Resistance in the Path

Hey all! I want to hear the level of resistance that you are experiencing along the path and how you’ve been working through it. It’s expected that our egos will backlash against us reintigrating with repressed energy, visualizing and affirming a better version of us. It is part of the process. But I want to know how that resistance has been coming up and in what ways.

Like, what kind of thoughts and feelings come to the surface? How hard is it for you to feel/believe affirmations and visualizations? How heavy is the resistance? How well have you been able to push through compared to the past?

This will help me get the kind of insights for pehaps better ways to push through it. So let me know so far how resistance has been in your way as you go through the path. Thanks!


Hey, I’ll see what I notice the following days, but for me resistance seems to have been diminishing as compared to previously :) — though it did come up that there has been some.

So, not much in the ‘complaints’ department, I’ve been having an ‘easier’ time — that is, what seems like an increased speed/ease/detachment and less resistance / more openess to process certain things (as compared to previously). That being said, a lot have been things that I would not have thought of, that were ‘obfuscated’, and so I’ve been a bit more open to travel paths and take hints that I would have thought have no significant relevance to me.
So, can’t help at this moment, I’ve been using all ME fields and they’ve really been having the effect of pushing the pedal.


there is no resistance for me. more the opposite.

i go with this path very slow. actually i am confused how others are so fast. i think i don’t understand it right, the daily chapters, the book. but it’s okay for me, i need this time in my situation.
i have support from the environment, as a surprise! as if i can now completely focus on letting roots grow, like a tree :slight_smile: . and this is how i feel it working.

i put aside many other audios, almost only let brain fields playing in my pocket when i am at work (i like this feeling: “you all think i am getting old? i am only getting smarter!” :joy:)

this is a gift for me, thank you! you help us finding help and support in ourselves!


Im taking my time with each chapter and resisting the urge to jump forward. For me my dreams have been extremely vivid and I remember them in great detail - I thought I never used to dream since I would never remember any.
My biggest resistance is my lack of trust in others. I understand that this is deep rooted in my childhood since I have never experienced trusting loving relationships that lasted and not being able to trust myself. As a result I am ungrounded, jumpy, a lot of nervous energy, and constantly second guessing everything.
Since I found sapienmed in 2018 the year I got divorced, I have been oscillating between thoughts of doubt and complete conviction which is super frustrating.

I am listening to grief and sorrow, emotional release, unconditional love with this.
For me less is more otherwise I get very overwhelmed, distracted and tempted to rush to the next new release.

I am also aware that it maybe a much slower process for me to learn to trust myself since I don’t know how to. But I hope not!


Im hoping that this journey will help me intuitively understand what I need and want for myself rather than following what others have suggested. It’s crazy but I often wondered how people on this forum intuitively know that a particular audio would work for them.


Using the question and affirmation activity with subconscious limits remover and playing a field to create the new pattern has helped, but I’ve found that my mind still liked to go back to its old patterns and holds on because it stays comfortable there.

Believing affirmations and visualizations still feels somewhat difficult, the resistance seems to be strong, and i guess my mind has made it so that when I question the beliefs, I feel nothing sometimes, as if there’s nothing there at all. I guess it’s the resistance to being seen, and changed. But I think it feels easier thanks to the new exercises with SLR 3.0


My Resistance lays in making Changes/adopting Good/Healthy Habits/Goals…I just Push through without Overthinking…I do lack some Excietment/Pleasure Neuro-Transmitters are dim…Especially I have all the Resistance/Self-Doubt/Clouded mind when I wake up in the Morning…

Let’s say I set the Path today Morning and execute accordingly…When I wake in the Morning It feels like I’m back in square one Mentally…Self-doubt/fear/Subconscious Resistance always present…so I’m fighting daily…I do tend to think The Brain needs to adjust to the changes I’m making…Any Advice you want to add in @SammyG ?


Yeah, honestly focusing on less is better in my opinion. And taking your time with this is a great approach too as it better allows you to soak everything in. This is a process to help you better understand yourself too. Although I will add some more to the path to help with this cause I think this is a great opportunity to learn more about ourselves.

Lack of trust in people is very understandable. Especially when people have hurt us before. We put up very big shields after that.

The hardest part about getting through this is that it often takes meeting people who are genuinely trustworthy to break down these shields and open up again. But I think it’s very possible to walk a fine line of being vulnerable but still being protective of ourselves. There is a middle path here.

If you’re too trusting, you leave yourself open to pain. If you are far too protective, you leave yourself unable to connect. Middle path is where you open yourself up but remain mindful of peoples intentions.
To get here requires something though…

You have got to learn to trust yourself. When you trust yourself, you begin naturally open up to others because you believe in your ability to manuever situations in your favor or handle negative intentions. You also learn to listen to your intution which will come to protect you naturally.

Self trust is a shield in itself and also a bridge to the outer world that allows you to fully experience life. I think you know this though and I’m glad you are working on that. The inner work reflects in the outer. How we feel about ourselves reflects in our interactions with others and that is why that should be the primary focus on anyone lost in the path at first.


If you are noticing your mind going back to its old patterns, then you are steadily on the path to dissolving them :slight_smile: Seriously, this level of awareness is a huge step forward and I commend you for getting there. It will help if whenever you noticing your mind going back to its old patterns… mark it down in your phone’s notes. You doing this, solidifies into your subconsicous that you are separate from these limiting beliefs… which helps dissolving and replacing them with new beliefs.

