Resistance in the Path

Major Matrix Game Spoilers:

:warning: :laughing:

Click Here for Spoiler, some folks here may need to listen to Ego Dissolution first

They already do know everything lol.

Their Subconscious Minds already know and see everything.
We are all telepathically interconnected, much more than the “world wide web”.
Minds don’t have firewalls.

Their Higher Selves and their Spirit Guides already know and see everything.

They themselves, when outside of physical space-time, already know see and everything.
Remember how during NDE’s people reflect on their life lived and are able to know and feel everything everyone else around them was thingking and feeling as well?

So the key, is to realize that concepts like “Privacy” and “Secrets” are nothing more than complete illusions and personal cognitive dissonance.
This is like trying to hide basic game features from the someone who sees the whole game code.

Too many people are afraid to do what they actually want because they are afraid of being judged by others and at the same time being dependant on their approval and validation.
Too many people are afraid to show their faces on social media.
To show they faces on YouTube.
To write about their life stories and realizations.
To dress like the want.
To do what they want.
To say what they want.

It is a self-built mental cage.

It then results in Shame and Guilt.

But shame and guilt cannot exist when there is nothing to hide.

And there is nothing to hide because it never was hidden in the first place!

The solutions are, as always, more Self Love (= no more external validation seeking) and recognizing that on a certain level everyone already knows everything about you anyways.

This is where the freedom to express yourself freely comes from.


Facts upon Facts upon Facts. Well said. To anyone that didn’t click the spoiler, click it lol.

Btw, random but I know you’ve written quite a bit on the jungian archetypes, can you link me to those threads. I’ve been learning more about them as of late.


Did I? Are you sure it was me?
Or which concepts are you referring to?

Wasn’t jungian. But archetypes in general. If I’m mistaken then my bad.

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I start wonder does people on astral wear any clothes and have their own house/home?
not only being on astral
higher selves also

Sure, it is part of the fun and the game.
While housing and clothes are necessary for surival on the physical plane, on the astral plane these are just for the fun of creation and manifestation.
This applies to astral earth only, on other planets they have other stuff.
This game is so large, there are Trillions and Trillions of planets out there.

Higher Selves don’t need these things.
In the same way you don’t need your virtual items from WoW in physical life.

Also check out these threads:


Hi Sammy, that must have been someone else. I have barely written anything about archetypes lately.

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Thanks for the outline @benign_polaris

Really get in there, get to the root of fears and doubts that you have about yourself and what others may think about you.


Quoted from SammyG, some of his shared experience, April 2 webinar


Listen to some allan watts recordings does it for me.

Hi guys , this self love stuff is so good. its given me the courage to go out into the world and seek new experiences , talk to strangers, go on dates and attenpt to make friends .

But im failing so much… people just find me boring and i run out things to say … my brain is like mush and i can’t think of things to say . it has nothing to do with anxiety but more i cant hold a conversation for longer than 5 minutes with anyone

how do people just talk for hours…

i think im gonna be alone forever…


Or you just aren´t interested in the old topics and people anymore.


Don’t be silly now come on man!

Use it to your advantage maybe it will suit you better being more mysterious and saying less words but those words have a better impact then find ways to use it to your advantage! I bet in a few more months you will come back to this post and you would have changed again just look at a few months back where was you then? Steady progress my friend keep it rolling don’t expect everything to come at once you have got this we all believe in you :blush:

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Have you checked all what is it now 8 billion people on the planet? Its a limiting belief to think people find you boring it’s more that those people ain’t meant for you… just cause you like how they look or you have one good convo doesn’t mean your destined to be friends for life flow like water and don’t let it bother you!


Urmm i think you read my comment wrong , i got results from this course. in fact its completley changed my life lol…

my problem is not related to the course

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thank you for your kind words my friend… i hope to dear god your right. its so painful not having any friends or a girlfriend

i cant just accept this like i did with my traumas because without having connections is vital for human happiness right?


Deary me…

Cmon man if he didn’t answer your email he may of not seen it maybe send another he’s only human…

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your telling me i should only speak to people who are on the same path as i am? cmon man thats just unrealistic tho… thats like 1 percent of the population

even if i find them are we just gonna talk about self improvement?

I wanna be able to talk about various topics for hours on end with anyone… i think conversation is beauitful and i wanna connect with people from all walks of life and not be alone

That´s not what I said…

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Sounds like more self love is needed :slightly_smiling_face:

If you find it painful to be alone then that’s understandable of course but once this course and other fields have given you all they can offer you should be literally whole as in you don’t need anything no external validation just happy and content being you. A good milestone for my self so far is I almost have a feeling of fear of becoming ANYONE else like I don’t care how rich or what ever they are I only want to be me now an this feeling is beyond liberating

I say write some big goals down an work towards them then let things unfold on this path new people etc will come in all the while you are working towards something you actually want and just remember don’t change your goals or path for someone else… everyone is temporary no girl no friend is worth sacrificing your dreams for IMO. An honestly if they want you to sacrifice your dreams they are no friend of yours they are a hindrance to your progression

Just remember this people are suffering these issues without fields in their life… you have literal super powers at your hands an this forum is like the avengers honestly when you start thinking like this you start to feel so powerful just watch out for a ‘god-complex’ or something like that lol

You live a blessed life and have a little temporary problem don’t stress it don’t think it won’t change it will I’m sure before fields you thought ‘life is shit it’s all ways going to be like’ or something similar and now look at it ?

Gratitude for blessings
Get looping this :slightly_smiling_face: