Life is Eternal and There is No Such Thing as "Death"


Before I start, I want to mention that none of this has anything to do with religion (these are just human made belief systems). This will be only about science and (your) personal experience.

I am making this post to counter the “propaganda of death” and “mortality” that is still prevalent in our society and with which 99.9% of the people are still brainwashed with.

All of this despite for medical science have studied the afterlife now for almost 50 years, most people still seem to believe in the mainstream narrative of “death” (unfortunately, even here on a spiritual forum…).

But let me tell you that all the proof and information has been publically available in most countries on the internet and on the bookshelfs now for decades! You have been lied to by most of society about “death”, because the belief in death keeps people in fear and under control.

The belief in “an end of existence” keeps most people in such a strong subconscious traumatic level of fear, that even thinking about death or the afterlife, creates a strong blind spot in people’s minds.

This blind spot is so strong, that most people will ignore any information about the afterlife or about death not being real, that they will fight tooth and nail to remain in their current state and ignore the available information.

Usually, most people only open themselves up to exploring the question of the afterlife when going through extreme pain, or only after they already have had a near death experience.

So YES, there is an Afterlife and there is Life after “death”.

This is why I am making this post.
To show the many of you this particular blind spot that you are still walking around with.
To open you up to the bigger truth you didn’t want to see because you were comfortable in believing what society has told you about “the finiteness of life”.

It is the belief in death is what gives the matrix system its power.
People believe their lives are meaningless and that they are just cogs in the machine with their only purpose being procreation.
Which is a complete and utter lie!
Everyone’s life and incarnation is important for the bigger whole.
No one is here randomly by accident.
You are important and you play an important part in the whole and the much larger plan.

Eternal Life gives Life it’s Purpose

And it is actually the fact there is “an afterwards”, which actually gives life meaning and purpose.
Life is not just there for nothing and procreation for the sake of procreation.
There is a higher meaning and purpose for everything.
And everything will be revealed to you in time.
It will all make sense to you one day.

Real Empowernment!

If more people would be aware about the afterlife and the bigger picture, then they would gain an immense amount of INNER STRENGTH to live their incarnation to the fullest.
Instead of walking around in a waking trance and constant fear.
People would see the meaning and purpose in their incarnation.

Barely anyone would ever consider fleeing into the afterlife through suicide (which is the worst thing one can ever do, because nothing, absolutely nothing is more painful than the REGRET of ending one’s incarnation preliminary. I am speaking of the REGRET that you came here because of a specific life plan and that you have now messed it up big time and have to start from the beginning. There is nothing more painful than messing up your own incarnational plan by leaving an incarnation preliminary. Everyone who has ever left preliminary rather sooner than later understands what huge mistake they’ve made and begins to beg their Higher Self and Spirit Guides to reincarnate again.).

How I came to this:

My personal journey with these topics started when I was 16.
I was an atheist and materialist who wanted to kill myself for various personal reasons.
But my Spirit Guides guided me to the public library and the shelf with those books where scientists were studying Near Death Experiences (NDEs).
Coming from a family of scientists, that intrigued me a lot, especially because science was the only source of trustworthy information for me back then.

My first book has been “Life After Life” by Dr. Raymond A. Moody, which was published in 1975 (that is 47 years ago!) and which was also one of the first medical research documents into the topic of the afterlife and the medical study of Near Death Experiences. But there is even older research available.

In the next 3 years I’ve read around 20 scientific books on life after death.
Reading these books also opened me up to spirituality, esoterics, occult stuff and astral travel.
At 19 I achieved my first astral projection with the help of the “Out of Body” book by William Buhlman.

After several of such Out of Body experiences nothing was the same as before.
A belief in the afterlife that was just based on reading scientific facts became an absolute inner conviction and knowing.
More and more I began feeling like I am living in some crazy land where everyone around me was still believing in death and also acting like it.
A whole society build on death and decay :expressionless:
A lot of people made fun of me believing in the afterlife, but when I offered them to read certain books, almost no one was open to it or even open to even consider it.
That was my first lesson in that most people on the planet are not only blind and scared all the time, but also that they love to be blind and scared all the time and exist in their own little bubble of beliefs.
All the information was out there, even in public libraries.
If a 16-year old can read it, then why can’t everyone do it?

Why aren’t many more people interested in the topic of the afterlife?

