temperature level where all motion should cease entirely.

Dr Puthoff has called this a “seething cauldron” of power. Astonished that this power might still be discovered at absolute zero, this energetic phenomenon was called “zero point power” or ZPE, whereas the Russian researchers generally call it the “physical vacuum” or PV.

These experiments showed that, contrary to the idea that the vacuum was empty, there is an incredible amount of non-electromagnetic energy in the ever present void of empty space.

Mainstream physicists Dr John Wheeler and Dr Richard Feynman estimated that the quantity of quantum vacuum energy in the area of a solitary light bulb is sufficient to boil all the oceans of the world.

It has been theorized that this hidden energy source is in fact the unseen power that holds all matter together. If this is the case, we’re talking about an immense sea of energy from which all existence springs and returns. This would, in fact, be the very source of electromagnetism, gravity and the strong and weak nuclear forces.

After conducting a careful study in 1891, Nikola Tesla stated that the aether “behaves as a fluid to solid bodies, and as a solid to light and heat”, which under “sufficiently high voltage and frequency” may be accessed, which was Tesla’s hint that free energy and anti-gravity applications are scientifically possible.

Tesla’s claim that the aether (i.e., torsion) behaves as a fluid when in relation to solid objects was later verified by Kozyrev’s research. And in fact, many of the world’s wisdom traditions have also echoed this idea that the subtle energetic substance from which all things are derived behaves like water. Whether it’s the cross-cultural creation stories that feature water as the birthing source of all creation or it’s the Tao te Ching’s proclamation of the “watercourse way,” the perennial tradition consistently eludes to water as a metaphor for the workings of this hidden energy we refer to as “torsion” or the aether.

In the next article in this series, we’ll further examine Kozrev’s background as well as his breakthrough research on the nature of time and matter and their relationship to subtle energy.

Nikolai Kozyrev and the Subtle Energetic Science of Time: Nikolai Kozyrev and the Science of Torsion Fields and the Aether Part 2


Nikolai Kozyrev and the Subtle Energetic Science of Time: Nikolai Kozyrev and the Science of Torsion Fields and the Aether Part 2

Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev, a controversial Russian astrophysicist, began his unique research into subtle physics in late 1951, with the very first of 33 years of unorthodox but scientifically sound experiments. He later became aware of the spiraling patterns of nature while serving in a Russian labor camp as a prisoner of war. After experimentation and many hours of continuous contemplation, Kozyrev realized that this spiraling energy comprised the subtlest body behind the phenomenon known as “time.”

When referring to time, Kozyrev was pointing toward the causal energetic framework behind the phenomenon of time itself. Occasionally, when some people in the West have become aware of Kozyrev’s scientific findings and theories regarding the nature of time, they’ve attempted to dismiss them by referencing various nondual wisdom traditions from the East or Near East in which time is sometimes interpreted to be nothing more than a mirage of the mind.

From this perspective, the only thing that really exists is the present moment. If we think of the past, we’re doing so in the present moment. Likewise, if we contemplate the future, we do so only in the present moment. In a letter to friend and physicist Michele Besso, Albert Einstein echoed this sentiment when he wrote,” For us convinced physicists the distinction between the past, the present, and the future is only an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” This line of reasoning is sometimes used to quickly dismiss Kozyrev’s discoveries regarding the subtle energetic mysteries of time.

To be clear, Kozrev’s findings do not in any way contradict the nondual wisdom traditions, though they may at first glance appear to do so. A simple way to demonstrate this is to reference the Buddhist teaching on the nonexistence of the self. Although the self is said not to exist as an independently existing entity, it does nevertheless have a relative body. In fact, this nonexistent self has multiple bodies, each differing in gradation of energy and utility. And these bodies tend to change over time and in correlation with personal experience precisely because they exist relatively and not absolutely. But behind all these bodies is a Body that never changes because it is the source out of which everything arises.

The same thing can be said of time. Although it does not actually exist as an independently existing entity, it nevertheless has a relative existence extending to the subtle and physical levels, contributing as it does to the process of birth, life, death and renewal in this world of duality and illusion. Yet there is said to be a supramental experience, beyond space and time, in which time ceases to exist, at least phenomenologically. Therefore, Kozyrev’s discoveries complement rather than contradict the nondual wisdom teachings.

Kozyrev came to see that the process of time in nature consisted of a subtle energetic spiraling motion, a pattern mirrored throughout nature as the spiraling energy of weather patterns, water flow patterns, solar systems and spiral galaxies, among many other phenomena in nature.

The Russian Humanitarian Foundation and Moscow State University have continued Kozyrev’s work on the study of time, which they have now branded as temporology, the science of time. On the nature of time, they have said that it is “the mechanism [that brings about] appearing changes and occurring newness in the world. To understand the ‘nature’ of time is to point to … a process, a phenomenon, a ‘carrier’ in the material world whose properties could be identified or corresponded with those of time.”

Kozyrev saw this spiraling motion to be at the causal level behind the blowing of the wind and the motion of the planets. Life in this world was the result of the flow of time itself. Some of the modern Russian scientists who have continued Kozyrev’s research have agreed that, had Kozyrev substituted the terms “physical vacuum” or “aether” for “time,” he would not have been as misunderstood as he was.

The following video, excerpted from a Russian television documentary, offers an interesting insight into Kozyrev’s peculiar studies on the nature of time and its relationship Psi phenomena. In the next article, we’ll continue exploring what Kozyrev’s research reveals about the nature of matter and time.

Dark Energy and the Quantum Vacuum: Nikolai Kozyrev and the Science of Torsion Fields and the Aether Part 1


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