Acid Reflux

Very specifically targeted to the lower esophageal sphincter to strengthen so it can function properly relieving/curing Acid Reflux/Gerd


for me it would be very useful

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Try with this one

Irritable bowel syndrome field
It may help


Thanks Oxlyic, I’ve been listening to the IBS one for a while and it does help somewhat but it’s that little ‘flap’ over the stomach that needs to close at the right time doesn’t seem to get the message - keep food down, not let it go up into the oesophagus lol. Thank you so much however for your response to my suggestionEmoji

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@MasterOfYellow posted this on another forum, might be helpful…


Thanks, helpful info!

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@Frank_Is_Not_My_Name posted this on another forum, but might be helpful…

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Actually, acid reflux is caused by not having enough acid in the stomach. Seems counter-intuitive, but there’s a valve at the base of the esophagus that knows when to open/close based on the acid level. When you don’t have enough acid in your stomach, this valve stays open. People feel the acid in their chest/throat, so they think they have too much acid, and take antacids, which only make the problem worse, sadly.

Easy solution, take a cap-full or so of Apple Cider Vinegar with your food, should help increase your acid levels enough to aid digestion and get that valve closed. Harder, but more permanent solution, you have to restore your stomach’s ability to create stomach acid, which can get a bit complicated.

Basically you got to where you are due to a nutrition issue. To fix it longterm, you need to restore the missing nutrition so your body can heal, but your body can’t really absorb nutrition if you can’t make enough stomach acid to break down your food (again, apple cider vinegar can help, possibly also digestive enzymes). Also, you need proper mineralization, and there’s a serious lack of proper minerals in western food - supplementing with angstrom minerals will be a massive help here.


Yes and I’ve read its one of numerous issues that have problems in the liver as the root cause

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Thanks for your reply to my suggested field.
I’ve been using ACV and sometimes helps, sometimes doesn’t. I find also food combining helps, and keep stress levels down. I suggested the topic to Sapien because I’d love a field to work directly on that little valve :) I’ve listened to the IBS and the stomach ulcers and somewhat helpful.


A couple drops of bitters tincture 30 minutes before meals works for me better than acv did. Also I would try the solar plexus audio and the Extreme confidence audio seems to improve my posture which then gives the stomach that extra room to do its work!

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I really like Advanced Healing. Often, symptoms point to something, while the cause resides elsewhere. It could be low stomach acid, it could very well also be high stomach acid, herniated disks, stomach valve issue, chronic stress etc. etc. I think the Advanced Healing field removes the need to pin point the exact cause and use the corresponding field/s, because if the diagnosis is wrong, so will be the treatment. Advanced Healing seems to tap into and accelerate the body’s innate ability and intelligence to heal itself which, to me, is the most holistic!

Advanced Healing + Intercession (generic tag, or Devic/Angelic if I had to pick an audio) seems to work very well for most of my healing issues.


Thanks Janice, I will try the bitters. And extremely interesting is posture to “give the stomach more room to do its work”…of course!!! Something I’d not thought of and would be extremely helpful.
Thanks again for your reply.

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Thanks for your reply. I’ll look into the Advanced Healing + Intercession!

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Do you eat a lot of carbs/sugar? they are a main cause of acid reflux too

Thanks for the reminder! Time to review my foods

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also try ACV with a teaspoon of lime/lemon, you can add some stevia/monkfruit/erythritol and it tastes just like your average sugary lemonade. ACV being acidic and lime being alkaline will create a good PH balance that should help with acid reflux, with an added bonus of lowering your insuling.

I had a period of severe Acid Reflux 5 years ago. That year, I had gotten 3 root canals done, a fourth one re-done, and bam, the painkillers, the antibiotics and the procedure itself, all that wreaked havoc on my gut. My GI pretty much put me on Nexium, which I took for 2 months to avoid severe ulcers. PPIs and acid inhibitors, over a long time, cause cancer.

Here is what did:

  • Re-balance the gut microbiome and acid production through Pre-Pro biotics and fix the mucus lining (Microbiome Bundle)
  • Digestive Enzymes (I like Enzymedica)
  • Colostrum (if you take the above bundle, you do not need colostrum)
  • GI Repair for 3 months
  • Ensure proper fiber intake, which is also gentle (Heather’s)
  • Have your dinner at least 4 hours before bed
  • Cut the Candida at source by avoiding simple carbs, diary, sugars, coffee, alcohol (at least for some time)
  • If possible, get a food panel test done to identify foods you are intolerant to (surprisingly, for me it was banana and turmeric)

Thanks Ace, I haven’t heard of this combination and will try it

Excellent! Thanks

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I’ve found and ordered the Heather’s fibre, thanks. I’ve yet to find one gentle enough but reviews show this to be great

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