Isn’t it the most positive message that someone can receive when someone tells them that they are going to live forever?


Now about YOU:

According to my experience, there are two main ways of how YOU personally can convince yourself about the reality of eternal life:

1. The Logical Learning Approach – i.e. by learning about facts and proofs. :books: :desktop_computer:

Reading books, watching videos, speaking with people who had NDEs etc.
This approach will give you FAITH and rationality based BELIEF in the afterlife.

The more you will learn about these topics, the more you will see the VALUE in life, your life’s purpose and the bigger plan of it all. And with that information you will gain a new perspective which will give you real spiritual strength.
Additionally, because you will see a new WHY and a new PURPOSE there will be a vibrational shift that will open you up to receive more help from your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and many others.

2. The Practical Personal Experience Approach – by doing actual astral projection and consciously leaving your body. :genie:

This will give you absolute KNOWING that the afterlife is an unquestionable truth.
After this point, nothing will ever be ably to convince you otherwise.
You will know with absolute certainty that you are an eternal consciousness and not your physical body.

For the Logical Learning Approach:

Some helpful YouTube channels and books to start with.
These are just a few resources and there is much much more out there - you just need to face your blind spot and be willing to explore the life after death topic:

For the Practical Personal Experience Astral Travel Approach:

All books from these authors:

  • Robert A. Monroe
  • Jurgen Ziewe (+ videos)
  • Robert Petersen (+ website + blog)
  • Robert Bruce
  • Rosalind McKnight
  • Cyrus Kirkpatrick (Afterlife Topics) (+ videos)
  • Bruce Moen
  • William Buhlmann (+ videos)
  • AfterlifeTopics YouTube channel
  • And then of course, simply going on YouTube and watching the thousands of videos on astral travel that are on there.
  • There is also the Astral Travel thread here on this forum:

How to know whether you’ve had a real astral projection?

You will know it with absolute certainty because everything will appear to you 10-100x more realistic and more colorful than anything that you have ever experienced in your body on earth. This includes any drug from your local corner dealer. None of these chemical shit can compete with how real the astral planes are. Also, if you have to ask yourself whether an experience was a real astral projection, then the answer is no and it was most likely just a lucid dream.

Now to you Dear Reader, who has read this:

You now have absolutely NO excuses to not educate yourself on the afterlife.
You now have no excuses to continue to belief the bullshit mortalist propaganda that the system is throwing at you on a daily basis, taking your power away and controlling you through a deep existantial subconscious fear.

It is of utmost importance that everyone learns about the afterlife, because this is how humanity can overcome their collective fear and how people will find real purpose in their lives.

Remember, it is the fact there is an afterlife that actually gives life its meaning.
That actually gives spiritual development a meaning.
That there is a higher meaning and purpose for everything!
Nothing is futile.

That’s it.
All the info is out there.
It is all public.
And it has been public for 50 years.
Now it is up to you to bring yourself the incredibly positive message that you are going to fuckin’ live forever!

:milky_way: :white_heart:

There are many of so-called self-proclaimed “spiritual” people walking around the planet.
The very same people on the other hand still 100% believe in death and act like this.
So, in case you meet a so called “spiritual person” that is not deeply convinced about the afterlife, then this will tell you a lot about this person’s level of faith and actual spiritual strength!
A self-proclaimed spiritual person who will still do all the activities that the mortalist-propaganda brainwashees are doing, has actually barely any faith at all and is at the very beginning of their spiritual journey. Therefore, do not take spiritual advice from people who are not actually “spiritual” in the sense that they still identify with their mortal flesh. Because “spiritual” is about the spirit – kind of obvious, huh?

The Spirit Guides and Angels on the astral planes are constantly hiring and recruiting astral travellers to help them with recently deceased people who need to be guided from the lower to the higher astral planes.

Don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t take life too serious…


Love this @JAAJ ! Awesome read!

I was 16 too. I was jaded after my grandmother died, she suffered so much and I was very “what’s the point” of it all.

My boyfriend at the time, his mother was working as the assistant to a very well known and well respected medium in the area (even to this day he’s still working), and I was very skeptical but fascinated. I wanted to know what he might say.

I was sitting in one day on a session, just mentally picking apart every interaction but there was one I really couldn’t pick apart and that was this one:

Remember, this was the early 2000s. There wasn’t as much information easily available as there is today and the medium’s strict policy was to be given as little information as possible. The people in the room did not identify themselves and he didn’t know who they were.

