Anyone knows what date was sapien medicine established?

on internet it says feb 3 2011, but is it true? or is it just first video that was uploaded on YouTube?

thanks a lot

Why does this matter to you?

What are you trying to understand with this information?

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Hi and welcome,
Please don’t spam the same question in multiple threads, it clogs the thread. Once is enough.

Sapien medicine was established in feb 3 2011, just as it says on youtube. Sapien Medicine is the name of a youtube channel, so yes, sapien medicine was started when the youtube channel was started.

Why do you ask ? :slight_smile:


thanks for replying,

I didn’t realised I posted it multiple times,

just my spoke to my astrologers they say if a company is formed in that time Frame it is not good for me to listen to the morphic fields they produce, it just goes for me, but for others it is ok

interesting, can I ask why ?

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I have already asked why I am just awaiting the response, one of the way is that it was created in my enemy year according to Chinese astrology, since I am a rooster, enemy of cat, and sapien medicine was formed on exact day of the cat lol,

But i mean… honestly no one comes across Sapien Medicine by accident… :)

I understand Astrology is believed to play a big crucial role in our lives (i believe in it big time too) but as other things that might weight heavy in our upbringing belives, i still allow possibilities to show me otherwises just by being open and try. And ive gotten really nice surprises along the way, sometimes the path has gotten a little rough but in the end ive realized every time, that it was actually needed for my growth in this journey.

Leaving a comfort zone is always scary…
Taking into consideration the experience and knowledge of ancient information is important…

But exploring, trying and being open to possibilities is crucial as well, at the end we are here living a human experience and most important learning how to overcome the big suppresors energetically or what not that have been around for ever, changing the status quo is what has evolved civilizations and everything else.

Of course your decision is fully yours and i respect that, but just in case my words resonate with you even a little, know that:

Even if you were to get confirmation about the date clashing with yours…

The channel creation’s date itself cannot be the only thing that determines if its suitable for you or not, because if we were to really check on that then

1- What about his date of birth? At the end he is the creator

2- What about the date he actually started creating things? (It was before Sapien Medicine Channel started) :woman_shrugging:

3- what about the other 2 channels he has? Those are as dope too (Dreamseeds and Energetic Alchemy)

4- what about the stores he has selling products unrelated to the youtube channels and the dates they started? They were open at a different time

You see? Too much to take into consideration, even down to the smallest detail… the date each field was created to be uploaded on youtube, wouldnt that be more important actually?


There are 4 fields that actually help to overpass that or to nullify negative effects so you can navigate life without much of set backs from astrology. Maybe if you try them you wouldnt miss out soo much goodness you can find in Sapien Medicine’s world.


Astrologically Inclined

The Navagraha Homam

I hope you allow yourself to give it a try and see, if not i wish you the best and to find the perfect space and tools for your growth and healing journey


Hm… I have studied Chinese metaphysics a little, and it seems to me that this is not quite the right understanding of the concept of Ba Tzu itself.

Ba Tzu is more about possibilities and synchronicities. Not this: “There is no money in my natal chart, so I will always be poor,” but this: “OK, there is no money in my natal chart, so I need to find something there that will bring me this money”

Yes, the channel was founded in 2011 and you see a conflict with your year this year. And Dream, their creator, was born on a completely different date. And each field has its own date of birth. As is the concept of morphic fields. And there is also the date on which you found out about this channel. In addition, in Ba tzu we look not only at the element of the year, but also the hour, day, month. And in all these elements, you can find both conflicts and support.

If you look for conflicts, you will bring additional restrictions into your life. Look for opportunities in your map - it’s much nicer and more effective

By the way, your personality element is generally associated not with the year of birth, but with the day.


thanks for the detailed reply, but I think main thing is when was the company started, not the YouTube channel, if there is somehow I can find it not competing with my sign

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Even if there is a registered company Dream uses for his financials through the business, this is a very personal info and we aren’t entitled to know it.
If it’s really a concern for you astrologically… better to just test the waters. Try a few fields that you think can help you and see it they do work for you. If they do seem to make a positive difference in your life then you are astrologically aligned to his fields otherwise you can make your choice to continue or not.

And I have studied both sidereal and tropical astrology… and now have stopped using any of those. Astrology doesn’t work in black and white like this. Don’t read too much into it… it’s too complex anyway

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do you know the official company name? and I am just afraid it might have an opposite effect of what it is meant to do, because opposite energies

just give it a try and see for yourself, lol

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Idk man Dreamweaver has been in the game even long before sapienmed

Dont worry about it and give it a shot, the fields will not hurt you

so it all falls under dreamweaver ? and what is the official company name?

I am thinking to do the height booster, I just dont want to get shorter while listening to that, because of opposite energies, this is why I ask

It’s not even possible to get shorter unless you are old enough for degeneration

Also the first field you should listen to is anxiety removal I think … you are getting anxious … it’s just that

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Try something with more obvious instant results, like Testosterone Ver 2.5 and see for yourself if u feel Testosterone or Estrogen

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but those fields are mostly placebo, I want to see physical change one, do they have one for eye colour?

From where do u get the certainty or authority to say that these are mostly placebo?

Maybe if u make them placebo in your mind.

But perhaps ask ur friend to cover the testosterone file in something, then mark down when u feel effects and then ask the friend where did put it in the cover and see for yourself.

Permanent physical changes take time, not just a few listens.


oh so sapien medicine is not an official company? just a YouTube channel? and the morphic fields was created by the company called enlightened states?