What are best free environmental fields?

hey there, im looking for fields i could play on low volume on the other side of my room while i sleep or am at work. Could you list any that you think are great + what are the benefits? Thanks

Flower of Life


The environmental Servitor - technically not free, because it requires the patreon membership, but I think the lowest tier gives you access already so it’s very close to free and it’s super duper powerful.

I keep thinking of very awesome paid fields, one sec…

I think White Light Waves is awesome. That one if I recall is for free.

Btw don’t forget your inner world. The goal should be that in whatever environment you are, you feel completely beautiful within. Obviously this requires a lot of inner work. I just write this here as a reminder .


If it’s for the environment, while working or sleeping, atmospheric vibration raiser is very good. It’s almost like good vibes library ambience xD

If you don’t mind being affected by it, white light waves, A Taste of Vaikuntha Loka, essence of mantras, or vibrational raiser.

This is the playlist I loop (all day, every day):

Feel free to copy and then modify as needed. The last field is to bring abundance but yeah…feels nice. If you like that, there is the jade maneki-neko field too.

And the several portals…I don’t know if they affect the environment but they will affect you, making you feel you’re in a different environment.

Well I’m kinda sure eventually the place would become conditioned by the energies.

For that purpose, there are mandalas, so you don’t even need to play anything. The negative ion creator is also a good mandala to have in that room. The productivity one too. And you can use the perseverance card.

I think most mandalas are suitable for a work environment.

You can use the eviction card 20 mins before being in the environment (could drain you if you’re there) for a quick clearing. I think it’s more for entities though.

The meditative fields (longer ones) are good to have in the background too. Such as a taste of mana or 777. Or contentment flow.

Those are perfect for background playing, imo.

Aka you have many choices. If you don’t play stacks like mine, I’d at least have a negative ion creator mandala in the environment for sure. And then, either vibrational raiser or atmospheric vibration raiser playing.

Vibrational raiser affects you (afaik), so it can’t be played while playing deep aura clearing. Otherwise, you get two for one, it raises your environment’s and your own vibration.

I wouldn’t play things like environmenal energy acumulator while sleeping. I’d play that way before sleeping if you want to neutralize the energy in the room.


Hey, thank you for the pointers!
Have you any idea about what surface area the Eviction card covers?

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I have no idea. For my house rooms, the card in the middle of any room is enough. In the biggest rooms, I put it in different places on different days.

Since it can be used mentally, I’m sure if you visualize the entire room, then it would clear the entire room.

The sigils can be used with radionics, so probably you can simply target (with a photo and radionics or just your mind) the whole place you want cleared.

I don’t know more than the instructions say xD


Use this card to get rid of entities or bad energies disturbing you
Activation creates a strong tunnel that sucks out energy from energy around
and automatically grounds it off
Activation lasts for 15 to 20 mins.
Be careful to not let it drain you.
You can activate it on the card and then move the card to the location you wish
or mentally choosing the location you want it placed by visualizing it while activating the card.

I think the Terraformer has us more than covered though.


Great ideas and hints, thank you!
I’ll Attune some more :D
Hopefully I’ll get into radionics soon enough, would love to ‘deliver’ a bunch of mandalas/fields ‘automatically’ to the environment (multiple rooms at the same time)

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Also checkout this thread:
Environmental Fields

Not sure if all the fields are still available on YouTube. But you should be able to find them in Patreon. :blush:

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I opened some exploration here:

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Here you go:

(This might affects you)

(Affects listener and environment.
Also made to work in a negentropic manner.)

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