Two women sat. I assumed mother and daughter. The medium used automatic writing in his sessions. He said to the younger woman, “your brother wants to thank you for planting the marijuana plant for him in the backyard.” The older woman looked at her daughter with tears in her eyes and said, “you did that?” The daughter nodded.

So the mother didn’t even know. The daughter knew. I’m guessing this wasn’t going to be written anywhere on the internet. Now whether the medium could just read the girl herself or her brother actually was there is the question that remained, but either way it was an extremely powerful moment for me and it began my search. I knew Roman Catholicism didn’t have all the answers, but I knew then that there were answers, and I was going to find some.

As an aside, Victor Zammit “the lawyer for the afterlife” also created a wonderful newsletter called the Friday afterlife report. I believe he’s gone now but his wife still runs it.


The afterlife is a topic I love. I was raised catholic , so it was taught to me that there was an afterlife, but I also sort of intuitively knew that life couldn’t just “stop”, because I found unconceivable the notion of not feeling anything forever. Anyways religion was taught to me in a loving way, I actually practiced and liked religion and I believed in a merciful God. Despite this I had doubts, like where do babies go when they die? They didn’t do anything to “earn” heaven or hell, doesn’t it make more sense for them to reincarnate and get another chance? The reply they’d give you is “they’re innocent, so they automatically go to heaven”. Or what about people born with so much indoctrination that they believe bombing buildings is God’s will? Would have they they believed the same had they been born somewhere else?

I kinda went off topic, anyways my biggest limiting belief about the afterlife was that we couldn’t know what it was exactly like, only that heaven was cool and hell sucked lol.

That changed with my introduction to ndes, my ethics professor at uni (he was a priest) mentioned them in superficial way (only the tunnel and “you must go back” parts) but that was enough to make me look more into it. By that moment a lot changed in my worldview, I started reading ndes a lot, reading about the beautiful things on the other side and how much we are loved gave me so much hope, and slowly some limiting beliefs went away, like the belief in an eternal hell, or that we only get one chance. Anyways the site I like the most is , you can read as many ndes as you want, I suggest reading the “exceptional ndes”, some even have deep spiritual insights. The first times I read it it blew my mind in many ways. It helped me cope with my grandfather’s death too, despite me believing already in an afterlife to know what it was like and have the confirmation he was in a wonderful place was different.

Youtube channel about ndes
Afterlife experiences


Here is my own experience alone about the afterlife.

It’s honestly quite disheartening sometimes. Because most people will think that once they die they either go to hell or heaven. Which is shocking to them once they found out that it’s not like that… The angels which is their guardians. Always come to them but I see them rejecting it. Because they are either scared. Or not yet ready. Depending on how the individual was raised.

I encounter lot of spirits that is religious. Most of them when they see their own guardians don’t believe it’s their guardians. So they just sit in their graveyard. Doing nothing. And just wish for the help from God to come to them… When the guardians itself is a help to cross over. Lot of spirits don’t believe it. It’s sad.

And this can go even 100 years later. They still around in this human plane for that long sitting waiting for God to rescue them.

The afterlife is nothing different than what you currently living now. The only difference is that you might stuck in a situation that is being repeated to the point it can stress you out. And this is where the spirit become aggressive.

They then seek people that vibrate the same energy and then sucking them by following it. And just influence the person ( the one that still alive) so that it feed the lost soul.

I had an online friend who died of suicide. He died last year.

Of course right away when he was announced dead by the parents. I went straight to talk to him. At that time he was quite new to the afterlife itself. So he can’t really conceptualize everything to explain things to me. But what I can see from it.

He in his room. Just playing video games… Yea he is a spirit form. Not pyshical form anymore. But even in the afterlife. He still doing what he always do… Playing on his computer.

And folks. These kind of spirits exist everywhere. Especially if you live in crowded places.


Thanks for the post JAAJ :heart:


Had OBEs before but unprepared it was scary.
I felt a strong pull towards learning astral projection this month, now I have a backed up point to start from.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


I’ve been wanting to say this just didn’t know when to say it. Now is the right time. So here we go.

