What’s going on with me?

Hello psychics and energy readers, healers and other spiritually experienced people!

Kindly enlighten me if you can see something behind all this happening to me please. :pray:t2::pray:t2:

So I moved to US from India in Feb this year. No sooner I came here, within 20 days I started getting vertigo. Even after over 20 visits to doctors and therapists, they didn’t get cured… but they reduced and I learned to live with them. After about a few months I lost my voice … it’s been 45 days now that I have spoken. It has improved somewhat and I can speak on and off now but still not fully (and I have been a singer) (although this voice loss isn’t the first time… I lost it in India as well but it came back). Then last month my knee got hurt and I am not able to walk for past three weeks. I have been putting pressure on other knee to protect this one and now that hurts too. Then two days back my vertigo flared up again and I am dizzy. Then yesterday night my shoulder got twisted and it is also hurting now and I am only using the other hand mostly. I didn’t get so many health issues all at once ever before … I am very troubled at the moment and now wondering if I am being attacked or is this some planets doing there thing or what is happening to me?

PS: I am constantly trying and seeking medical help but somehow not able to reach a cure for various reasons. Don’t get appointments, if I get they get cancelled, insurance blocks tests, even if I reach doctors they don’t figure it out. I am feeling lost in American healthcare system and finding it very difficult to crack. It all felt so much within reach back in India.

I really appreciate your response and any help. Thank you.


Play the Vagus Nerve stimulation field for vertigo.

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Ah, censored lol

Your mileage may vary… these were my thoughts before they got blocked:


Maybe the root of your problems is you are having problems adapting to a new different country, different culture, quite different to India and very far from it, miss your friends and relative, different food, etc and your body is manifesting the problems to adapt in different ways.


Did u say the word “B A N N E D” beacuse thats why


only when talking about pesticides lol


Hi do you have the Soul Restoration series and Mandelbrot Symphony?

These are arguably the most important fields anyone should/could/would want to use, for a plethora of reasons.


I wonder… what did they say?

20 visits? That’s a lot. They should’ve figured something out by then…

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I honestly feels like it’s just all the wickedness that’s present in the US. Like someone stated earlier with all the chemicals we are bombarded with and other pollutants it’s no telling what’s the root cause.

Things ranging from frequencies, pesticides, chemicals in the food and water, 5G radiation, WiFi cooking us, cellular devices cooking us, contaminated air; there so many factors and that’s not including the astrological or spirit induced problems caused by malevolent forces.

Our healthcare isn’t the best at all. Nowadays the only way I would go to the doctor is if I needed surgery or darn near dying. Every time I went they neither fixed the issue or aid in keeping future incidents of the same kind from happening. But you know what they did do? Run a bunch of expensive tests that weren’t needed and charged me out the wazoo.

You just have to take far greater care for yourself here and be mindful of the area you live in and the things you eat. That being said if you don’t have Plasma Flaunt then that would dumb down a lot of your doctor visits. Also shielding 3.0 sounds like it would do you justice for those random moments where things seem to be influenced by outside forces.


I’m guessing from your post that you may be looking for something symbolic. Let me know if I’m misunderstanding that though

I am seeing a bit of a theme here, the feeling of being stifled. You’re dizzy; your thinking and cognition, perception is stifled. You can’t speak; your voice is stifled. You can’t walk, your movement is stifled. You go for tests and they don’t come back or are blocked; stifled.

Aside from chakras, which I do think might be worth exploring, maybe also explore overarching themes of freedom, of expression, of empowerment, and maybe detachment- which is just another experience of freedom.


This is a brilliant point of view @Jen. Looking at it this way, I am indeed restrained in every way at the moment and this is a theme with every new ailment my body is acquiring.
I am pondering about this now and will see how I can move to freedom and empowerment.
Thank you so much :hibiscus::hibiscus:


You’re welcome, anytime :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

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This is so my experience… it takes so much time and energy and money to keep visiting doctors but none of the doctors have really treated me for anything so far… not even diagnosed … that’s funny.

I will educate myself more on healthier living here. I do have plasma flaunt and shielding 3 both. Will use those daily from now.

Thank you so much for your response :pray:t2::hibiscus::hibiscus: