US Elections - Any Predictions?

This thread here is not to discuss the pros and cons of either candidate or political mudslinging but to guess who is going to win? Any thoughts? Psychics in the house? With the results taking forever (??) to come, we can use some psychic predictions, dowsing, muscle testing, etc. Let’s put our psychic muscle to test!


US Elections - Who’s going to Win?
  • Trump
  • Biden

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biden, I have an extremely reliable astrologer who says it will be him


I am pretty secure it is going to be a win for Donald J. Trump.



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I will delete this message so I don’t ruin the thread but what is the ICG?

I wonder the same thing

do our votes even matter?


Not really, what really matters are the sheriffs’ votes, I’m not a Native American, but as far as I know it is.


since this morning my senses have been giving biden answer

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the reason I ask is because some might say the whole political system is just for show for the public…


also donald should win btw


Interesting thread!
I thought this will be more like “election month” because probably not all votes can be counted today. (?)
I had a very strong feeling last time that it was going to be Trump. I was beating myself up a bit for not betting online, but I was a broke uni student and figured I couldn’t afford losing even USD 20.

This time Im Not so sure, but also I’m much less focused on US politics (I’m not in the US obv) Vs when I was a student and we were discussing world affairs with friends all the time.

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when do we know who will be the next OG of america

Well u can just Google that

it will be known on saturday

Donald Trump will win easily!

According to Chinese Zodiac this year 2020 Is a Rat Year/

Donald Trump was born In a Dog Year

Joe Biden was born In a Horse Year

Horse bad matches :- Rat, Ox, Rooster

Hence Rat and Horse Will never get along; as a result, Biden will not WIN!!!

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HAHA! I wanna see triggered liberals again


I don’t know if you’re being serious or just fking with us🤔


I’m serious

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