So I was raised a Muslim. There is absolutely one thing I have noticed upon Christians and Muslims the most. MOST of them are so close minded that it’s not even funny. Close minded how? Straight up belief that there is only this one human life and after that one goes straight to heaven or hell. Not only that but there seems to be this belief that if one follows another religion, they automatically go to hell. Imagine that…BUT one thing I can say and proudfully say is that my family is not close minded like this. Sure they may not know about fields like I do but they know there is a spiritual side or realm.

Another thing. These so called Muslim channels that promote messages about Islam, yeah sure they share the right message about how one should behave but here is the horrible part. MOST of these so called Muslims that frequently pray or go to the mosque are some of the WORST people I have met when it comes to being a human. I have been ridiculed for not going to the Friday prayer every Friday. Like…this is not even a Muslim country. This guy was like “what a shame…you miss out on Friday prayer because of a college class (shakes his head in arrogance,)”

This is the kind of thing I dealt with so much from most religious people. Always judging me based on what I wear, do I keep a beard or not? Do I pray 5 times a day or not? Like…I don’t do these things and immediately I’m labeled as someone who is a man of hell. Meanwhile most of these people are straight up so rude to people or being in a state of one of the lower vibrational emotions naturally…they straight up go full religious mode but deliberately disrespect others if they aren’t religious like them. I’m just at a loss for words. These people say “Muslims are supposed to be the best upon humankind” and what do I see? They are in fact the worst upon humankind.

The people who follow spirituality more are overall better human beings as a collective than those who follow religion. Are there amazing religious people? Yes. Are there horrible spiritual people? Yes. But overall? Religious people do more unthinkable things…

Just imagine this. Someone says you’re a man or woman of heaven or hell based on stuff you do. Meanwhile they don’t even look at intention. It’s like they are in some competition with other people instead of themselves. “This sister doesn’t wear a hijab, she’s going to hell. Even though she is nice to people she’s going to hell.”

Sorry if it’s a rant but it had to be said. Like I’m sorry if I sounded so negative but this is the sad reality in which I’m hearing about and seeing, especially in third world Muslim countries. If one were to try to open their eyes a bit of the spiritual side, prepare to be shamed. “Oh look. He’s an idol worshipper. He’s a man of hell.” “Oh look. He actually believes things aren’t written and we can create our reality. He actually believes he’s more powerful than God. Man of hell 100%.”

This is literally the kind of thing I dealt with…once again…a rant but I had to say it somewhere. The results in which I got from the fields weren’t “written in stone”. Simply because I decided to improve my own life.


Wow, true words, thanks


Thanks for sharing and speaking out.

A disgusting shaming tactic.

Shame is literally the most low vibrational emotion / behavior that one can engage in according to Hawkin’s Scale of Consciousness:

Intention is everything.

And as we also know from NDEs, when people transition over into the afterlife and review their own incarnation, one of the most important factors of how people judge themselves is by whether their thoughts and actions were motivated by an intent of love or not.


I can guarantee you one thing. I am 99% sure that 99% of these so called Muslims don’t know anything about vibrational frequency and consciousness. And you know the worst thing? I forgot to mention this in my original post. On Friday when I went to the mosque for Friday prayer, there was a man who had a donation box and was walking around row by row to collect money. I haven’t seen this man in years but this time when he came near me, I felt extremely disturbed. Like something is VERY OFF about him.

Everyone else? I didn’t feel this way about.

What I’m trying to tell you and everyone else who reads this is that looks are extremely deceiving and vibes don’t lie. Once again, most of these people don’t care about their intention when doing good deeds. They just want to show off.

Even though the religion of Islam teaches one not to show off and have good intentions, they don’t care. This is what we are dealing with here. It has gotten to the point where I simply just don’t feel like I’ll be able to help any of these people. They are so close minded…

Don’t get me wrong…I know I have some growing to do on my own. It just baffles me that people who are double my age doesn’t know or understand the basic principle of Islam when it comes to intention for doing good deeds…


Thank you for this. Two months ago, I met a man who had an NDE. He shared the whole experience with me and it was really incredible to hear a direct account, that occured only one year before.

Recently started watching some of the NDE on youtube and was interested in books too.


Swallowing the idea of death means also allowing to then also swallow all the small deaths: on a social level, on an economic level, on a political level, on the health level etc…

Or in other words:

The system wants you to accept the idea of death and a finite life duration.

Because once people accept this idea, they lose a major part of their trust and hope into life.

