Astral Projection

Yeah Ryan cropper is good. I first learned AP from his videos

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Has anyone astral projected to a black hole? If yes what is like on there?

And the earth core?


Has anyone noticed certain Sapien audios assisting in creating OBEs?


The updated field The Schuman Resonance, when looped. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dream posted this in another topic:

Ego Dissolution and Subconscious Limits Removal combined together might also help, as ego dissolution can assist with becoming less attached to limiting perceptions of our consciousness’s presence within our physical body.

Crown & 3rd Eye Chakra (Gumroad) and Shen Yang help develop different, new awarenesses of our consciousness as well.


Sorry for the late reply, but how do you exactly listen to the theta audio, do you listen to it whilst sleeping, before sleeping, and how long do you listen to it for, and how many day’s to see results?

I think we need a “@uial” field - who remembers ALL the fields, can stack them together based on the problem at hand, knows all the nitty-gritty details of the fields, and all this at the drop of a hat! We need a field that can help us do that!!


He is like a robot :smiley:. We appreciate you for all your work!


Hello, I’m curious to know what it’s like to travel in the astral realm with some of the tools available to us.

Can we travel with our Dragons?
Level up at a much “faster” rate working with them there?
Are you trying to learn to consciously astral project? what are you doing to accomplish this?


I would also like to know
I keep postponing this goal of learning astral projection…


I wish we had some astralnaughts on the forums that would give us glimpses of their journeys with their words…

Like a dream thread, but instead of dreams, astral voyages!

I’m sure they would speak of going on journeys along side the beings, servitors and deities in their life

I always heard we could, i wish people would talk about it in the open though…


With VR functionality for the as of yet astral noobs like me to join in

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Sounds like a future Sapien medicine product in the year 2030 where we can upload dreams and such to computers

Instead of a tour of the cosmos like we did as a community with the alien energy infusion meditations, a tour of the astral planes!

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Have you seen these threads?


Oh yeah! Forgot about those lol

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should we make a chat group?
i`ve started with day 1 from Mastering Astral Projection: 90-day Guide to Out-of-Body Experience last week but didn’t get to day 2 yet lol


If you guys do, invite me pls :pray: lol


anybody that wants to join just like this so we can add you to the group


Time to party!! (In the astral)

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Yes, I’m capable of it. However, like the energy from my singing ability, I can’t control it. I’ve asked people about it, including in my last coven, and I’ve been told that in my case, it’s instinctive.

By the way, I’m hoping this isn’t true, but, I was also told that if I ever told anyone about where I travel to, I’d lose my ability forever. Is that false?

Yes, this is completely false. You were lied to.

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