Unpopular opinion on karma

You get more bad Karma from buying a McDonald’s Big Mac and eating it than you would from pirating every single field from every creator ever made, and distributing a copy of every audio to everyone on your Facebook friends list.

Think about it. If you disagree, don’t argue the point, just ask yourself, “what in the bloody hell is wrong with me?”

I couldn’t be any more serious about this post.


Well shit I guess I’m a piece of shit. I love McDonald

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I dont know if I agree or not, but I think I see your point.

You mean that, buying and eating Big Mac is actively supporting corporation that earns money from poisoning, exploiting and giving diabetes to people, and hurting animals?
So by eating mcdonalds, you are not only allowing, but actively supporting “evil”?

Well, by pirating and distributing fields you are potentially destroying something “good”, because if creators cant make money of their works they wont be able to create as much or even stop creating at all.

Interesting thought, my subconscious is always resistant to eating McDonalds, KFC etc but I never feel such resistance eating from my local fast foods. Maybe your onto something, even though I wont judge which one is worse I def agree that supporting such corporations when you can choose to not support might bring some negative karma


Both no’s in my book


Why we should blame McDonald’s? :joy:

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Not gonna stop me

And barely anyone gets the Big Mac, it’s the double royal bacon or signature spicy chicken that’s really good. Spicy wings too.

The timing is funny though, because yesterday I read about some “you will be eating the bugs in 20 years” stories.

And not kidding, I thought to myself, I never voted, I never protested, but that would be the one thing to set me off in the street. Stuck in some polluted urban jungle, going through traffics jams everyday, working a BS job… to go home and eat bugs. Won’t they leave us anything ?

Sounds horrible. That would be a catalyst for some radical responses.

Though if you buy electronics, you’re probably buying cobalt mined by desperate children with their hands so…

Chocolate too, most cocoa comes from forced children labor.


I think it’s a “eating meat is murder” framework

Jokes aside, it’s good to think about these things from time to time.


What the bloody hell is right with me?

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Your delicious vegan avocado hurt more than eating big Mac to the environment.

Both ways contribute to badly affect the environment.

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Maybe you “love it” because their commercial has been saying for years that “you love it”? :man_shrugging:

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Eh I’m just saying. And yes I love McDonald. I don’t denying it.

Fyi. McDonald don’t just sell meat. They sell veggies too.

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Karma is just an interesting point of view. I wonder what’s beyond Karma? To not function from karma?


Unpopular assumption:

"Gaia has been killing Billions of humans throughout history with its bacteria, viruses, diseases, insects, natural desasters and predator animals for Hundreds of Thousands of years.

Now that humanity has reached a level of no longer being completely at the mercy of Gaia, humanity as collective consciousness is UNCONSCIOUSLY, getting back at Gaia.

“An eye for an eye” type of thing. Gaia getting her collected karma back."



Nothing beats McDonald fry. They’re the best French fries🍟


Take that Gaia !

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Agree, McDonalds does the fries just right but BurgerKing makes better burgers overall I think



:ice_cream: :icecream: What about the mcflurry ice cream ? :icecream: :ice_cream:
Is it karma free?

I eat McDonald a lot my face free from blemish.

Believe me

Here in Germany, you only go to McDonalds, if you are broke Zoomer or if it is 3 AM in the morning and McDonalds is the only restaurant chain that is open at this time…

Or in other words: no one goes there voluntarily. Only out of desperation.

(Speaking for Germany only)