Your subconscious going back to its old patterns was always going to be something that happens when you work on yourself. It can’t be helped. But how did these old patterns come to exist? Through repeated thoughts. So now, repeating the question/affirmations well become the new ‘old patterns’ that your subconscious falls back on over time. Just keep at it my friend.


As I just mentioned, this is part of the path. The whole rubber band effect where you keep pushing foward but seem to keep snapping back to square one. But every day you work on yourself and gain a better understanding of who and where you are, of your patterns, accepting them and choosing to think more positive thoughts… you are effectively building new patterns in the mind that will eventually replace your old ones. All it takes is persistence. The subconscious mind is programmed by persistence. This is how your old patterns were programmed.

So keep at it. The fact you are working on yourself daily is a success in my book. You are changing by simply choosing to thinking these new kinds of thoughts daily. This is unlike your old patterns. This is change.


Same. I’ve been tackling painful/life-long things, so I’ve felt that it requires some time to pay attention and get deep into it.

Imaginarium Divine, The Way of Integrity, Higher Self Connection , etc.

I wouldn’t call it ‘resistance’, just… well, today I did it for the first time. For the acceptance affirmations, they came with sighs, as I had just written an entire essay before I started reciting them. By the 3d repeat (4, with the writing), I was… reciting (there were many words), but I figured that’s got to count for something. I have however been switching up the wording throughout my recitations, as things came to mind, so I was there. I can’t say it was very “heartfelt”, but it was truthful. The first affirmations seem to be more appropriate with/for some sort of release, and the final 1-2 with acceptance and/or some sort of heartfelt thing, but I guess it might also depend on how people feel/process emotions.
I’ll see how it goes for the next couple of days.

Now, notes to self for when I return to my old comments to check my progress:


I hit some resistance this week. It arrived in the form of a nasty head cold, which I allowed to get me out of my zone and set routines for 3-4 days. Was it just an excuse to slow down some? Maybe. The ego demanding some brakes on the train? Perhaps! Could I have powered through anyway? Without question…

This resonates bigtime this week for me. Everything moves in waves and oscillations. No straight lines. This is major renovation work on the ego and subconscious. The emergence of our potential… As Sammy says, we’re going to have our dips down.

I have to remind myself to appreciate the minute changes along the way. To not get too down if i throw myself off track for a few days. When I zoom out to see the forest for the trees, i can really appreciate what’s happened from years of working on myself.

Just. Keep. Going.

And with that, tonight I’m jumping back in. Chapter 16.


Incredibly well said :pray::pray:

Remember everyone,
Resistance is a stepping stone. Resistance is to be expected when embarking on a new journey. No resistance is equal to staying in the confines of your comfort zone (which you define yourself btw).

An example:
Talking to a colleague the other day, he saw I’m using those forearm trainers. Then we started talking about push-ups. Another colleague joined in, one thing leading to another and he easily does 30 pushups in a row. So I go and do the same. The first colleague then chimes back in and says he can vividly remember that when he started pushups he was struggling with 5. I looked back in my memory and told him I remember the same thing lol. And now we’re both here doing 30 in one go with reasonable ease.

That’s the comfort zone being redefined over time.

In each area of our lives we have an innumerable amount of goals and aspirations. We tend to try something new and when it doesn’t work the first few times, we give in to the temptation of the inner critic, think we made little or no progress and give up.

But as mentioned in the beginning, resistance is to be expected. Why? Because that implies improvement, moving forward, making progress. Etc.

You feel resistance?
Good, you are improving :slight_smile:



Thanks brothers. You both put into words what I was looking to say in this thread. Growth 100% happens in waves and oscillations. Up and down, up and down, overall increasing the baseline wavelengths as you keep moving forward. It is in the fall and the rise back that we learn what we need to learn to reach the next peak. It’s just the way it is.


I just finished the path. I struggled really bad at chapters 9 and 10. I got a lot of anxiety which makes me self soothe thru over eating. I played the amygdala healing audio and waited till the next day to continue.

It’s like my mind was saying “keep going” but my body was like “no way”. At one point as I sat writing in my journal my psoas muscles started to hurt and shake. Then I started to cry. I was surprised at how physical this process was for me.

I’m really grateful to have been able to do this and I am excited that I can do the path again and again. I feel so much lighter and like I belong in my body.


so much resistance… its painful reading those acceptance affirnations in the mirror.

what audios can i listen to help ease the pain or should i just soldier on ?


Keep going, man. Always. Never think of yourself as a fixed point, but always transforming. Remember you can stack some of the other audios with them. Acceptance and Resilience / Confidence and Self-Love. They’re helpful, i think.

I’ve found myself going back to the mirror affirmations after completing this journey. I’ve been doing them every day all in a row. They get easier and are worth it.



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Ideally, when the pains arise, to the best of your ability try to consciously accept them (as being a part of you). Just accept.

Note however, this does not mean accepting it like it cannot be changed. Instead, by accepting them, what happens is you diminish and eventually release it’s emotional charge on you - thereby freeing you from the pain.

I would say it’s a bit like clearing out the RAM.