Because “it is all futile in the end”, right?

Once a major part of hope is lost, it is easy for people to also lose their hope in all the smaller aspects in the other life areas.

And then, when most hope is lost and abandoned, people accept their “fate” and position in life.
Like cattle on a meat farm.
They accept that “all is futile in the end” and that a life in mediocrity is the best they can hope for.
This is exactly where the system wants them to be.
As hopeless, anxious, traumatized slave cogs in a big machine.
Because “someone has to flip the fuckin’ burgers”, right?

Don’t let the system force-feed you with those idealogical pills.

Death is a debunked illusion and an extremely toxic ideology.

It is an idealogy that IN SECRECY and in the background rules most people’s assumptions about life, themselves and the world.

This idealogy has this planet in its full grip.

But the choice is still yours, Neo.






A guy in my country committed sucide leaving this this note–

“”:: On The Way to Eternity

03 April, 2023
4.25 am

All my searches find a way, tonight. I have got all my answers. It’s a devine moment. Just experienced something that I never experienced before, that can’t be expressed in words. No words are enough to express it. It’s not something that can be proved. You can realize it, only by experiencing it. The sensation, the feeling to come out of body, is just insane. Astral travel, being out of body is not just a concept for me now. I was leading an ultimate happy and peaceful life for the last few months. And tonight, the miracle happend. Why it happend, how it happened, I have no idea. I am a totally different man right now. The whole world has been changed withing a few minutes. There is nothing that I can ask from my life after this.

I was doing my meditation just like other days. Slowly I became very calm. The body started to vibrating by its own. I had no idea about what’s going on. And suddenly the whole universe stoped for me. I went beyond the time and space. I can’t describe how does it feel like. The spirit, the energy was uprising through my body. And suddenly I realized I have overcome the body. It was a joyful and scary feeling together. Just passed all the barriers. Seen something that u can’t see with your eyes. Don’t wonder if someone become mad after seeing the beauty of other dimensions. I can’t describe I have gone through what, even I don’t want to. If it is possible, then try to perceive that devine feeling. I don’t know how much time have been passed. I wasn’t sure about I will come back to my body again or not. But when I was in my sense, found me sitting on the floor being thundered. I couldn’t move my body, couldn’t say anything for a long time. I just wanted to remain on that world forever. To go there permanently, maybe death of the physical body is the only solution.

Let me say u something. I know no one will believe or even understand what I’m saying. Bt who knows me closely knows the understandings I have, will have some clue. We are nothing but a soul, that is caged in our body. Our body has it’s limits. It has to die. Bt the soul is limitless. It’s a form of energy, and energy never dies. Our soul is a part of the universal existence. It’s a source of tremendous power, if u can achieve it. What happens when we die? The soul just comes out of our body, and connects the eternal universe. Heaven or hell whatever you call it. It remains the same. If u get a scope to see the eternal world before dying, trust me, you will not want to stay in this mortal world, even for a single second. Question can be raised, how can I say this? The answer is, I have just experienced it.

In my life time, the only question that bothered me most, what is life? I spent my whole life to search the answer. Read almost every possible books, tried to own almost every philosophy that belongs from each parts of the world, tried to hear the religious and spiritual teachers. Bt one thing you need to know. This is not something that someone can teach you, they only can show you just an aspect of life, a path. The main job has to be done by yourself. You only can know it by going through the process.

To understand life, you have to understand death first. Is it the end of everything or it’s just a medium to transfer the energy from one place to another?
Life and death stays together parallelly in this universe. What we understand as death is the death of our physical body. Bt the spirit never dies. It moves to higher or lower dimension according the state of your soul. If u make it better, it will go higher and the vice versa.

Once you understand what is death, you will come to know what is the purpose of life. And by knowing the purpose, life will be there for you. So what is the purpose of life? This is a complex question, but if it has to be said in one sentence. I will say “Purify your soul as much as possible, become something greater than yourself, connect to the eternal existence.” If you can achieve the purpose, your spirit will definitely go to the higher dimensions, a totally different world from the current one. What will happen if you can’t do it? Simple answer, you will not connect to the eternal universe. Your soul, your spirit only can achieve its full potential by purification. So where do the rest of spirits go? They moves in different dimensions. Lower than that u are right now.

