Zero results

thats all i ever gotten, no matter how much i bought fields and nf
i’m not full of opportunities and luck and women and motive music art
like i wanted…


Try PONR stack for one month. No other fields just PONR stack.

point of no return i have it, dosent do me much, the audio is some flute playing along

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That good. Focus only that for one month.

Also, meditate with that, try to feel it, experience it within. And before that, listen to Ego dissolution.

And u might try meditating with it as well, as according to this:

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Have you tried this? That way you have an easier time connecting to your heart center and feel any issues of blockages

Self Love Humor

Also intuitively answering (take it as a grain of salt),

Spear of Destiny?

Have you done any soul restoration?

We dont have full context


One of the main thing we don’t see results is because lack of self love most of the time. Trauma, limiting beliefs, ego, feeling unworthy, etc is many factors and one of the first step to take is accepting and appreciating yourself.


Also this


Sorry to hear that man.
If you don’t get results in any shape or form. I don’t think fields will solve your issue.
What people in other threads have mentioned that could help.

  1. Workout for a healthier body
  2. Mindfullness practices like meditation.
  3. Going out more in nature, maybe even a mini vacation
  4. Exercises in the new energetic ways v2 book.
    Good luck

Also depends how you try to get these things.
What is your routine what did you expect what fields did you use for it etc.

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Maybe you need more time for results? :grinning:

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You need an Hypnosis for morphic fields.

There is no in YT.