Death is nothing bad. We should not scared about death. It’s a natural process. Everyone shall die. We should accept it as blissfully as we can. I am not promoting death. Bt no spriritual teacher or mystic can deny me. They just don’t say it directly for the fear of being misinterpreted, and maintain the balance of the nature. When an unnatural death takes place, the balance of the nature gets troubled. So can you die by your choice? The straight cut answer is, yes you can. Bt there is a big BUT… You can die by your choice only after serving the purpose of life. Only After purifying your soul. Otherwise the purpose of death will not obtained.

What will happen once you perceive such kind of out of body sensation? The life will become a choice for you. To stay a full life where you are now, in a better way. Or to leave the place to go to the way of eternity by leaving your body, your bondage permanently.

I am not a spiritual or religious teacher. I am not saying to believe me, to follow me. I’m just saying try to perceive, realize and experience your existence. The rest will be automatically understood by your own. You will know what to do and what not. Try Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Stoicism, Confucianism, Zen, whatever u want. Bt try to find the truth. If you search it by your heart, oneday surly you will find it. Your life will be thriving from that day.

I know the whole world will be against me, bt truth will remain truth either you accept it or not. And I’m telling the truth. There are so many people who will come after me, will give their judgement about me. Bt it doesn’t matter for me, now. Before being crucified Jessus Chirst siad to his disciples,

“I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.”

“You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”

“I am telling you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe that I am who I am."

“I will be with you only a little longer. Where I am going, you cannot come.”

"In a little while you will see me no more, and then after a little while you will see me.”

“Very truly I tell you, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy.”

“Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.”

“In that day you will no longer ask me anything.”

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world”

(This is a part of gospel of john. I just took some lines from it and sequenced it in my way)

I can’t explain, in which state I am in right now. Just feeling, I can’t wait anymore. I will choose the way, the way to eternity. I can do it again that I have done today. Though I am not sure if it’s an once in a life time experience or not, I will be able to do it angai or not. Bt I want to overcome this physical world permanently. I’m not thinking about anoyone, anything that belongs to me. Don’t want to talk to anyone, don’t want any opinion. It may look like a self centred action by the typical perspective. Bt when you will see it by the perspective of the eternal universe, you will find something different.

You will know, there was a man went beyond the limitations of human abilities."""


That’s what I am always telling people.
Your own experience is the only proof you will ever need.
After that, there will be no doubt ever again.
A sceptic only remains a sceptic until he/she makes the experience.
After the experience, there are no more sceptics or believers.
Only knowers.

But because of the impact of the experience (it feels more realistic than anything you can experience on earth), most incarnated humans are not ready for it and their Higher Selves will often prevent their attempts from making the Out of Body experience so that the incarnational self does not jeopardize the incarnation and turns to escapism.

Also because of the impact of the experience is the reason why we “forget” about our astral life and everything else when we incarnate.
If you would remember, you wouldn’t want to stay in this extremely challenging environment (physical universe) and low vibe environment (human society).

:100: :pray:

This is true when you develop almost 100% real free will – a point at which one pretty much becomes their Higher Self version. Which is a point most astral travelers are still far away from.

But until then, thinking that one such experience, like for the guy above, will already give you that choice, is completely delusional and full of spiritual ego.

Taking one’s physical life is the biggest mistake one can ever make because the decision to do so comes from a fogged limited incarnational mind that is not able to grasp and understand the full scope and strategy of the Higher Self.

This person who wrote the letter made a profound spiritual experience, then thought “That’s it, I am enlightened!” and jeopardized his/hers incarnation acting from his/hers spiritual ego, not even properly consulting with his/hers Higher Self.

Instead of trying to understand the reasons and purpose of his/hers physical incarnation (e.g. by going out of body many more times and trying to speak to angels, spirit guides, his/hers Higher Self), the person just quickly decided to flee the physical plane with all types of rationalizations.

The only instance that should decide when you finally leave your physical incarnation is your Higher Self!

If you don’t know what the Higher Self has planned across the various timelines and incarnations then it would be stupid to make such a decision from a mindfogged earthly point of view.





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Great distillation of the unnecessary tragedy of Uncle Owen’s worldview.

@JAAJ … the more I read your thoughts in your write ups … the more I tend to join your fan base :) … ok just saying on the lighter side

But I do appreciate your thoughts about spirituality and life :+1:t2: and agree … I feel more or less I think the same way

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